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hey everyone welcome to another segment of AstrologyAnswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino
the week begins on Monday January the 6th 2020 this is the first full week of
the new year the first full work week that is now it’s going to be a pretty
good week there’s some very favorable transits but it’s going to end by at the
end of the week on Friday with a full moon lunar eclipse which is going to
bring a lot of matters to a head a time of culmination a time of starting to
make some really important decisions probably about the rest of the year but
let’s start with Monday January the 6th the the moon is in this void cycle which
just basically means it’s not making any aspects to other planets so the energy
is kind of flat so you don’t want to start anything new on Monday but just
keep getting you know get back into the zone just continue to what you know what
you had to have been accomplishing previously but later in the evening on
Monday but mainly through Tuesday for most of the world the the Sun in
Capricorn is going to be shining a very favorable influence to idealistic
hopeful empathetic Neptune Sun Neptune can expand the imagination can bring a
lot of hope and and and a vision for possibilities into
the new year so you don’t want to start in you don’t want to make any important
business decisions decisions or try to start any kind of major new projects on
Monday but later Monday through Tuesday you’re going to be feeling all this
hopefulness about the year then on Wednesday mercury discerning
communication decision-making mercury will also be in harmony with Neptune
this is where you can be communicating that’s mercury to others and with
inspiring messages a messages of hope this would be great for creative writing
speaking design but when you’re also interacting mercury with others with the
Neptune can bring in this empathy this sensitivity this kindness then we go
into Thursday and the moon there’s no major planetary events but the moon
which sets the emotional tone for the public will be in cancer this more
nurturing cancer on the plus side can be a bit moody at times with the moon in
cancer but the moon and cancer the first part of Thursday is going to be
favourable with exciting Uranus it means basically you just want out of the right
you want to try new things it’s the new year let’s let’s you know if you’re more
open to new adventures new learning you know taking new risk later in the day
then the is going to be interacting with Jupiter
this can also be very favorable with Jupiter representing expansion that you
could be making long-range plans for the new year it’s a happy time it’s Jupiter
just brings in optimism and generosity to our Moon the emotional tone this is
also a very favorable day for traveling or making travel plans or our education
Jupiter is always seeking knowledge you know so maybe starting to be inspired if
you’re back in school or a good day for making plans for the future for
educational plans then we get into Friday the 10th of January and it’s the
full moon lunar eclipse now a full moon noise we have a full moon once a month
and it always brings matters to a culmination at the time of resolute
resolution or even could be a wrapping up an ending time but when it’s a lunar
full moon eclipse it is a full moon on steroids so instead of just being a few
days of some emotional ups and downs and intensities
if this eclipse is triggering planets in your horoscope the effects can last for
several months now for the world it’s also going to overall be you know
triggering a lot of activity for several months now let’s go back because right
after around the 26th of December was the new
new beginning solar eclipse and that was going to supercharge the world because
it was in Capricorn the Saturn Pluto and Jupiter are all in now mercury all in
Capricorn which I’ve been discussing in my videos and so it was this all that
Capricorn is all this goal-oriented and structures and economics and and
governments and there is this major push to with these new moon solar clips to
start having some movement to restructure and fix whatever needs
repairs with business with government and how this might apply to the systems
and structures in your own life with that said the full moon lunar eclipse is
really bringing these issues very clearly to the surface so you get to see
what needs to be repaired what neat what is meaning to be adjusted now this full
moon is aligned with decision making mercury but very close to the Saturn
Pluto so this mercury with Saturn is a time of
accountability getting serious making these commitments Pluto is this
transformational ending transformational energies and the full moon lunar eclipse
or any full moon there’s always a certain amount of testing with
relationships so whether it’s business whether it’s personal whether it’s a
marriage the good ones will be tested and realize how strong it is the weak
ones will start to break down and show its cracks and if both parties aren’t
willing to work on the relationship then you’ll start seeing it break down but
there’s a lot of very important decisions that are finally oh you know
manaphy Stig that’s been brewing for a while
decisions of what you need to do into the new year now Saturday Sunday the the
Sun is going to be with mercury a lot of decision making and the and the other
big thing that takes us through the weekend is that Awakening liberating
Uranus forgot to mention that because this is another big punch with that
lunar eclipse Uranus is the great awaken or in liberator it’s been retrograde or
holding back or feeling stuck and frustrated since August 2019 in the 10th
on Friday with the full moon bringing everything to light and to a culmination
Uranus is stopping his stop retrograding and beginning to really release a lot of
potential for change so when I’ve been talking about the saturn pluto for the
whole world where there’s all this major restructuring begins strong in January
and it takes throughout 2020 this this is a major paradigm shift for the world
in many areas you’re going to see for your own personal life what is the
issues that are being awakened and that full moon is making it’s helping you
realize what you need to do to take care of and take accountability for all these
important matters so very important time but before I sign off I remind you I’m
available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a Debrett
direct link in the description box below the video the time of birth is always
important and if you could put your birth information in with the question
again it’ll just make sure I have all the accurate information so I want to
thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next segment until
then have a great week

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