Ways for future parents to get ready for pregnancy

Some of the top things that people can
do is really take care of their diet and
their nutrition. So particularly making
sure that you’re having lots of protein
and leafy green vegetables and fruit, not
too much sugar, not too much fat but
really that healthy diet that you know
mum would have taught you about can
really change your health. So nutrition
number one, but also exercise and making
sure you’re a healthy weight, I would put
as really the top next one and even
losing a little bit of weight can
actually make a lot of difference if
you’re a little bit prone to being just
a bit heavier. So really getting to be a
healthy weight, so important and you
know the exercise that goes with that.
and the other thing that I think is
really important is for both women and
men to think about what environmental
chemicals they might be exposed to that
might be having a dangerous effect on
their health. So increasingly we’re
finding out that well of course there’s
the smoking and drinking which is really
important and needs to be taken care of,
so no smoking at all and that means mums
and dads. Drinking should really be cut
down, making sure that you know maybe
just once or twice a week, one glass and
then the other thing are these household
and workplace chemicals and increasingly
we’re finding yeah that people’s
exposures to especially what we call
these endocrine disrupting chemicals
needs to be managed and avoided. So if
people want to find out more about how
to prepare for healthy pregnancy and
plan for a healthy baby, they should take
a look at the website, the Your Fertility
website has a lot of really wonderful
information on it.

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