hi this is the monthly horoscope virgo
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busy and very overwhelmed and very blessed I really can’t complete this
just God didn’t put enough time on this earth to like get everything done you
know so I’m not complaining anyway so this
month for you guys of course we have the mutable square all this month so we’ll be
talking about here on my monthly horoscope because mercury ,Neptune this
month those two are hitting the mutable
squares Chiron is hitting the mutable square north node is going to be conjunct on
the twentieth with the forming the mutable square ok so there’s a lot of changes happening I feel like this month because it was
the same energy from last year or more from last year at this time so a lot of the same things are going to
happen this month and you tend to hopefully as a mutable sign you will be more
adaptable to what’s going on ok so you may be more adjusted to this
energy on the fifth we have the new moon in gemini in the 11th house the
fulfillment comes when you’re helping others try to be about others with this
energy try to be more empathetic with other people when they’re going through
things try to make an emotional connection with them you’re being about your I’m try not to
be about your own needs ok you’re not communicating with others
this is the mutable square you feel are on certain things that let me see let me see what i right
you’re not communicating to others about how you feel about certain things that
are going on so this is going to cause problems with
your relationships in general lack of communication basically also for some of
you you’re you are in a better head space with this
energy you may be feeling more balanced and more communication skills are
stronger with this energy on the twelfth Mercury’s in the sign of gemini careful
with this energy for those of you worried about career whatever whatever
thoughts you’re putting out in the universe that’s what you’re going to get back so
keep it positive despite your poor man’s way of thinking try to fight through
that and try to remain optimistic during this time or even tap into prayer your
communication skills are strong but the problem is you’re not speaking your mind
or expressing your feelings you need to communicate this month it’s
very important that you communicate what you’re feeling how you’re feeling because when you do
that then you’re going to find that this month is going to be rather peaceful
because you’re not really fighting with anybody because everybody’s on the same
page with you instead of playing a guessing game and just assuming ok on the thirteenth Neptune goes
retrograde in the seventh house some use theme to attract or look for
the Wounded Bird this month so careful with love relationships because oh
you’re just picking those room you seem to believe anyone stop story
with this energy so careful with the Bread of shame with this energy for those
of you who are new to my channel the Bread of shame is this you can check out Kabbalah university
online uh I got it all over my website and everything but it is basically I the
British aim is when you do when you help someone and you expect thank you or you expect something in return you’re
expecting a thank you you’re expecting something you have an
agenda okay you’re not doing it to receive
blessings from the universe when you do that to receive blessings from the
universe you’re not expecting a thank you you’re
not expecting anything in return that is getting blessings from the
universe okay that is not feeding into the bread of shame you’re feeding in the
bread a shame when the person doesn’t change stays the same that spread of
shame ok and they fed you better shape and that
gives you karma ok and you taking their karma is what you’re doing so just be careful with this energy this
month okay because you may be being used you may find yourself with these love
relationships where the person needs more taking care of on the seventeenth
of venus is in the sign of cancer and the eleventh house you may meet someone
new or make new friends again Neptune’s in retrograde through the til November
so be careful with your picker when you’re picking these new people in
your life your confidence is high with this energy and you seem to attract new
people in your life with this energy there’s a very social time you’re
open-minded to new experiences and embrace them and you are embraced new
experiences more now you’re competitive with this energy and your your
competitive with this energy but discipline goes right out the door this
month is all you want to do is play and be around people on the twentieth the
full moon in the sight of Sagittarius in the fourth house thoughts of the past childhood can come
up with this energy you’re looking to be more to be nurtured
more in your relationships so some of you can come across as needy because
again you’re not communicating that but your actions are acting weird so be careful with that you can be
emotionally again meaty so careful this could come out in
other ways because you’re not expressing that so this could also come out really
like you snapping at other people because you’re they’re not giving you
hugs are not nurturing you and they’re kind of like doing their own thing let’s say they’re playing video games
and then also you start screaming yelling at them it’s like why is he
really i mean it’s like because i want a hug damn it looks like mm-hmm okay so check yourself family is going to be the focus during
this time in your personal life may be the focus as well you need to learn to find balance in
your life and not over indulgent play on the twentieth the sun sign of the sun in
the side of cancer in the 11th house this is a great time for those of you
and social media collaborations can happen and others helping you grow with
this energy can happen you’re more open-minded you may open up to two others
emotionally you look you look at life more in terms of opportunities you
really try to be your own unique self with this energy so you may stick out
like a sore thumb this month because you’re trying to be
different you may change your appearance or you may change your behavior but you
are more original uh you look more original than others he
look a bit different from others this could be with blogs as well on jun
ahn joong 23rd Chirion goes retrograde in the seventh house careful with this
energy because you’re being more about the other person the other person’s
needs than your own this isn’t I’m healthy because it comes
with moments of i do all this for you and you don’t do nothing for you know
how that goes ok i do all this work for you and will I get in return hmm alright again this red a shame and
it’s going to be all through the month up this is going to be all through all
through this month and then into november so just recognized ego is
coming at you but doing it in different ways is coming at you in a way of of you
helping others and then looking for them to reciprocate even though they’re not going to ok on
the twenty-ninth Mercury’s in the sign of cancer in the 11th house you embrace
new people and new experiences and you’re more open-minded to new ways of
