Virgo Love & Romance July 2018 Tarot & Oracle Card Reading by Sloane Rhodes

Hi Virgo it is Sloane Rhodes here with
your love and romance reading for the month of July 2018 this is from Virgo
Sun moon and rising and Virgo I am reminding all signs that this is an adjunct video to the previously released
adjunct video to the previously released May June and July no…
yeah may june and july longer reading I did it’s more comprehensive reading
that’s here in the YouTube channel I have a link here and I also did I read
so much of this one foot you might go through what you want to do not to look
forward to regardless so that is that and then one last announcement fur girl
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and October okay Virgo let’s get started with your reading for your life so today
I’m getting one current from the digits or protection vintage whistle Marco – hi
Victoria mostly as the overarching theme for you her go and then three cars from
the Marielle Tarot what you want to do not do what we can afford to burn it and
then my voice is going it will get one last card from me
Rio wants angels Tessa close like you’re reading Burgos familiarising July 2018 adventure days no listening into the
deck Leo just had this under the deck big adventure for you little people
well possibly let’s see what that the cards indicate we have listening into
the deck I feel like you have been listening um
a lot it’s a spirit a lot to your guidance your inner guidance your
intuition guys and angels um as we move into this period you’ve been doing some
deep reflecting quietly listening and all of this has led you to this moment
here in July we go where this is possible opportunity for an adventure
something to occur that is different that requires possibly encourage let’s
see number us what to do not to look and look forward to regardless or things okay here we go burger so you want to do
is a seven of ones anyone should not do is the king of cups in Reverse you can
look forward to expected Carlos is that three of swords look at six of cups and
they’re reversed into the deck okay so burger all right so we have the
adventure card here is the overarching theme again as I mentioned sometimes you
know we collapse onto this it’s an adventure but sometimes of interest can
challenge us and as I mentioned you mean some courage here it’s the adventure now
what you’re meant to do or start doing is the seven of ones don’t give up
Virgo with um remember you’ve been listening let me say this you’ve been
listening very very carefully to your inner guidance here there’s a reason
that there’s change occurring with this adventure card and with the seven of
wands you’re meant to stand your ground you know everything that you have been
doing this deep internal workings I feel like here listening the other century
and into that um you know you’ve really been doing some some deep work there and
now you went to stand your ground don’t don’t give in to whatever decisions you
are making whatever changes are occurring this is important for you to
have the courage of your convictions here that’s what you’re meant to do a
relative venture around this change around this this event courageous step
here what you’re meant to not do or stop doing is the king of cups in Reverse the
king of cups in Reverse can be a water sign Pisces cancer or Scorpio doesn’t
have to be them doesn’t have to be male either but it’s showing up as a male um
and it’s showing up as water sun but the king of cups in Reverse can be hmm
very problematic if it’s an individual you were meant to distance yourself from
this energy and from this can be emotionally abusive emotionally
manipulative conservatives have alcohol issues can run you through the wringer
emotionally because they can be very very needy and they can seem very
sincere and then they can turn on you so you’re
meant to walk away from this energy or distance yourself from this energy and
it’s you and finding these characteristics do your best to stop you
know we’re looking for the kind of July’s a short period of time so it’s
not like doing balloon but during the month of July your mint and look at this
and make some moves around it and away from it the king of cups when you deal
with the king of cups individual it will often feel a little bit like you’ve been
slimed sometimes you know it can be very emotionally needy and then abuse it the
next minute you know so you don’t really know what you’re gonna get then that’s a
problem an act in itself I guess could feel like an adventure but it’s not
really that sure you want to UM and either way the underlying energy
throughout July for many virgos is going to be the three of swords the card of
the heartache the heartbreak card feelings of betrayal you know if you’ve
been stabbed in the heart now I will say that there are degrees to
this depend upon what’s going on in your life so be easy with this Virgo but I
want to say that the three of swords isn’t even though it never feels good
and sometimes it doesn’t get punched in the stomach earth is just like your
heart is breaking through through that pain through those seaming
breaks that is where divine light begins to shine not more fully when you are
working with the three of swords energy in its most extreme and you do feel as
though you are yeah you know you your heart is breaking when you can work with
the energy and allow yourself to grieve and to process that kind of heart pain
you know this ver go through your own work and your own experiences in life
what often results comes to fruition is a new way of being a new understand the
depth of knowing because you’ve been through something very difficult and
that gives you strength because you know that you can come out of it and you know
you can come out of this Virgo um remembering that life is suspended
internet don’t want to sound trite but you do have the adventure card be
courageous be willing to buck the status quo maintain your position here don’t
give up yeah there’s heartache but you’re in the right now we have the six
of cups in Reverse the six of cups in the reverse it could be that there is for some of
you that you may have to deal with them X you know the X might come back
somewhere from the past may return here there may even be a tendency here to of
