62 thoughts on “Virgo Personality | Zodiac Love Guide

  1. For me, this is partially true. Half the time, I'm lazy as hell, laid back, and don't really care. The other half, I'm busy, organized, worried about little details, and I piss people off because I want something to be perfect.

  2. I totally agree with this! I have not only my Sun in Virgo, but also my Venus and Mars in Virgo, so it's true about me.

  3. Yeah how weird, my man is a Virgo and he is very lazy. Yet all the astrologists say that they are not lazy. I wish he wouldn't be lazy. 🙁

  4. In fairy tail, lucy has almost all if the zodiac keys and virgo is one of them! Only anime fans will get this

  5. I'm an Atheist, and I'm aware none of astrology has any factual basis what so ever, but this lady just summed me up in less than two minutes. O.O

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