VIRGO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

welcome to my warriors virgo This weekly reading from 23 to 29 September jot and I are here in my Jota channel tarot’d like to invite subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications every time I’m doing these publications and comments Leave me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings the energies that you’re going to have this week Virgos are my warrior energies laziness and speaks of a week in which no you’ll want to do absolutely nothing a week where you will want to be relaxed at home watching television lying in bed possibly even visiting the beaches to the mountains your country lakes a week where no you’ll have energy to work Some of you might be thinking of holidaying or could have holiday this week or some days off and here’s why these cards They are saying that it is time to that rest is a time for if the destination is definitely your Please vacation and you have days you can use this for free relax to enjoy and not to have so much concern and so much stress that you could be suffering in some other Sometimes during your work my virgo Warriors recalled that at the end this reading is a question interactive so stay with me until the end so you can make Ask your spiritual guides and this Reading has a new Introduction A new a new format where also talk about your friends and your family that’s if you like leave me your fingers up and Share this video for others of you who do not have days free during this week or holiday this letter can then indicate you have to put in the batteries your work so that way Virgo Warrior is a week where you are productive and not the opposite some of you or your people around they could be with those Laziness energies where they want do their work where you are going to want put responsibilities to you and you You could be harmed if we are speaking on a stage work and your teammates do their part their work at the end of the day you may be responsible for that and make you some wake-up call so you have to avoid that situation where energy Also some of you might feel frustrated at work frustrated in general where you do not want get out of bed where she feels you do not have energy to go forward or to go because I see a person like in bed does not want up that has energy and you might be going through some situation also set aside a little plus depression and if that’s the case virgo warrior always remember seek help with your family with your loved ones do not give you the right to feel this way but you also have the right to seek Help can also be through some medical assistance they can give you some advice or information so you can follow motivated remember you’re not alone have a group of loved ones to your and around this community of my tribe my warriors who are also here to support each let’s see the energies of your family What about them all right then we will to see your friends let me know comments if you like this format to continue doing which included your family and your friends or look you are my beans I am well I readings honest with them I convey the message receipt in the time if not resonate with you because you do not worry is not for you if reasons you take the advice and messages sent by your spiritual guides If this does not resonate with you can listen to your rising sign or have a private consultation with me in Description is the information on how you can do because these are General readings but look at me virgo talk here that some of you They may even feel that your family They are friends that his own blood his own blood family some of you might have those energies where at home with their relatives are cousins ​​you They have conflict have discussions and it also appears that here you are I am fighting for something which came to put your mind what guides my mind was as if they were fighting by some kind of property that can be your brother with you with a cousin you with a grandmother you with a father who are quarreling to any property or they They are fighting something your family and all these with energies as that goes serious are fighting for this in these moment instead of worrying about something much more serious but I see that your relationship with your family for some of you it is quite rocky is as diplomatic I do not see it like there dad ever I love you or my brothers love I see good and that we will avoid conflicts greeting everyone by in I feel nothing really profound for them and that is with your family your group of friends for the opposite is Your very different among a group of friends whether a person two people three people the amount for you forme in that group of friends that is your that’s your blood family those are your claws into people who give their life for you and sometimes you could have those energies where you say It would have been nice to have what I have with my friends but with my family remember that it is never too late to change also remember that sometimes your family react to the way you’re acting So if you’re not acting like I will not tell my family that I do not say anything to them because It is always a mess is always a discussion because that’s what you’re going to they receive from them you will treated in the same way but if you and you change shows them If you show respect to them hello good morning as he was father this mother love you I love you let’s do something this weekend perhaps the beginning obviously Their response is going to be a little shocking different because we are not used to but you’ll see that the while they adjust to your new attitude sometimes people simply react to act as one and if you come with these energies as that’s what you’re going to reflect on them I see also this week some of you might Virgo be receiving an invitation from a group of friends can be a a proposed invitation to bid someone or your friends want to talk you pay attention because what I want to comment it will be very beneficial for you if you are working You currently have 4 gold medals and if you are seeking employment World Chart which you will be working on these speaking moments that have to be caution at work with decisions with your money you have that you may be saving not spending money left and right to that money is the job you have in these moments this tough talk of a person also quite closed in took office can do can be a person around you that no no shares does not help is like those when surely they say what you were which is payment is the consideration as well in in the school is a person one who you are at work not wants to help you do not want to give his opinion may be that you’re just working on a new place and the people who are working there They have hard feelings for you because they feel that maybe you went to you’re the chosen super super chosen or people will have some kind special affection to you and why have as a reaction a little reluctant towards your energies do not let that none of this will go to demotivate in your line of work and no matter if you’re in an office in a building Ie 50 floors on the ground floor in a restaurant not matter what job you have those are the energies around you if you are seeking employment speaks the letter here The world you have to leave your You cuadrito have to leave your area comfort start looking in other places other cities and even some of you might be thinking other countries or you might be thinking of work where you have to travel you can think of work as an airline may we would do as captain to pilot you may be thinking of working in some cruise line can be thinking of working on a ship fishing have those ideas to work or look for jobs in some of these areas where they have movement and have to travel or may simply be thinking about looking for a job as seller and then have to move the center of your city to the to areas outside as the or interior provinces If you are at this moment in a relationship let’s see what message for you Here is the letter you out of the Knight swords and if you’re single leaves you the letter of 6 Oros Knight of Swords you’re talking about here that those in one relationship may be having a rate life pretty fast these entries you letter home change run for studies university have to return to home to some of your work some tasks some research or your own business can be both in the relationship they are well or maybe one of the two is that way and is not paying much attention to the couple and they will start these situations arise such Instead of rubbing or detachment where are concerned in love because they You have your special person next yours constantly Also remember that apart from having a relationship is that each of you are individuals and need their space the important thing is that within that space make time to live together and if not being done remember that your partner is not guess or guess not You have you to say then look I feel that we as two weeks we see we will arrange something for this weekend or we will arrange something this week to coordinate and see us have to have that consider If you’re looking partner if you are Single speaks to you here to stop you receive crumbs values ​​you You want more and you can not be beseeching people pay attention to you Virgo grain have to love you and you have to evaluate yourself to stop be pulling the floor begging the people around you that you seek or appear to call you or you Look do not have to estarle begging anyone because you do not answered messages or because they you answer the phone if that person do not answer the phone and responds five or six seven days no interest and so you can not then lend to dying on the floor because people do not is the person you’re interested you are not paying attention you have to assess issues and you’re not asking him to people love recalls that comes later Interactive question If you like this style of reading weekly including family and your friends let your fingers up and give me the story there in the comments if you like in this way continue making this way numbers lucky for you this week are 7 7 4 and 7 and 9 woof woof woof woof those who play playing random They could be taking the jackpot with 37 is ok and if random play Reminds me do it responsibly I like 77 and 79 you can just fashion mix just as you like you and lucky day for you one day full of positive energy where you’re going make your dreams come true receive you good news out to be the Monday so very helpful with Monday energies Virgo will see then also your Interactive question I’ll get two letters a and option You see option you can ask your question me You should change car suits me change job fulanita so in love with me francisco is in love with me after a letter to olave ​​I then that turn around and tell you the answer Are you ready with your question If you took the option is the answer for you it is not if you took option b is the answer for you is a yes thank you very much my warriors part in these moments you shown I recommend following videos here subchannel is my jars jot where there tarot stars teen daily horoscopes etc. I invite you to which you subscribe and see and here you can have a private consultation I’m Jack and me is one decree week full of bright and progress

