What’s the Future of the EMPW’s Initiates? Witch’s Oracle Divination

Alena Polyn is with you Today I’ll make divination with the Witch’s Oracle the card readers so much love it I’d like to tell a few words about the deck The back of cards features a pendant designed by the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches The Empire’s amulet is lying on the palm symbolizing the path for everyone The Witch’s Oracle practitioners receive Power from the cards real Power essential for living As you can see the amulet is on the palm The back of cards is of great importance Those who have malicious thoughts while practicing with the Witch’s Oracle I mean thinking evil things about the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches or me are vice versa get their Power drained by the cards Whatever I create is meaningful Well, let’s get started I’ll be shuffling the cards and asking questions Well, the first question is ‘What do people receive when they are initiated into the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches?’ The card of the Raising from the Dead symbolizes the revival of Power Everyone has a special Power that enables him/her, above all, to be a human individual in full sense I don’t mean achieving a great level of mastery in witchcraft As human – in Russian the word «человек» consists of two stems «чело» meaning ‘body’ and «век» meaning ‘the age’ These are colossal possibilities yet we are like small bonsai trees Recently I’ve carried out a webinar deep psychological practice with the card of the Bonsai tree representing a human image We often look like those bonsai trees Visually we are like a big tree yet in reality we are just microscopic human analogs We’re not truly humans as we don’t exploit our abilities The card signifies recovering of possibilities getting out of the coffin and escaping the death per se Why? Most of people worship the cult of the dead, the cult of sufferings and the card tells about resurrection Next card What else do people receive upon initiation into the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches? I’ll draw a card before your eyes You’ve seen this card in one of my readings for the Empire The Passed-on Gifts No doubt, it’s about knowledge I do my best to pass it on to you in great quantity Well, I’ll draw one more card before your eyes the card of The Sun Why the Sun? Because we are talking about the Faith! Not about religion but about the Faith as the knowledge of Ra and the Luminaries It is the Empire that will be spreading the Faith The negative streams of death and sufferings must leave the Earth And they’re already leaving the Earth it’s very noticeable We are entering the new world, the new era in which the EMPW has resurrected the Faith the primordial and natural Faith for people the belief in the Luminaries and their providing humans with the energy called «токи», biocurrents in English the word comes from the source – «исток» in Russian And the Empire’s going to teach how to receive the biocurrents for living and being happy I’ve shuffled and drawn three cards before your eyes I’ve explained everything for you I’d like to address those who tarnish the name of the EMPW as well as my name It is not against the EMPW or me that you speak out You speak out against life You speak out for death and suffering because your nasty speeches about us poison the Earth We speak about life exactly about life and it’s of high importance for us It’s of high importance for me that the people who’ve woken up and resurrected like in the Raising from the Dead card follow the path of life instead of the path of sufferings I’m going to teach how to do that it’s a matter of great importance for me I don’t just say that It’s really very important that on April 06, 2019 the Faith was born the Faith that has long died away being substituted with the prostheses of different religions The Faith was born and we’re going to talk about it I’m going to tell a lot of things that will give you the opportunity of living and escaping sufferings See you!

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