Walking the Milky Way to Mt. Bromo /// Searching Infinity S2 EP3

♪♪ Ten of us with different Characteristics You know we just somehow Got blended together and Managed to Build something And produce something From Bali, Ijen Until the end, it’s Bromo All the spectacular views All the beautiful things That you’ve
never seen in your life I never expected Indonesia to be so beautiful To be honest And yeah, especially Yeah, it really
looks like Switzerland Or New Zealand Then suddenly it looks like The californian desert Like really
it’s just mind blowing For me
I think personally It was still Mount Bromo Cause I’ve seen pictures On Instagram about Especially the
pre-weddings and all I think That was the
most breathtaking for me In terms of How Small we are And we were just
surrounded by huge mountains And It’s just Yeah I was just in awe When we were in Mount Bromo I haven’t seen
the milky way before actually This is my first time And it’s my first time Seeing a shooting star as well On my first night there I followed everyone up to A mountain at 1 a.m. at night Yeah it was
pretty eye opening for me This time we are up on the hill We are above the clouds We have around
a few hours or more Of clear skies Like complete clear skies And It’s cold It’s windy, it’s very cold I think around Ten degrees or less But it’s
I think it’s totally worth it Bromo’s sky was just Super clear
for the last three hours It was really
exciting for all of us Being in the city all my life I’ve never
really seen like such a clear Dark, sky full of stars And As well as
looking at the milky way With my naked eyes I thought
that’s never possible Of course Bromo was amazing We managed
to capture the milky way We even saw the milky way Through the naked eyes We could just literally look up And then it was like It was amazing From taking the
bus down to Probolinggo Taking the ‘angkot’ up to Cemero Lawang Eating at a ‘warung’ Eating satay by the road side Going down to
the Madakaripura Waterfall Then at the end, ultimately At the end
we went up to Mount Bromo And we found the milky way ♪♪ Boarding Pass Oh my god, show show show Welcome to my mansion My, uh house So this is like a Two or three hours And then come back We’ll be on the parking area Around ten Weng Yan ♪Happy birthday to you♪ Hi This is a daisy But she’s with lazy And you’re crazy Crazy

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  1. hi. thanks for the sharing. that was insane view. Thumbs up. Can i know What time and date do you hunting milky way in bromo?

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