55 thoughts on “VIRGO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

  1. Si tengo síntomas de depresión "flojera", más no entiendo porque mi familia me a tenido bastante paciencia, pero a llegado al limite, pues si asistimos peleando

  2. Mi nombre es Maria S Epada soy virgo y todo loque dijo me identifico con su lectura y me gusta su formato de dar su lecturas en forma de familiar amigos y cuento con mis amigos que con mi familia.gracias.

  3. Interesante formato siempre es bueno orientarce de lo que pasa al rededor de uno. Y con lo ermitaño que es Virgo nos viene bien jeje

  4. Hola como estas Jota te sigo siempre desde Argentina, muy buen formato en tus tiradas me gusta .mis saludos para vos .Que Dios y la Virgencita te sigan acompañando siempre..

  5. Hola Jta, Gracias por todo lo que decís ,soy Vanesa de Argentina y la verdad me gusta la forma en que tiras las cartas incluyendo amigos y familiares.

  6. Hola j.tarot me llamo jessica de CDX me resulta muy asertiva su lectura me resulta muy interesante que tome el tema de la familia el amor y el trabajo

  7. Saludos jotita te quiero mucho y m encanta esta nueva versión de las lecturas muy buena idea. Bendiciones para ti gracias por todo tu esfuerzo 🙏👍

  8. Es verdad todo…el stress …y la familia está … ahí como lo decís.!!todo esto es así… de Argentina..muy bueno.. grácias.gracias.gracias..

  9. Hola J. Soy de Venezuela. Gracias por tus predicciones. Me encanta como estas realizando las predicciones de los signos.

  10. Buenas noche soy de tabasco me.gusto esta lectura de carta una pregunta quiero saber si mi esposo se bair de la casa soy de 250852

  11. Hola JTarot estoy de acuerdo con incluir a la familia siempre tan acertado muchas Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos bendiciones 😘🙏👏👏

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