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In this video you’re going to find out all
about your star sign, its legendary origins and what signs you get on best or worst with. All of this and more coming up in: The 12 Zodiac Signs Explained:
AN EXPLORE MODE + MYTH STORIES COLLAB. Today’s video is a collaboration on Astrology
between Explore Mode and Myth Stories – Animated Legends If you’d like to know more about the origins
of astrology, go check out their video in the link below or the card you see on your screen now. But without further ado, let’s get to it. ARIES Aries. The Ram. This Fire sign is the first
of the Zodiac 12. Ruled by Mars, people born Aries are famous
for their leadership skills and endless optimism. They are go-getters, entrepreneurs, passionate
workers and pioneers of trade and commerce. They also make form charismatic and loyal
individuals, meaning they are loving partners and dedicated friends. But they’re temperamental beings. All that courage and passion can also make
them impulsive, angry and impatient. The Aries will change their mood on a whim. So, don’t
give them a task that doesn’t suit their talents or you might find yourself in their sights. The Ram comes from the Greek myth of Chrysomallus.
This flying creature is the off-spring of the ocean god Poseidon. According to legend,
this animal saved the children of King Athamas and also birthed the Golden Fleece. Famous members of this star sign include pop
icons Elton John, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. A good love or friendship match for an Aries
is a Leo or Sagittarius. The worst match is thought to be a Pisces or Cancer. These Fire
and Water signs don’t mix well at all. TAURUS APRIL 20 – MAY 20 Taurus. The Bull. Taureans are earthly men
and women, ruled by the goddess of love Venus. They are creatures of habit and passion but
they are also stubborn and resistant to change. Taureans are some of the kindest and wisest
people you’ll ever meet. They also make for passionate lovers and are the most loyal
of friends They love the good life. Their home comforts
are usually luxurious and nothing less than spectacular. They work hard and expect the
best. A Taurus is a kind, diligent and sensuous human. But they can also be complete and utter
divas. Notable connections to mythology come from
the Minotaur of Greek legend and the Island of Crete. This creature was a half-human,
half-bull and made to live in a maze where it feasted on human flesh. Eventually, it
was slew by the hero Theseus. Taurus was the first zodiac of ancient Mesopotamian
culture. Theirs was called the “Great Bull of Heaven” and was the constellation usually
present during springtime sunrises. Famous Taureans include Al Pacino, Rosario
Dawson, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. A Taurus gets on best with Virgos and Capricorn,
but struggles with Leos and Aquarius. GEMINI MAY 21 – JUNE 21 Gemini. The Twins. People born under this air elemental may seem
like different people at different times. That’s because of the sign’s inherent duality. Geminis can, at will, go from being playful,
funny and childish to serious, mature and sincere. They are a gentle bunch of folks
with a penchant for literature of all kinds. A gemini is also rarely a lonely soul. They
can talk to anyone about anything because of their adaptability and talent for quickly
learning new things. But Geminis can also come across as two-faced
individuals. They despise confrontation and are not effective at resolving conflicts. A Gemini will talk around the issue rather
than deal with it head on. Another bad habit is that they talk too much and may make gossip,
just to keep things spicy. This zodiac is usually represented as the
twins Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. Together they form the Dioscuri. In some tales,
both are sons of Zeus. In other tellings, only Pollux is of divine heritage. Either way, the legend says that Castor died
during battle and Pollux was heartbroken. So Castor begged the gods for their help.