a sudden individual coming back to wallow in nostalgia what could have been
what used to be what how it’s just that things were how they should be now you
know kicking it can become maudlin rather quickly so just be aware of that
Virgo again there are degrees to this you’re in the right the seven of months
whatever you have been working on don’t give it you know someone tries to
convince you that something is otherwise say you’re not romantic partnership and
you’re in an argument and they’re like no blah blah you know no you’re in the
right most likely here with the seven of wands the seven of Austin turns what you
want to do or keep doing start doing is maintaining what you’ve been fighting
for maintain your position you are in the right your further we might to not
do or stop doing this it’s move away from this energy this either within you
or within another this is emotionally manipulative this uncertain aren’t they
going on you know be you know I love you so much
um oh shit are they gonna be emotionally distant or you know can I cut through
with what they can you know with the the king of cups knows emotions and can be
brutal you know with it using it against you and you know so at it’s worse
remember they were degrees to this what is this three of one three of swords
about Supergirl it’s about the eight of cups someone from the past returning and it’s about the higher font well
there’s definitely a change in perspective here as I mentioned you know
something new begins to do born let’s say from the three of swords actually
and it looks like with the higher font here in the reverse there is a bucking
of tradition the outcome for you here is this is how it affects you as you begin
to change your perspective from something that was more traditionally
more traditional and something that’s different for you a change in your
mindset that’s quite dramatic remember the tree of source isn’t the
outcome card it’s about an energy boost running through July here but it’s about
as it’s eight of cups this return journey someone coming back again we
have the six of Casas I think they returned here um could be someone lovely
but if it’s someone who’s embodying this king of cups in Reverse you want to get
away from that energy remember with the eight of cups in Reverse when that
person returns usually they’re very different than how they were before
which is why maybe there is this whole shift and personal shift in mindset
perhaps in the past you had a very particular mindset of how things were
supposed to go possibly with an individual and now it’s kind of turned
on its head you can also speak to unconventional relationships differences
in cultures differences in mindsets differences in age this kind of thing so
really interesting energy for you remember the overarching energy though
is the adventure so trying to get caught up in the minutiae and then you know
this is good and this is bad black and white equal energy trying to stay in the
idea your life is an adventure whether it’s things are happening to my firm has
my preferences or whether things are happening that Armour purposes it’s all
interesting is all for me to explore and take hold of you know she won me tell
life is like this grand game and if you can kind of stay in that mindset um
Virgo you may be helpful for you during this particular time thing but again for
July quite an emphasis on the return the six of cups in reverse the eight of cups
in reverse and then the underlying kind of theme of clouds are taken and how
that can be used as a point of light you know the point of change for the better
let me get one more current for you forego an explicit your reading so as
you go into August for her though what is working virgos look for some message in
his birdies leave tonight it goes into this energy live innocent
message wasn’t looking at passion allow your heart and soul to
sing with joy no we have the adventure we have the passion as you go into
August this is what you’re looking forward to again it could be someone
coming back you know if there are shoes around heartache maybe even sad this
personal returns or um their return helps you address some of these
heartache issues but either way their end result for you is the higher front
in Reverse which again as a change in mindset unconventionality difference in
our relationship that could possibly different cultures different ages
something you know but it wouldn’t be the norm a very very interesting with
changing your mindset even if you don’t end up connecting with someone it could
be a pattern returning you know but usually with the eight of cups that kind
of like it’s a person returning now what that six of cups energy strong
indication here but we also have the passion so even even if you don’t end up
with some of the passion is your passion for life will bring that life is a great
adventure matter what happens to know it doesn’t happen or what’s your preference
from knowing your preference we’re done some very interesting energy alright I
wish you much love for God I’ll see you either at your private tarot from the
reiki appointment or I’ll see you over the Sloan Academy with the online
courses and the subscriptions or on the next video
I spoke to you

11 thoughts on “Virgo Love & Romance July 2018 Tarot & Oracle Card Reading by Sloane Rhodes

  1. No leos! No way! Fire destroys earth! Water helps earth grow! I'll have me a scorpio

  2. What you said about water signs is true about the fire sign Leo! Leo is the abusive one and scorpio haz been very supportive and teaching me to make my own choices without pressure. Leo also the one on drugs and scorpio is sober

  3. I'm getting a restraining order against Leo so if he comes back he will go to jail! I'm js

  4. Everything about this is so accurate! I really needed to hear all this, thank Sloane! Much appreciated!!

  5. Physical abusive emotional abuse and is trying to take out everything and anything and anyone I love and is so dramatic and overly emotional it’s humiliating to go out in public with him.. he yells and screams and cry’s and throws fits like a child and it’s unreal and we arnt even together or live together and I have a restraining order and he’s violated it 3 times and is still coming to my shop and home!!!!

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