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Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of AstrologyAnswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Scardino to the week begins on Monday February the 17th and this is a big week
astrologically wise yesterday communication mercury went retrograde
now and that goes until about March the 10th this happens three times a year
think of it as mercury is what’s on your mind what you’re planning what you’re
thinking but when it’s appearing an optical illusion
to be going backwards it means it’s now time to review re-edit revise your plans
and expectations not to keep pushing forwards with new ideas and evolve hurt
don’t sign contracts don’t make major important decisions with the mercury in
retrograde it’s about reviewing not moving forwards
but also with the mercury in retrograde you could be if you commit to something
you don’t have all the information which is mercury because it’s still going
backwards it’s tough going forwards so we have that for the next three weeks
also the new moon is next Sunday we have a new moon that prioritizes our
attention to a new area of our life every month the last week before the new
moon is a winding down of the previous new moon or it’s a wrapping up
bringing closure so again it is not a great time to be making really important
decisions as the mercury is now retrograde and you’re in the last week
before the new moon excellent week for introspection reviewing the imagination
another way this is a great week is that Jupiter knowledge seeking generous
Jupiter several times every few years it’s in harmony with empathetic
idealistic Neptune now it’s speaking on on Thursday for the
20th but it’s been building for the past couple of weeks winding down for the
next couple of weeks after that but this can really awaken a lot of empathy
compassion idealism mix that with mercury and retrograde and in Pisces
Pisces is more of this compassionate energy this empathetic intuitive energy
and with it now retrograding having us look more within and that incredible
jupiter it’s called sex tiling the Neptune this can be an excellent week
for spiritual studies for getting an astrology reading to really starting to
ponder all the possibilities for the future now let’s start with Monday the
moon on the 17th there aren’t any planetary events other
than the moon which sets the the mood for the puck the public mood it’s in
Sagittarius it’s not even making any aspects or transits to
other planets while it’s in Sagittarius Sagittarius can awaken a lot of optimism
adventure travel and that could go along with that Jupiter Neptune sextile that
could be awakening a lot of hopefulness for the long-range future then we get to
Tuesday the moon has now shifted into more pragmatic conservative Capricorn
and very favorable with liberating Uranus being able to not get so stuck
but stay more grounded but later in by 9 o’clock that night Pacific Standard Time
so like midnight on the east coast of the United States or what’s that takes
us into 5:00 a.m. in London on Wednesday the Sun now moves into Pisces joining
mercury in Pisces Pisces for these next four weeks it brings in more of this
energy for spiritual studies reflection compassion empathy goes along with that
Jupiter sextile Neptune also because Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces
now on so that’s Tuesday going into Wednesday Thursday it’s that the peak of
the Jupiter sextile Neptune and it can certainly awaken a more optimistic
vision for our future Friday now assertive ambitious Mars is in
harmony with liberating Uranus this it can really inspire I think with that
Jupiter Neptune to take bold risks to beam more create courageous to to to
really go after new big projects but again not yet time it’s time to start
researching and thinking about it arming it not time yet to act now Mars
with Uranus could be very favorable for learning new technical skills or getting
a new computer learning new software by fry-up froth
that’s Friday Saturday and that Mars Uranus is Friday into Saturday but
Saturday now the Sun is in harmony with Uranus yet Mars and harmony with Uranus
now the Sun by Saturday is in harmony with Uranus Uranus is all this
progressive thinking out-of-the-box original thinking Saturday is when you
we could all start starting to think about how we could shake up our lives
and get out of the rut and try new things again it’s great for pondering
and thinking about it and planning not yet time to act because on Sunday the
it’s the new moon and the new moon is in Pisces so all this compassionate
creatives and pathetic Pisces energy this idealism of Pisces is really being
locked set in motion by next Sunday so wherever Pisces falls
in your horoscope that is where your attention is being more drawn and you
will be feeling a lot more hopeful about the future
but again is time for planning it not yet acting pretty much wait until after
March the 10th now before I sign off I want to remind you I’m available for the
one-question offer for a nominal fee to order it there is a direct link in the
description box below the time of birth is really important if you have it even
if you’re saying I was my mother said I was born around dinnertime so I want to
thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next
week with my next segment until then have a great week

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