Words for Divination and Magic – 2

In this unit, we will look at some words related to magic and divination of the future. [MUSIC] Enoptromancy is divination using mirrors. It is an ancient form of crystal gazing used by the Greeks and Romans. It is also called Catoptromancy. Gastromancy is divination by the sounds or voices from the belly. This was achieved through ventriloquism. Geomancy is divination by studying sign from the earth or environment. Gyromancy is divination by walking in supposedly enchanted circles. The position of the moon in the sky plays an important role in gyromancy. Halomancy is divination by sprinkling salt on the floor and studying the resultant patterns. Heiromancy is divination by studying or inspecting objects or remnants of sacrifice. Hydromancy is divination by using water or rain. In some forms, pebbles are dropped into bowls of water to study patterns and sounds. Ichthyomancy is divination inspecting the behaviour and appearance of fish. or the fish entrails. Lampadomancy is divination by inspecting the flame of an oil lamp. If the flame went out during divination it was considered a bad sign. Lithomancy is divination by studying the light reflected by stones and gems. Meteoromancy is divination through the observation of celestial objects like meteors and comets. Myomancy is divination by reading the behaviour of mice. Due to multiple references to mice and rats as pestilent rodents in the Bible, they are considered a bad omen. Narcomany is divination by getting information from a sleeping person, or through utterances from someone whose senses have been numbed. Necromancy is a common form of divination which involves communicating with the dead by summoning their spirits. Oneiromancy is divination by interpretation of dreams. Ophidiomancy uses snakes for divination Ornithomancy is divination by interpreting the flight and cries of birds. Psychomancy is similar to necromancy which involves divination by communicating with the spirits of dead people. Pyromancy is divination by means of fire. Sources suggest that this form of divination has been probably practised since Neolothic times. Theomancy is divination by consulting with gods and divine beings. Delphi in Ancient Greece was popular for the practice of theomancy. Uranomancy is divination by studying the stars and other celestial bodies. Xylomancy is divination by shapes and formations of pieces of wood, twigs, and branches. Zoomancy is divination using animals. It was commonly followed by pastoral societies.

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