hi this is the weekly horoscope for sure
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do you know and that’s what I did so and is working out really well and i hope
that we get more people on board so this week for you you have a
beautiful fire trining with Venus in the 12th house trining the moon in aries in
the fourth eighth and twelfth house you may appreciate certain relationships
in life as they may reach out to you and
help you out with certain things I they are showing you love energy and they’re
taking the time out to take care of you in your emotional needs and making
emotional connections with you and this is actually going to help you really
bond with this person and really connect with this person also this is a great
time for love relationships in a great time for the power of prayer and the law
of attraction in at 10pm on monday i will be having my prayer session so
check that out on my youtube life mercury semi sextiling Jupiter and 12
and first house emotionally this week you’re in a better
head space for some of you you’re tapping me you’re tapping more into your
spirituality or being led or guided by your intuition the sun is sextiling mid heaven in the 12th and 10th house feel like this time especially you’re working more
behind the scenes with this energy or a lot more quieter because you have Sun
Venus and Mercury and 12 house so you’re not you don’t really want to
socialize at this time you just want to be more with your thoughts or with your
games your video games you know you want to be just to yourself
and just more R&R I’m you enjoy being by yourself during
this time you can be an asset to others or helpful to others but it may be very
draining for you as well the sun is trining 7 and 12 and fourth
house for some of you you are working on your relationships especially with those
in your family that you haven’t been getting along with or you have been
neglecting these relationships because of other issues from the past with them ok and you don’t want to rehash it so
you kind of been just avoiding them also for some of you you’re being more
ambitious with business the first part of come up with this the
page of swords listen to your own advice this week also you may be dealing with someone
that you’re not getting along with at this time like mother like a like a
friend or sister during this time the five cyps cock those
brains before you shoot that mouth of yours new home all right miss opinion didn’t mr. opinionated it alrighty very
critical so just be careful with what you say
during this time listen to your own wisdom and advice with this energy the
Emperor card gives you the focus is going to be more towards business during
this time the queen of cups dealing with intuition and spirituality with this
energy the eight of wands talks of traveling are coming up for some of you
and then for others of you good news is coming your way if you also with this
energy which taking more of a creative risk with this energy the seven of coins decisions are going
to be coming up in regards to traveling for some of you and also this is going to be I think
that this week or even as I’m feeling out the energy I feel that some of you
have some questions that need answers but at this time you’re just thinking
about it you’re just thinking about what is going
on the double card with the Emperor card I feel for some of you might be
switching jobs during this time because you’re dealing with the dominant person
in your life that is a little bit too much for you ok and I feel like this person is a bit
of a control freak and this could be in love relationship to you might be
thinking about leaving this person because they’re a bit nasty alright bit dominating is what’s coming
up the moon car with the five cups I feel like this besides work being
stressful and people at work certain people at work being stressful to you I feel also this is going to be a
beautiful week for you and you’re going to be enjoying your social life a little
bit more or just enjoying the simple things in life in general the chariot
card with the seven of coin feel like there’s good news coming your way with
this energy if you like there’s public success that can happen during this time
as well the death card I feel that at this time
with the moon card personal changes are happening I feel for some of you might quit a bad
habit quit an abusive relationship or you my
arm just or this might be the straw that broke the camels the camel’s back so i’m
gonna get your finally fed up with and you’re done with and you’re ready to
move on and ended its and this situation okay let me see if you also that during
this time period that you need to follow your intuition as well the nine of swords with the page of with
the page of swords be careful with certain people in your
life because it can get kind of caddy this week and this person is just
looking to criticize you and tell you everything that you’re doing wrong
instead of everything that you’re doing right so be careful with that person I would
just not say anything the night of stores with the queen of
cups deals with a new love coming in at this time as well I feel for some of you
you may be dating at this time someone older and then I’m someone that you’re
currently dating that might be a bit too much for you ok the three of swords those talk of
traveling on coming up with this energy as well as change and this is permanent
change that is coming up to with the three of swords in the death card so any changes or any losses that you
have this week know that they’re going to be paired permanent unfortunately ok I’m the tenant blonde I
feel like this is going to be a busy week for you as well let me see ya so I just feel like at this time that
you have some major changes coming up in your in your life some great big changes happening this
week but you know try to see the blessing and the situation at this time
and try to go more with the flow with this energy i love you my wall flowers
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