He proffered his immortality in exchange for Pollux’s life. Zeus granted this wish and made the duo the
Gemini constellation to add balance to the cosmos. Their new role was to alternate between Olympus
and the Underworld, spending 6 months of the year in each. Famous people born under this star sign include
Kendrick Lamar, Angelina Jolie, and Zoe Saldana and Tom Holland. The best match for a Gemini are an Aries and
Leo. They do not get on well with Scorpios or Taureans. CANCER JUNE 21 – JULY 23 Cancer. The crab. These water elementals are
creative individuals with a talent for persuasion. This is enhanced by their natural empathy
for others. They have a knack for figuring people out
on the spot and get right to the point with no time for chit chat. They are a steadfast bunch and are never resting
in pursuit of their ambitions. The crab comes from the Greek myth of Karakinos. One day this crab saw his friend, the Hydra,
under attack from Hercules, so Karakinos attacked him and pincered his toe. But, unfortunately, this crustacean’s size
could not match his valor and he was crushed by Hercules. However, the Goddess Hera admired the crab’s
bravery and immortalized him in the stars as the cancer constellation. But also like crabs, the cancer sign is defensive
and will retreat from conflict rather than deal with it head on. They keep things to themselves and rarely
speak up. However, storing all that frustration in one
place can lead to eruptions of emotion. A reason for this is that they expect people
to be on the same wavelength as they are and don’t explain themselves. Famous members of this star sign include Ariana
Grande, Elon Musk, Selena Gomez and Vin Diesel. They get on best with Taurus or Pisces and
will need to work at relations with Aquarians and Gemini. LEO JULY 23 – AUG 22 Leo. The Lion. This Fire elemental is ruled
by the Sun. As such, they are warm and brave souls. Smart and daring, leos think highly of themselves
and aren’t afraid to show it. Leos are always honest and will call out lazy
folks working on the same task. Leos work hard, in order to play hard and can bring
out the best in people. Leos are also lightning fast to react, sometimes
too quickly at expense of their own needs and others. They need to learn to use their ears a bit
more. A little listening never hurt anyone, especially the Big Cat Zodiac. The Leo also comes from Greek Mythology. It is usually shown as the Nemean Lion. This
was a beast that was invulnerable to all attacks. But it was the Greek hero Hercules who took
the Lion out with his club and his own two hands. They’re complemented by Libras and fight with
Taureans. Lions and Bulls do not get along. Famous Leos include former Barack Obama, Jennifer
Lopez, Jason Momoa and Jennifer Lawrence. VIRGO AUG 23 – SEPTEMBER 22 Virgo. The Maiden. This Earth elemental is
ruled by Mercury. As such they make for excellent communicators. They can talk the talk. Virgos are hard workers and complete even
the most stressful of chores without complaint. They love to work. But they are also perfectionists and that
often leads to conflict. Virgos need for everything to be awesome can annoy others and frustrate
lovers, friends and coworkers. Virgos need to realize that sometimes being
just good enough, is good enough. They are usually depicted as Parthenos from
Greek Mythology. This name means virgin. She is often shown as a woman carrying wheat
and is viewed as a fertility goddess in other cultures or an icon of the harvest. Famous virgos include Beyonce, Adam Sandler,
Salma Hayek and Keanu Reeves. Virgos are excellent matches to Capricorns
and Taureans. They’ll need to compromise with a Sagittarius and a Leo. LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 23 Libra. The Balance Scales. This air elemental
is ruled by Venus. They are a lover of awesome aesthetics. Natural born negotiators and diplomats, Libras
are some of the best problem-solvers and mediators around. They often seek to put others before themselves,
and while noble, this can sometimes work to their detriment. The Romans used to view those born under Libra
as cool and logical individuals. As such, they have often been shown with, or as scales
throughout history. Some say that Roman judges were born during the sign of Libra. Libras need to learn to put themselves first.
Being the diplomat and keeping everyone happy is awesome, and needed. But they need to show
themselves some love now and again. Otherwise, the inner-balance of those famous scales may
fall out of kilter Famous Libras include Ryan Reynolds, Serena
Williams, Eminem and Brie Larson. Their best matches include Geminis and Leos.
This sign will need to work hard in friendship and love with Capricorns and Scorpios. SCORPIO OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21 Scorpio. The Scorpion. These stingers are
people you don’t want to mess with. The Scorpio is a water elemental and is governed
by Mars and Pluto. That means they have a massive drive for intimacy and physicality
but are also prone to aggression and outbursts of anger. Tell a Scorpion no and you’ll likely get stung. They also love stability and are very curious
individuals. Scorpios seek knowledge and are ready and eager to learn or work. They’re
a dab hand at anything they set their mind to and make for loyal friends and lovers. Historically, this sign was associated with
the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Legends has it that eons ago the hunter Orion
boasted that he could destroy all creatures of the world. Artemis, their protector, created the scorpion
to deal with him. The Scorpion slew Orion and became immortalized for having done so. Famous Scorpios include Leonardo DiCaprio,
Katy Perry, Ryan Gosling and Hilary Clinton. You’re likely to make friends or fall in
love with a Scorpio if you’re Cancer or a Virgo. Potential mortal enemies include
the lion, Leo. SAGITARIUS NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 22 Sagittarius. The bowman centaur. This Fire
sign is ruled by Jupiter. As such, they are thinkers. Quite often though,
their pursuit of knowledge can become reckless and obsessive. If left unchecked, this can
be dangerous for the Sagittarius and those around them. That being said, they’re an honest creature
and will not hesitate to tell you what they are thinking. Their opinions are formed over
time and are usually on the money. They’re a terrifyingly smart lot, but also
have an ego to match. The Sagittarius draws from the centaurs of
Greek mythology. According to legend, these creatures were of exceptional intelligence
and bridged the realms of Heaven and Earth. As an archer, Sagittarius rarely misses their
mark. They enjoy the chase of the hunt. They can also switch their moods very easily.
