hey Virgo welcome to your july 2019
who’s my future partner reading this is Lauren with the clarity cure welcome
back so nice to see you guys if you new to my channel today would love you to
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out a little early because I want to kind of make up to you guys for not
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just if you could be patient upload them as I
film them so if you cross watching just hang in there you know your additional
readings will be done hopefully by the end of this week and what else that’s it
really let’s jump right in and see what’s going on for you let’s see
meditated shuffled looks like you might be meeting somebody
judgment hmm through some friends or acquaintances or there’s definitely
somebody coming in now with the world card they could be it’s usually a fixed
sign so they could be an Aquarius tours leo or Scorpio but I’m seeing the high
priestess here so that’s cancer and then we have judgment which is Scorpio cancer
so this could be a cancer or Scorpio person Sun Moon arising not necessarily
their Sun Sign okay part of their yeah the three most important elements to the
personality Sun Moon or rising now why is there a second chance here so you’re
not able to move away from maybe there’s some drama here mm-hmm
High Priestess you know Virgo you’re gonna have to use your gut instincts
they they really want you to focus in on how you feel what is going on inside of
you maybe playing your cards close to your chest there is some secretive
energy here and you’re stressed you’re you know cut the eight of swords here so
this is overthinking worrying a lot self restriction really being in your head
fearing the worst this person your future partner is the world okay as I
mentioned could be one of the fixed signs this is somebody that perhaps just
completed something of accomplishment they reached a milestone in their life
and they’re relishing in on you know what it took to get there they’re in a
good place there’s been success in completion but that’s an invitation this
is an invitation from an outside influence that is going to introduce you
to this person there was some kind of celebration or through this
accomplishment okay somehow someway friendship and community you will meet
this person now sometimes the three of cups means they just want to be friends
and maybe that’s what is not being real clear here you might have other
intentions or hoping there might be more but it’s rocky for some reason why are
you stressed you see them as the seven of Pentacles so this is wow progress
reviewing the situation assessing what is your next move with this person
perhaps moving you know hoping that you know there’s a good foundation here
being on track you know on goal four achievement but it’s it’s it’s next to
the High Priestess so I think this person is very focused on themselves and
they’re waiting for an additional harvest to come in here it’s not to say
that they’re a bad person or anything like that but maybe there’s not really
the opportunity to be lovers or a significant relationship with this
person because you have their renewal card as your outcome judgment this is
the rebirthing and rising from the ashes so to speak what’s the oracle card a
change in the wind Wow I hardly get this one so this does
talk about unforeseen unformed unseen change let’s just put it to you that way
so something is going on there’s a change of heart or there’s something
that is not on firm ground and maybe you feel the shift maybe you feel this
vibration like you know and your gut Virgo that you know look yeah the devil
underneath this person is maybe has addiction issues or this person is maybe
you know committed maybe it’s in another relationship I may not say three of the
three of swords here but what I’m hearing I’m listening as I’m speaking is
that they’re roped and changed they have other commitments there there’s other
things going on behind the scenes here with this person not all meets the eye
death card underneath maybe you know they went through a major transformation
and there’s some success here but maybe it was it was not done in a forthright
kind of way with the devil card underneath there’s there’s something
shady there’s just something strange here and you’re feeling it Virgo and you
don’t like it I would play your cards close to your chest with this person I’m
sorry that it’s not all sugar and spice this month but what’s really weird is
that you’re having a hard time moving on it’s like you know but you’re like
you’re hanging and for the month of July you’re you’re engrossed in whatever this
drama is you’re engrossed in the attraction or you’re you’re engrossed
and trying to figure out what it is so I don’t want you to waste your time or be
stressed okay because July is funky we have a six planets retrograde pluto
Saturn Jupiter Neptune Uranus and mercury goes mm-hmm retro as well we
have a total solar eclipse on July 2nd and cancer a full moon in Capricorn so
you know you could be feeling challenged and trying to find harmony and balance
but the point the boat is not pointed in the right direction and it’s almost as
if you are you know kind of socked into trying to figure out what’s up what’s
going on with this person I think all in all in the end they just want to be
friends although you feel like you are friends too like in a way that you feel
this community in this harmonious connection and that maybe it’s the
ending of problems and you just wanted a good time and hang out but there’s more
to meet the eye here this person is working on and focus on money focused on
their future focusing in on their next move and then it could very just well be
they’re not looking for a serious commitment here but this is the person
coming in for you it could be kind of a lesson here as well I hate to see you
get yourself all stressed out over something that’s not legit but all in
all it’s a thing you need to go through High
Priestess what’s coming through so that’s my moon card yeah we have a lot
of interesting things going on and cancer with the capricorn nodal access
as well and this is about gaining your strength from the inside out you know
feelings are being turned upside down that we haven’t want to dealt with in a
