Virgo Horóscopo Semanal 24 al 30 de Junio 2019 + Numero y día de la suerte

[Music] and I say welcome to your weekly reading from 24 to 30 June thank you very much for all her love and her love if you are working at this moment the message for you this week the coach success comes to you comes good things come victory hope some of you through your work will be able to get a good materials specifically a car during these weeks from 24 to 30 so you could be doing your investigations watching the dealers of trucks to the stores where they sell talking about cars car you want to buy with your families with loved ones you could also be getting this automobile by work as part of an incentive remember this Reading are general does not apply to all if you do not identify with Reading can calculate your sign ascending on my website which is in the description is all the information and if you want a query private but for what you I will I see getting this news important with respect to loans car could be for sale an old car and you and you want to get rid of him buy a new one this week your I work you’ll let all that is Give and exclusively give you that message line of work because it shows that when you are doing this this transaction are telling me your guides the person will say look I’m only doing this because I work in that place or know the owner cossio do business with you and I will super good or the person will say look’ll buy the car because I know you are an honest person because work in this place so your work will be the means by which a object that you want particularly a car during this week others of you will manifest just They could be looking at hours Work on the internet or on your cell new cars so if your work have some sort of restriction with respect to the internet migrated virgin then be cuidadito getting into places where you should not during your working hours This letter also could represent for another group of you successes and specifically triumphs projects you’ve been trying to develop a project that you have I had to file talking about places me to present your guides here and mine too information which if you have to make some kind of presentation over Talk show some new product or introduce some sort of project to a customer that will come out in your favor and Success comes for you to remember to give Click here to subscribe to my channel activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications and can receive these messages with your guides for you this week from 24 to June 30 at the end of this video you’ll to then see your prediction my virgo grain for the month of July It is now available so expect to finish this video and then you get the link if you are unemployed what the message for you this week will be the letter from the Queen of Pentacles you talk about you have energies around you in which you are doubting a lot about you and You’re not doubting your abilities You think you can apply to certain work because you feel that they do not they will give you a chance and you have to change your attitude and your mind because you do not You’re doing absolutely nothing happens every day just as lamenting and feeling bad about yourself when in fact opportunities and universe is waiting for you to believe in yourself they can also give you those opportunities if you do not believe that You have the talent if you do not think You deserve a better job the universe it’s not going to do anything for you to receive this week I could see that You are having a conversation with a woman and this could be very important with a recruitment agency or company that is responsible for receiving sheets Life is receiving CV see is like in your country know and they’re going to be giving certain advice that initially going to collide ie with tinnitus and this one that it is believed that it is the person who is He works in this department recruiting people and assigning work well to listen to her advice to go to you give regarding modifications you have to make your resume because I see you need some updates and you have to remove little things there that are no longer relevant is I look also important perhaps the you will give advice is important Also when you make your resume that the suit depending on your actual knowledge to the position It is applied for example if you are applying position car salesman you think is important that they know you there He worked it is in college or when were in college you made a Practice chef in a kitchen not because it has nothing to do then is always adapt your sheets life according to the place you are going to placing only apply information relevant to about your experience because person who has in his resume things that really is like ok if you are applying for publicist who makes Here information you were not cook it relates only to fill and say you had no experience works in comments leave me your name and country to have you present when I’m I am doing my meditations and let’s see if you are in a relationship which is the message for you this week for couple because it is the letter Virgo what you feel to migrate those I I have to give the message as it arrives and virgo leaves you issue this week you discussions come out conflicts you out fighting with your partner as well a lot of attention to make them cautious not want anyone to enter entered panic paranoia indicate that I’m telling you what something strong I am saying to you then you are cautious because this week is that your partner might be trying to Pressing certain buttons to your reactions aggressively you you could be doing this to your partner unconsciously because they have something sheltered’s like a few weeks ago back would have done or said something you or your couple who hurt them and have had that as well as covered and this week I you know that’s going to explode and as a pressure cooker which does not You pay attention and you will have these confrontations during this week do not feel through your guides that this is something permanent that will destroy your relationship but if I see it going to be a major conflict that’s that stay tuned you know my I could sit warriors who want sells you say this week you work Money comes in happy love Congratulations nuevecitos food company go go out to restaurants they’ll give silver only to have virus but not Lord I’m here to give the message that comes to me and if at any time the message that comes to me is happiness kisses and dinner for love and money I give but if you get conflict and difficulty is my mission to tell you some can identify with that other not and if this is not related you relax then hear your sign Ascending to see if you have your message for me each of you are important now if you’re single what’s happening with you to see this week know someone or know someone you have to work something in you we’ll see The letter comes seven cups which happens is that you are single While demanding my warriors virgo not either you let yourself and you put yourself good pic and pic and you get to demand but okay that’s okay not that does not have nothing bad dzeko requires that you think well demands for this week with this letter seven drinks I see you’re sure to get it all the flavors of all colors of all attitudes of all forms and all for both men and women and this week options are what you sobrar you will have to enjoy this week because you’ll be the center of my warrior virgo attention my virgo warrior and gladiator because They will be people there who go them put the eye which numbers are lucky for you if you are expecting the lottery numbers or to play the casino or just a date important to have the 5 May 9 and 4 I like to look 95 can be Also a date in 1995 a person who has 54 years or 45 years could be This you can use to play also random and you can make combinations of numbers more resonate with you your lucky day Virgo is this week on Monday so much attention to what it happened before Monday because that day you will get very positive news to have these moments you appears I recommend following video and the top is the link you can have a private consultation I am me jot and light will decree and progress [Music]

