9 thoughts on “VIRGO TAROT WEEKLY READING JANUARY 4 – 10, 2016

  1. Joana you're hysterical…lol!  How appropriate "Self Respect, I'm taking my power back all of it.  The Hang Man is in a just position; I've suffered greatly. I removed myself, yes I did.    Happy 2016!       Sun in Virgo 7th and Ascendant in Pisces

  2. Hang man in reverse looks like tree pose in yoga. I need to get back to loving myself and yoga
    Everything you say means something to me every time. Do you accept pay pal for readings?

  3. Good advice not to rush into anything or make any rash decisions – especially with this being the first week of mercury retrograde.

  4. Yes, a legal battle…I am at a stale mate with a legal mater… I have to move forward with suit..Tired of being ignored..turning their back on me..wasting my time..

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