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Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s weekly horoscope my name is Terrence
Guardino the week begins on Monday February the 18th and this is going to
be a very active week planetary wise triggering a lot of events a lot of
activity now part of the main reason is there’s going to be a full moon on
Tuesday and this full moon is going to be in Virgo
virgos this work oriented energy so a lot of work projects could come to a
head a lot time of culmination but this is the time when we could be really
reacting emotionally and many times with the full moon which will be Tuesday into
Wednesday it can also be a time not only of bringing things to culmination into a
light but also could be letting go of those patterns those projects
relationships that have outlived their purpose now on Monday the Sun very early
in the morning is maybe late Sunday very early Monday this depends on where you
are in the world but the Sun is going to be shining it’s light in a very
favorable way to innovative exciting Uranus this could be really thinking out
of the box coming up with original ideas wanting to really and reinvent yourself
shake things up in an exciting way as Venus however is aligned with Saturn now
if there wasn’t any other energies going on the
saturon Venus’s love relationships a turn could be a little bit too
constricting too too controlling and it could really test and hurt relationships
but only hurt relationships that are weak but since we have this exciting Sun
Uranus energy that Venus Saturn can then be very favourable for being very
focused with business matters financial matters as you’re trying to go into a
whole exciting new direction but keeping grounded keeping practical also this is
very favorable for artists because the Venus can be the creative vision and
Saturn can give you the discipline and control to turn it into reality and
you’re not going to be stuck and an overly critical that Venus Saturn might
be because you’re being all excited we’re shaking things up with the Sun
Uranus later in the day actually about 4:30 in the afternoon if on the west in
the Pacific Standard Time here in California
the Sun is leaving a quirky innovative friendly Aquarius and moving into Pisces
and so you’ll feel this big kind of energy shift Pisces or the Aquarius
energy overall tends to be more mental more intellectual more detached and as
we go into Pisces for the next four weeks it’s more of the heart more the
imagination more the in the heart rather than in the head of Aquarius but as the
Sun moves into Pisces then the next day as the moon is moving into Virgo there’s
the full moon on Tuesday with the effects certainly lasting into
fried into Wednesday now at the very beginning of the day Pacific Standard
Time mercury discerning decision making
mercury is aligning with Neptune goddess stay grounded here particularly with the
full moon that could trigger a lot of emotional reactions because on the
positive mercury the intellect with inspiring Neptune can be highly creative
it can also stir the imagination and also the intuition becoming more psychic
and or just more empathetic to those around us but it can also be a time that
you’re living in a dream world and too much fantasy and so you got you could be
making unwise decisions if you’re not being really practical with your choices
but later in the day more towards the end of Tuesday then everyone’s going to
be okay for the most part because now mercury is leaving dreamy imaginative
Neptune earlier in the day and later in the day so so certainly into Wednesday
that mid Tuesday late Tuesday Pacific Standard Time into the first half of
Wednesday and that’s the strongest energy now discerning communication
mercury is favorable with pragmatic focus discipline Saturn excellent for
business so a lot of things are going to start coming to a head and maybe letting
go what’s not working and really starting to break through of what you
want this Tuesday Wednesday and with the mercury to the Neptune you might be all
excited and dreaming but also maybe sure but then you’re getting yourself
grounded with the mercury satyr and Tuesday into Wednesday great for
business great for learning being very focused and of course the full moon is
in Virgo and Virgo is also going to help keeping us very and a practical
analytical logical so I think actually that mercury Neptune might actually be a
really good thing to help us see a bigger vision and not get so locked into
some tight little box by Friday mercury is now in tension with expanse
of Jupiter on the positive if you’re staying grounded the your going to be
feeling a lot of optimism it’s good for traveling making long-range plans good
for marketing but if you’re not grounded then the mercury Jupiter can indicate a
day when you have the inflated expectations you know it’s sort of like
going over the top but it’s also a day when Venus the planet of relationships
but also desire is aligning with compulsive pluto so this can be for some
of you with relationships whether taking it to the next level or meaning somebody
new and falling in love and then the mercury Jupiter’s you’re feeling all
expansive and hopeful so there’s a lot of passion and an tensity as you just
make sure you’re staying level-headed and a lot can progress this can be also
very favorable for not only for relationships but also artists because
the Venus is that creative energy so there’s a lot of this a lot of passion
however a lot of hopeful passion and this can be directed it could go
redirect it in sports you know in studying and researching this is just an
energy that how whatever your life is doing you can really look right the wave
just make sure your sticky ping realistic because remember are also in
dreamy idealistic Pisces the Sun in Pisces and by Saturday
now the mercury decisionmaking mercury is going to be excellent with Pluto
Pluto’s the underworld so that mercury with Pluto we’re able to probe more
deeply great for studying researching therapy also really exploring the
underworld not just of psychology but astrology and
you might even really tapping into your psychic intuitions so this is a lot of
activity I would say overall it’s a very positive week that a lot can be
accomplished just can stay grounded and and sensible and you can accomplish a
lot in many different directions now before I sign off I want to remind
you I’m available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a
direct link to order it in the description box underneath the video the
time of birth is always really important even if it’s an approximation and if you
could put the birth information in with your question it’ll just make sure I
have it all accurate so I want to thank you for watching I hope you I hope to
see you next week with my next segment until then have a great week

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  1. Hi Terrence,
    Thank you for this very informative weekly horoscope, this reading was really helpful! Sending you love and blessings!

  2. Question: I am currently on the other side of the planet from California (17hrs ahead of your time zone) your EG; your Sunday is my Monday… how does one apply your astrological reading to a different planetary zone Terence … Thank You for Your passion.

  3. I'm a Capricorn. I don't know what happens but starting from Sunday evening I feel strange rush of energy, exaggerated anger and some anxiety. It's not me…. What's going on?!..

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