43 thoughts on “Virgo Horóscopo Semanal 24 al 30 de Junio 2019 + Numero y día de la suerte

  1. J tarot soy virgo y de Puerto Rico. Me encantan tus horoscopos. Soy soltera. No soy exigente, si no muy sincera😬😀

  2. Aaiiii sii Dios mio mi ex k me kiere volver loca pero ya no kiero problema le dije y ya lo nuestro paso se terminó

  3. Muchas gracias por tu tirada… 🤗🤗 siempre tan acertado. Saludos y bendiciones de Perú 🤗😘😚

  4. ola jt muchísima gracias por tu mensaje eres lo máximo buena. suerte dios te bendiga😊😊😇😇 soy de Colombia. medellin con mucho orgullo 😆😆😆

  5. Si voy a vender mi carro q ya tenia 12 años con el y quiero uno más nuevo ya…🤞🤞
    El problema con mi esposo pienso q' es lo mismo su familia 😑😑😑

  6. Precisamente hoy en la mañana estuve en entrevista en una Temporal y el Psicologo me brindo una recomendación para la Hoja de vida. COLOMBIA ⚽️🇨🇴Gana La Copa America⚽️🇨🇴

  7. Me gusta tu tirada muy acertada. Soy virgo . Divorciada . Espero a alguien de Sagitario espero se me de . Bendiciones

  8. Hola mi sol. Aqui como siempre siguiéndote porque me gusta mucho tus tiradas del tarot. Pues sip estoy pensando optener otro carro. Y tambien Tengo un exámen pendiente referente al trabajo. Pues haciendo planes para el futuro. Muy buena tu lectura como siempre. Bendiciones y los mejores decretos para ti. ❤👍🥉

  9. sorprendida por tu lectura para los Virgo yo soy Nora saludos desde Queretaro, Mex. gracias gracias gracias

  10. Gracias J.Tarot por tus consejos y esa tirada si va acorde a mi por favor no dejes de enviarme buenas vibras a 😁😁😁 hoy estuviste genial muy buena actitud muchas Gracias soy (Ruth E.)

  11. mi trabajo hay una chicas mal gente. son envidiosa por q la jefa siempre me prefierre a mi. me gustaria q se vayan lejos. thank you

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