Yaarukku Maapilai Song | Parthal Pasi Theerum scenes | Gemini Ganesan learns the truth | Sivaji

Your dance was very good! I am sure someone would
cast an evil on you! -What Balu?
-It was very nice. Come,It is time we go home. You all can go now!
I will come with my friends! Please come fast then!
Shall we go then? Let Kumar come with me. I will drop you Balu!
Please come with me. My house is very near
and I can walk up! No.You have to come with me.
Don’t go alone in the night. It’s ok.I will go alone. Please come with us.
-That’s it. Dad!Have you come? We were wide awaken
when you were not to be seen! Ok,Come in.
– Have you come?-Yes I have. You go inside .
I will be back now. Why do you stare like that? That’s nothing .
this is my house. He is wondering that I am in this house. It’s time.
You can go now. Start now.
We will meet in the morning. He has come early today.
He wanted to see you urgently. All were only disguise! There’s no
difference between friends and enemies. There are people
who cheat in this world. They think those are fools
who sympathize for others. Are you thinking the way I said? I feel ashamed to see you! I feel pity for you! Your unnecessary
imagination and wavering…! It was Indra that you saw
in my house last night. Why stare?
It was your wife,Indra! -The boy? -He is the
child born to you and her. What?I can not believe this. Where did you meet them?
-In Delhi refugee camp! When I went to see them,
her father was lying dead! She recognized me there.
She said I have come at the right time. She wept before me,
and told me it’s my duty.. ..to unify her with you!
I brought her with me here. Have you told her that
I have married Janaki? Do you think I am as hasty as you? Then why has she not spoken
to me when she saw me? It is not only her life, but the
world itself is in darkness for her. -She cannot see!
-What? It was not only their
village has ruined,but her eyes.. ..too became blind
when the Japnese bombed. Has she become blind? Why didn’t you tell me all this before? That’s why I came to your house that day. I never imagined you
are married and have a child. You were under the
impression that Indra was dead. I was trying my
best to bring you both together! Between us,there was your wife
who was a severe heart patient. Women think that the love and
charm of their husbands are their assets. When things are like this,
I did not want to.. ..tell about Indra to all and
shatter your family like a volcano. I have mistaken you Balu,
without knowing the truth! Please forgive me. I can’t be without Indra,
evem for a minute. You can not see indra,
and you are not supposed to. Why,am I a sinner? Is it wrong,seeing my wife,
I have married? Nobody has the right to say that
including me. I am telling that only for your good. I don’t understand what you
are telling me!-Didn’t you? Sit here. I will explain to you clearly,listen! The world doesn’t know
that Indra is your wife! You have been separated for long! Will it be possible for you both. Being
without the husband and wife,… …when you are together?
What will the neighbors think of you? What will they talk about Indra? That is the problem! We can’t be without
telling Indra about Janaki! If we do that, just think
about the state of Indra then? When the wife is alive,
if the husband marries another girl.. ..or move with her, and if it
comes to the first wife’s notice.. ..she will commit suicide. What you are telling is true! If indra comes to know
that I have married Janaki.. ..she will commit suicide
as per their tribal custom. What shall I do now? I think I will get mad! You have to tell me a way for this! Listen to what I say! Janaki should not know
anything about Indra. Indra should not know
about Janaki! It is your obligation
to take care of Janaki! It is my duty to take care of Indra. Promise me that you will
cooperate with me in this matter! I will promise you. It is your obligation
to educate my son.. ..and bring Indra’s eye sight to normal! Its your duty.. Forgive me Balu!
I’ll educate your son to a level. But I can’t help her regain
her eyesight. Doctors in Delhi has said that
only god can give her sight Have you become blind to avoid me seeing? You were so spirited,
now you’re suffering! Oh god! I can’t bear it! After seeing your condition, I have decided to
sacrifice my life for you You enjoy all the happiness Leave your sadness to me,
I’ll take care of it A man has highest regard for his parents and teacher But you’ve shown that a friend can
also find a place in his heart You are like a god to me! I’ve brought special meal for you I am bored eating
‘Chappathi'(Indian dish) I like this dish very much Mom, do you also feel like that? Don’t eat everything, save little! There the water! A big confusion of mine
and my boss’ has been solved today Confusion! What is that? It’s regarding office! We can search him while doing this job! I was scared about losing the job Don’t worry, my boss will not allow
even if I want to quit the job You’ve a good boss and good position Why don’t you marry? Then you don’t have the risk
to bring meals daily from hotel It will be helpful if
I get a sister-in-law! Get marry soon, brother! What is the urgency for marriage now? Then, when?
How long will you live like this? Are you intended to remain bachelor? Did you invite me to ask this? Yes, I am just 17 years old Don’t address while
thinking me as a 71 years old I am very young! I am not used to call singularly Why not? Any girl likes her
beloved address her singularly -Was it written in the college text?
-No, my friend has said! How come your friend knows these? She is also like me… She loved and married! Love will remain love
till the end, we can’t marry… Was it written in any book?
That is rubbish! Do you like me? My heart has to answer for this but it doesn’t have mouth! Ignore it. How do I look? Now I understood why Shajahan
had built the Taj Mahal The great monument Taj Mahal.. ..which was built for
Shajahan’s beloved wife Mumtaj.. ..must have been
looked and spoke like you That is why he gave up the
monarch and lived in solitude I heard that men like to describe women I heard that women
like to hear that more It’s true Thanks for your affection I don’t know for what
status of mine do you love! I don’t know that I can’t live without
seeing and talking to you Marriages are decided
according to our fate! Things will happen accordingly No girl knows about her groom
and his whereabouts Don’t know where would
he be standing mesmerised No girl knows about her groom
and his whereabouts Will he get mesmerised?
Will he love caressing? Will he romance fondling?
Else gesture from a distance? Else gesture from the distance? Will he garland publicly?
Else will he decide to dodge? Will he come aspiring for the gifts?
Else will he come aspiring her hip? Else will he come aspiring her hip?

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