What the best MBA Admissions Consultants do: MBA Crystal Ball Reviews Fees (in description)

Here’s an interesting and tricky
question. How many international applicants use MBA consultants? According
to an old survey some industry insiders estimated the number to be
close to 80 percent. B schools think it’s not that high.
No one really knows the actual number but considering the increased
competition for a seed and scholarships at the top schools, we are pretty sure
that the number of applicants using consultants has continued to increase. In
the next few minutes we’ll uncover the mysterious world of admission
consultants. What they do, are they worth the cost and the big question, do you
need one. A quick disclaimer first. Keep in mind that this video has been created
by an admissions consulting team so decide for yourself if the takeaways are
logical and relevant. What do the top admission consultants do? Imagine you’re
a sports person trying hard to win a medal at the Olympics. Apart from your
raw talent and the hard work you put in what else would you need? A good coach
right. In the simplest form that’s pretty much what admission consultants do
coaching. When you are competing with strong applicants from around the world
for a few highly coveted seats it helps to have an experienced coach by your
side. Someone who can help you understand what you should and should not be doing. Many top MBA consultants are graduates from the elite business schools with
several years of admissions counseling experience. They’ve been there and done
that. A good admissions consultant can help you fine-tune your goals, pick the
right degree, identify your strengths and weaknesses, build a powerful storyline
and help you with an admit and hopefully with a scholarship. There are several
things that a good admissions consultant will not do. They will not cross the
professional and ethical boundaries which include, writing your essays
encouraging you to lie and suggesting that there are shortcuts and guaranteed
ways to get an admit. Having said that you will find many consultants driven by
money and greed doing anything to make their clients happy.
As with all professions a few bad apples give the industry a bad name. Make sure
you do your research so you can avoid being taken for a ride. The cost of MBA Admissions consulting
depends on the country your consultant or the parent admissions consulting team
is based in. American consultants are the most expensive. The fee they charge would
be related to the level of support you need.
You could shell out over $4,000 for an application review package for one
school. Multiple school packages will have discounts built into the pricing.
Many consultants also offer hourly rates. The typical range is 200 to $300 an hour.
In contrast the top consultants based in India charge a fraction of that despite
similar credentials and capabilities for instance MBA crystal ball consultants
have graduated from the same elite programs they worked for top tier firms
like McKinsey but our pricing is around 25% of what the American teams charge.
That’s because purchasing power parity plays a role in MBA consulting ties into. You’ll come across different types of
consulting teams since the barriers to entry are extremely low anyone can start
an admissions consulting company and claim to be an expert which is why
you’ll find a high number of one-person teams mostly current students and recent
graduates. On the other extreme you’ll have a factory set up with a huge army
of consultants who will take on every client who walks in and help with everything
starting from desk prep to visa formalities and possibly filling your
suitcase for you. In the middle are the boutique and specialist firms where the
small team of consultants was selective about the clients they work with. MBA
crystal ball falls in this category. If you aren’t aware there are education
consultants who won’t charge you anything for their help that’s because
they get a commission from mostly low ranking and unranked universities for
sending students. In a marketing agency model the company gets incentivized to
work in the interest of universities and not the students. Are MBA consultants worth the cost. The
selectivity rates at the top B schools are very low. If you hire a consultant
these odds will not go up 200% that’s because there are many factors they
don’t control like your GMAT score, industry, nationality, gender, age. What
consultants can do is to help you improve your chances in relative terms
compared to your competitors and that edge that you get can be well worth the
cost for many. MBA consultants can help you understand the pitfalls and common
mistakes applicants make. They can help you avoid the trial and error process
that most first-time applicants follow. Many good consultants regularly interact
with admission officers to stay abreast of what B Schools are looking for in
applicants. Check out the MBA crystal ball website link below to read the
interviews we’ve published with the admission directors from the top B
schools. The other way consultants can help is to find ways to differentiate
your story many admission officers we’ve interacted with tell us that they find
it very difficult to differentiate between applicants in certain categories
like the Indian male IT Engineers. Another aspect is to be able to weave
all your wonderful and numerous accomplishments into a simple and
elegant story. While your writing skills and grammar are important
remember that your strategic positioning skills are more crucial. Do you need an
admissions consultant? The simple answer is no, you don’t need a consultant there
are many applicants who are able to manage it on their own. Some ask
difference colleagues or current students to review the essays. Our only
word of advice if you choose that option is to be sure that the person helping
you for free is not doing it out of a moral obligation and they’ve had some
experience doing this for others they can objectively analyze your strengths
and weaknesses and they won’t try to force fit an approach that worked for
them. If you have a high GMAT score, strong academic records, a brilliant
career track and crystal clear post MBA goals that puts you on a strong footing.
In case you choose not to hire a consultant we have shared many helpful
insights on the MBA crystal ball blog based on our experience with thousands
of successful applicants. If you do decide to hire a consultant an MBA
crystal ball figures in your list we’d be happy to have a chart with you and
evaluate if we can be partners in your success story. Good Luck!

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