thinking with this energy there are there are opportunities for
planning with this energy this could be trips or get getaways weekend getaways also with this energy your communication
skills are stronger say what you want during this time and
you’re more than likely to get what you want this month on the twenty-ninth Mars
goes direct ok so it’s kind of like a mercury in
retrograde so you may not be as accident-prone during this time also
with this energy also with this energy this is a good time I way two weeks after Mars direct just
like mercury retrograde to start suing or getting divorces and stuff like ok I also with this energy in the 3rd
house cock those brains before you shoot that dam mouth of yours okay because you’re a bit
more critical than usual slow down your intensity and drive
because this could actually be very draining for you it because it’s not
going to help you get closer to your goal goals but it’s going to wear you
out you seem at this time to go against what
everyone else is saying and do and you do seem to oh my gosh that cat you seem at this
time to go against what everyone is saying and doing and you do go ahead with what you want to do and
you do the total exact opposite of what everybody else is doing and this is
going to cause problems ok the first card to come up with is the
nine of swords this is the mutable square energy that you’re feeling so try
to get out of your head this month the three of cups social energy for you you
want to socialize you want a party you don’t want to deal with your
problems during this time so you may be avoiding a lot of
situations with this energy the ace of swords brings about endings for others
of you this is business endeavors are going to be coming up the night of
source listen to your own wisdom and advice the
10 of swords lot of sword cards here with this energy uh turn of events is going to be
happening with this energy the king of swords confrontation is
going to be happening with this energy also with this energy I feel like this
is going to be a time where are your way of thinking is going to start to change
the things that that used to work for you no longer work for you during this
time also at the ace of swords and the nine of swords careful with slander people are going to
be talking about you and gossiping about you and you’re going to take it really
bad i I’m kind of used it so just you know
at this time it’s like with the online stuff like the youtubers out there and
the bloggers out there you know technically it’s free advertisement and
the thing is is that i have people on here that has that have cussed my name because I call them out on their stuff
ok and I still call you out on your stuff ! all right but if you have the stories the stories if you guys knew who oh oh my gosh if
you guys need two things like to say about people but I’m not because I don’t
want to give them any curiosity or free advertisement but when you say
somebody’s name on the YouTube and stuff like that don’t get mad if they say that if you
see if they say your name thank them because you know what
advertisement I pay for advertisement it costs a lot of money it’s like for our Facebook is 250 ok let me educate you on some
advertisement for twitter it is a little bit cheaper is like a
hundred forty nine dollars ok and then for google is fifteen
hundred dollars ok so when somebody says their answers bashing me is there’s a
Marie this is Marie that blah blah blah you know how many people get
curious and look up my name thank you thank you three advertisement ok so bad publicity is beautiful
publicity is free advertisement so with somebody is bashing you and
trolling all up and down your page you know because you’re a blogger or
your creator or whatever let them because they just saved you $1,500 okay
they just saved you money you know that is that is kept in your
pocket so thank them as for the other people that go to work and are getting
picked on at work you know at this time I would just ignore it
because everything is cause and effect ok everything because this is saturn in
sagittarius and Saturn and retrograde and such Terry’s as well so everything
is cause and effect everything is karma I would let them i would let them
because it is not the time to be doing nasty things to people no no ok so let them let them even
though it hurts even though it stings it’s better to be silent then to argue
back with that because the more you feed into what they they’re saying to the more they’re going
to do it then when you start ignoring it then they go do it a couple more times
and then there is going to walk away ok the next going to come up with us the
three of wands I feel like this is going to be a great time for collaboration for
those of you with social media this is going to be a great energy time
for business projects coming up for you the king of cups collaborations coming
up for some of you with this energy i see and I see also with this energy love
relationships are going to be the focus but this person with the knight of cups
and the king of cups he comes with like a set of rules ok
that you can and cannot do so you may be dealing with a scorpio during this time and wants to control
everything he wants to control how you talk to him and stuff like that or when
you could talk to him or you can’t call me but you have to text me only red flag
red flag the Sun card and the ace of swords
mastering business during this time mastering career with this energy very
good energy time for career for you guys the moon car truth will be revealed you know so let whoever has to do
whatever to let it happen because you know what truth will be revealed they’ll
be exposed all right gossip is around to try to
stay at gossip this month also you’re receiving deeper insight
into your situation the queen of coins investment
opportunities are coming up with this energy with the Knight of swords and the Queen of coins
feel also with this energy that this is going to be actually this is going to be
an energy time where I it shows either you or someone is supporting what it on
supporting someone financially so this could be you supporting someone
financially and them having fun at your expense ok or it could be the other way around
the six of wands dealing with optimistic energy with money situation and a turn
of events with the ten of swords the rich can be poor and the poor can be
rich so if you’ve been having like a
difficult time at it and whatever your the month of june think can turn around
for you this month for the better okay so just keep the energy positive hang in there all right 20 20
december 17 on or the 25 2017 Saturn leaves sagittarius and then
everything will return back to normal so we got one more year of this we could do
this okay i love you my wife flowers please
make sure to like subscribe and share kisses


  1. yeah. You're were so right when u said your going to go through the same problems this year from last summer it happend . I was really hoping u were wrong but it happend. Also, u said your going to have the chance to approach in a different way and I did. It was pretty upsetting but nothing compared to last year. I feel like just need to point his out to u.

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