long time as well so definitely the need to connect to your intuition and play
your cards to your you know close to your chest like in other words you know
you’ll have a heads up of what’s going on and with this reading and this will
kind of give you the insight that you need to overcome whatever this is that’s
going on why this such a strong attachment but you know you angels and
your spirit guides are with you and they’re also here not only with the High
Priestess because she is in the spirit realm she is there to protect you so
you’re protected but they’re also trying to communicate to you through your
dreams so there’s a real call here Virgo to really connect inside mm-hmm you know
especially get over this monkey mind here you know download my ebook the
body-mind connection there’s great insight in the book as far as being able
to stay more in the moment and how to feel more grounded especially when
you’re in your head so much you know you see what else is coming through here for
you changing the wind now this person could have maybe just had a change of
heart as well because their focus is on building a solid foundation for their
future relationships go through periods where partners seem out of sync with one
another and there could be stormy emotions and moods right coming down the
pike in you don’t know where you’re where you stand yeah somebody has a
change of heart and leaves yeah so maybe not exactly how you were hoping this
relationship would work out however you know everything happens for a reason you
know if this person is not meant to be in your life
really super clear coming through the cards that’s for sure they just gonna
change your heart and I think it’s about money and that they really maybe just
want to be friends their focus is elsewhere so you know you’re gonna have
to get over this obstacle and move on okay you’re stuck on your boat and right
now what you need to do is yeah take some action to move forward maybe
getting out of town would be good to take a little trip you know moving more
into peace of mind mm-hmm because it’s like you’re in between this is like my
in-between card in between jobs you’re in between relationship you know you’re
in between drama you’re in between not knowing where you stand right so got to
switch it up all right my mantra for July is to go with the
flow because there’s so many crazy external energies coming into play so be
kind to yourself all right let’s see let’s look at a love Oracle for you
let’s get a little bit more insight what might be going on here
Virgo July oh yeah we got you we got it retreat you have time to disconnect from
the world so definitely was picking up on that
that you need to get out of town okay this not necessarily couple this
could be specifically just for yourself the cards you know meaning goes beyond I
wanted to see it what’s at the bottom of the deck pay attention to the red flags
there you go so there’s gonna be signs and symbols along the way and that’s
probably what this is all about you’re gonna send sense something’s not right
with this person they’re not being honest they’re not being upfront
other attachments could be with another person or third party or this could be
drugs or alcohol involved here as well you know there’s death and
transformation here so this person maybe is coming out of situation where they’ve
created some change but there’s accomplishment but there’s still some dysfunction here okay and you don’t want
to be a part of that so pay attention the red flags totally you’re gonna know
you’re gonna know who this person is without a doubt immediately so that’s
kind of good at least you’ll know where you’re standing you won’t get hung up
you know too much here you know and sometimes this is hard you know our mind
plays tricks on us we definitely want want what we want right it’s but you’re
gonna be able to get through it you’re gonna be able to move on you’re gonna
come to this crossroads you’re gonna complete this cycle okay with this
whatever this nonsense is going on here and your truth you know the truth is
gonna set you free in July and you’re gonna come to see that and you’re going
to be able then to make the necessary changes in your life to finally move on
hearing the call right okay I get it now looking back even you’re gonna be able
to look back you’re gonna get your clarity and you’re gonna be like oh shit
yeah why didn’t I see that you know so heads up it’s not the best reading guys
but at least you know there’s some information here to you know help
protect your interest know that this is definitely going to go down and I think
what’s really kind of weird about this what I’m hearing is that the knight of
cups is my knight in shining armor and you could be really confused because the
knight of cups is romantic he’s you know he’s intuitive he uses his heart he’s
ruled by his heart not as head so there’s just some strange
interaction here or that you see this person as somebody that yeah you would
really want to have a relationship with so it’s tricky because there’s still
some emotions here but there’s this mental energy because maybe this person
it’s more focused on money not really paying attention okay they got their own
issues and you’re just like what’s up like with this person like I can’t make
heads or tails you know because you’re getting mixed messages from this person
they come across as really romantic and that they like you and they you want to
go out you know this is definitely an invitation
whether you’re a rival of a messenger right so just heads up guys oh right and
who I hope I hope this was helpful to you guys and check out your Munna rising
sign if this doesn’t didn’t resonate for you just don’t bounce okay also want to
mention I’m doing the twenty20 decade ahead reading it’s it’s technically my
year Tarot session but I’m including your transfer reports through 2020 as
well as looking at the themes of your life path and what to expect maybe for
the next ten years where am I going am I gonna find love am i moving forward so
I’ll put that information and I in the sky you can also always connect with me
on my website the clarity Kerr calm alright guys take care god bless and
we’ll see you in the next one okay Virgo bye bye

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