They can from go from being astute and intellectual, to violent and barbaric. Famous people born this star sign include
Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Bruce Lee and Karen Gillan. Their best matches for friendship or more
are thought to include Aries and Leos. They’re least likely to get on with a Virgo or Pisces. CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19 Capricorn. The horned goat. This Earth sign
is ruled by Saturn. As such they’re renowned for their smarts, work ethic and independence. They get what they’re after and don’t care
who they ram through while doing so. This can induce a sort of tunnel-vision whenever
they pursue their goals. But despite this, they’re also wise individuals.
They rarely act on emotion and are a well of knowledge for those seeking counsel. The goat likes to take it’s time when dealing
with matters of importance and will not rush themselves no matter what. The Capricorn can be found in many cultures
across the world and initially wasn’t a goat at all, but a crocodile. Most associate with the ancient Sumerian god
of wisdom and water, Enki. Legend has it that this god was half goat and half fish. Capricorns have high expectations and if these
are not met, the horned goat can be particularly harsh toward themself or others. It’s important for them to remember that they’re
just human, it’s OK to fail and perhaps most importantly, it is OK to take a break. Famous Capricorns include Jake Paul, Kate
Middleton, Lebron James and Michelle Obama. They get on best with their fellow Earth sign,
Taurus, as well as other Capricorns and Scorpios. They will find themselves in conflict Aquarius
and Gemini. AQUARIUS JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18 Aquarius. The water carrier. Despite sounding
and looking like a water elemental, the Aquarius is actually of the air. This sign is governed by Saturn and Uranus.
This means that they’re disciplined and hard workers, scientists, inventors and innovators. But they’re not all work and no play. Uranus
is the part that changes things up, usually providing a much-needed break for these water
bearers. They’re equal parts rebels, adventurers and
visionaries. And while they are very outgoing and sociable,
they tend to not show what they are really feeling. They are guarded with their feelings
and reveal them to only those that they trust. These enchanting creatures struggle in relationships.
Not because they don’t care, but because they’re always called to something more. Something
bigger than themselves. Aquarius comes from the stunningly handsome
Greek mythological hero Ganymedes, the Prince of Troy. Legend has it that one day while he was working
near Mount Ida, his stunning looks caught the eye of Zeus. The King of Olympus found himself instantly
thirsty and fell in love with him immediately. Zeus scooped him up into the heavens where
he would forever serve drinks to the gods. Famous members of the Aquarius zodiac include
Ellen DeGeneres, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Anniston, and Josh Brolin. Their best matches include other air elementals
like the Gemini or Libra. They are a match made in hell for the Taurus. PISCES FEBRUARY 18 – MARCH 20 Pisces. The Fish. This water elemental is
ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces are a strange breed. At the same time they have both great instincts
and imagination, while also being prone to overthinking and shuttings themselves off
from the world. In short, they are effective thinkers, but
lack judgement. Pisces are typically shown as two fish tied
together. And, once again, this comes from Greek mythology. Legend has it that when the monster Typhon
attacked, the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite transformed herself and her son Eros into
fish to swim from danger. Associations with Pisces are, like many other
star signs, found in many cultures from Europe through Asia and the rest of the world. Famous members of this star sign include Liz
Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kesha and Albert Einstein. Their best matches are cancer or a scorpio.
But if they get with a Leo or a Gemini, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. Thanks for watching. If you enjoy this sort
of content, please check out Myth Stories now via one of the links on your screen now.
They make awesome content about mythology, prophecies and lost cities and civilizations.
If you liked this, there’s plenty more on their channel.

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