91 thoughts on “Who Has The Real Sexy Spanish Accent Out Of A Line Up?

  1. Why was that guy describing a car he bought? Lol! This isn't what I was expecting, but I enjoyed listening to Ivan attempt to describe an ideal date.

  2. Good lord they're back with the Spanish accent 💕💕 Wish they'd stick with latinos being poetic or saying pick up line with Joyce on a blindfold, but I kind of like this new idea. Love Pero Like 💕

  3. More Videos like this please!
    And more which Spanish accents are the sexiest!
    Idea: Do a which Spanish accents are the sexiest, blindfolded. Do multiple rounds until you have two finalists who go head to head to be crowned 👑 ultimate sexiest accent.

  4. I’m just going to say this now I’m bad with names 😂. But I loved how the third guy was shaking his head when the first guy was talking about the time he would cheat on tests 😂

  5. Manny lost her at "No tienes idea de lo bello que vas estar.." she thought he was talking about a BUS right away 😆 por Manny haha

  6. If the contestants were CNCO that would have been a lot funnier and interesting. Next time. Or maybe have Ivan, Gadiel, And Eli.

  7. I love Joyce! And Manny had me feeling some type of way talking about that car's curves. 😆😆😆Please keep more of these vids coming.

  8. have a part 3 with CNCO & Joyce …have Joyce style them for their next show or something just anything excuse for them to come back on the show lmao

  9. I'm confused. wasn't this line of men before Joyce to be determine who has the sexiest spanish accent? Joyce seems like doing something entirely different, which is picking a spanish man who is being sincere and down to earth instead of picking the sexiest spanish accent. anyone confused?

  10. Yes my girl Joyce! ‘If it ain’t Uber black we not going on a date!! 🤣 It would’ve been way funnier with Gadiel, Eli and Curly along with Ivan! Next time pls!

  11. Where is part 4 or 5 which Spanish accent is the sexiest? Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay left to go!! Hard to find them in LA?

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