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hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of astrology answers coms weekly forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday January the 13th with the Sun in
Capricorn shining its light directly on the Saturn Pluto alignment the saturn
pluto alignment technically was exact yesterday on the 12th on sunday and
we’ve been talking about this in all my videos for months this is a major
restructuring of governments of economics and even the land there might
even be earthquakes big land changes as well as governmental changes and and
economic changes but is this only the beginning because the saturn pluto have
now come together and we’ll be going back and forth through all of 2020 now
on so it was exact on Sunday Monday the 13th the Sun is now directly putting a
spotlight on this Saturn Pluto this is such a major once-in-a-lifetime transit
it’s not like one day it Peaks but there’s this Sunday this Monday the 13th
it’s a time of starting to wake up to what needs to be fixed and changed in
your life you just look to where Capricorn influences your horoscope and
that’s going to be the main thrust now on the same day Monday pleasure-seeking
harmonious Venus is moving into Pisces Pisces is all that compat
empathetic energy this Venus and Pisces will be there for about a month this
could actually be very favorable for diplomacy and on the world stage or
trying or being more sensitive in relationship issues and trying to find a
happy medium and get on the same page that Venus and Pisces is very creative
very loving very empathetic energy that we will need with all these huge changes
in our lives but I don’t I see overall this big paradigm shift of people who
have been working really hard doing their homework their due diligence as
now they can break through and rise to the top and those people who have been
running everything the if they are not solid and an integrity they start
falling apart it’s just a resetting of the guard as you might say and for some
people it’s time to in relationships in careers and for others to finally break
through and find success so you just need to see how this applies to your
horoscope on Tuesday the moon that sets the emotional tone is in analytical
practical Virgo that’s going to be in harmony with a Saturn and Pluto and Sun
because they’re in Capricorn other Earth Sciences all this earth in harmony earth
is being grounded practical sensible Wednesday the moon is now shifting into
Libra for a couple of days Libra is very sociable Libra likes fairness I was
looking for a win in situation Venus or the moon in Libra
is good for harmony mediation diplomacy now part of that is because Libra is
ruled by the planet Venus and transiting Venus is now in unconditional loving
Pisces now Venus on Wednesday as the moon is
now just in sociable Libra the Venus is going to be in harmony with dynamic
Uranus now this could be a hood could trigger an unexpected infatuation it can
also be making a new best friend Uranus also represents groups and
organizations and you might be signing up and joining and participating and
getting really excited about it on Thursday the 16th then discerning
mercury mercury tells us what’s on your mind what are you thinking about now you
have to apply it to your individual chart but for the world Mercury on
Thursday is moving into Aquarius for about a month it had been in more
pragmatic more cautious practical Capricorn
but then on Thursday the 16th it moves into Aquarius Aquarius is very
futuristic very progressive idealistic where our minds are more open to
learning new ideas new technologies and looking more to the future with original
ideas as we go into Friday the moon which sets the tone the emotional public
tone will have left Libra moves into more passionate intense Scorpio now this
won’t happen till about 10:20 a.m. Pacific Standard Time which is three
hours later on the East Coast or eight hours later in
nine hours later in Paris that moon in Scorpio everything is more emotionally
intense but the moon on Friday is also going to be in harmony with
pleasure-seeking Venus this is also good for romance for enjoying yourself with
your loved ones and it it’s the beginning of the weekend and a Friday
night so this can awaken more intimacy Saturday now mercury and futuristic
Aquarius is going to be in a hard angle to Uranus Uranus is the ruler of
Aquarius Uranus is also futuristic thinks out of the box it’s the planet of
genius Uranus is a very liberating progressive rebellious energy so when
Uranus is in hard angle to Merc when Mercury’s in hard angle to Uranus which
will happen as hard angles four times a year there could be some sudden
unexpected news you may suddenly have to be making all these very quick snap
decisions your nervous system might feel like it’s been plugged into an
electrical outlet you could be very nervous you could be very excited with
all this information that’s flooding into you this could be very favorable
for learning new technical skills because that’s also the domain of Uranus
Saturn and then and then Sunday the moon still in Scorpio into the early
afternoon Pacific Standard Time but in that morning to early afternoon
the moon will be in harmony with a Saturn and Pluto and
all these Capricorn planets because Scorpio is a water sign and when it’s in
harmony with all the Capricorn Capricorn and outside water brings life to the dry
earth earth bring subsidence and stability to the water signs then the
moon and around 240 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time moves into Sagittarius so
the tone for those next couple of days with is Sagittarius and quality more
optimistic more expansive more restless great for traveling great for learning
so it is a lot going on this week and you might be a more stimulated to be
looking to the future so before I sign off I’m going to remind you I’m
available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a direct link
to order it in the description box below the video so I want to thank you for
tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next segment until then have a
great week

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