VIRGO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 21 al 27 DE OCTUBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

virgo welcome to your weekly reading from 21 to 27 October jot and greets You’re here in my channel I want to jot tarot invite you to subscribe to activate bell for you to reach all my recall notifications comments leave me your name and your country ‘for You present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings and if you want to do first I publish videos then invite to be the most watched video you have to leave your milestone Up and share what time you leave my first diego warriors as did pee Libra and Sagittarius and Pisces was the video which came out later Sunday and views had more in less time and is if you want to leave first and not You want to wait that invite you to you are the most watched video the energies that you’re going to have this week you look out energies of attachment to the past much care and attention warriors of virgin because this can be a week where you’re remembering past situations where they could be repeating cycles in your life may be whether the situations in your job as could be cycles situations in your personal life and what does this mean that perhaps an error that you committed or more errors you you made in a previous situation your life can be resubmitted for example you were in a relationship where you where you despised manipulated because this week you could fall back into that situation and you have to do to take action at that time when he introduced you in another in another stage in your life no seek help defend yourself you took no allow abuse is attentive to the warning signs red signals you can be getting in your life either in your relationship or in your work and how it applies to your work as Say you made working hours extras in a previous job where They are abusing you do not allow to take the ‘breaks’ where I could not afford to take breaks where you’d have to be enslaved certain way it can estarse repeating a similar situation during this week and you are saying here that They not repeat these cycles because it is the time for you to put a stop to these energies in your life that closures cycle and then you open a new way for these cycles completed by your life and you will not continue repeating you always know the same person about their feelings and emotions but with a different body so that no You’re going to make those same mistakes you have to close that cycle and how you close taking action that did not take It’s when you found yourself in that situation years ago so very attentive because you could be facing that situation but it is a lesson that you He wants to give the universe to closures cycles in your life virgo very attentive and look warriors You have the sun at this moment illuminating your reading so it will be a reading that wants to give many lessons and wants you to help heal to close these cycles for you approaches positives forgiveness let’s see what energies are your family leaves you the letter 5 gold medals in the energies of your family and this letter is telling you these moments that your family might be through some kind of separation some kind of disconnect that could be living with your family because can be with your parents can be with your family, your husband or your relationship It may simply be that in your family this separation is taking this distancing seems that some of you might be having some conflict over inheritance with about money during this week It will worsen a bit more that situation may be something they have been trying to solve in your life in your family a long time subject of an inheritance some topic of property whose turn it is to for the loss or death of a loved and then this week you could be having that situation could resurgent again also be this week have already stipulated a date for trial where this is going to clarify or meeting a lawyer attentive that these are the energies of your family What’s with your friends will see energies of your friends remember that end has an interactive question where you can ask what wants a question of whether or not So stay with me until final your friends out the letter from the king of swords have a friend who will defend and even if you could be we are in this legal situation might unless one of your friends is your lawyer and they are telling these letters If you were having at some point any doubt regarding the work being done by your friend who is your lawyer or your friend because it’s your lawyer says this letter you do not have Why worry because that friend you have to be your lawyer or that friend you’ll know this week that tells you hear but I’m a lawyer I I can help you with this problem do not worry is being sent from universe into your life because you trust have such support and assistance will give that friendship will have to fight for you and you will defend yourself this sword is the king there and it a person who has a lot of influence I did not but someone seems He knows what he is talking and It will definitely help in that situation that you may be having a Friend will your rescue this week so very careful because your friend this week will give you the help you you will need rescue let’s see what the energies are Wave your work what is going through there you look out the letter justice you have a lot of energy this week where you’re going to be signing documents where you could be having faced with judges lawyers do not see that in this part of the work is nothing negative can make you just They are giving a new contract in the If you were working in a way may they be temporary in these give you a moment thinking opportunity for you to work with them in a permanent way but you have to Then have a lot of attention and much careful not to sign things like crazy because I believe that your work will tea trying to be maybe even to force a firm that you documents and remembers then this friend in your life that you can give advice that is necessary for determine whether those documents they They want you firm in the work you They will not harm or Also this can be otherwise If you have to sign something in your I know you work work on a restaurant receiving goods either memos authorizing your work authorizing authorizing purchase money a multinational company no matter what work you have whether you Have a vegetable stall in the market no matter what job you have you’ll have to sign a document where you receive something because if You have a market stall maybe the government the municipality will you bring to and say look you know we need you to sign this here so that that allows you to be here selling in this position do not sign anything this week unless you have the advice of an attorney who can give you then the approval for you ok say why the company wants I firmly worth and are warned and if you do not know because no lawyer You call your friends hear you ask we left a lawyer look needed I reviewed some documents and already from and to already have the number attorney on your side because at some I will now be necessary not see that is nothing complicated in this case remember as if it is a family inheritance It is a little more delicate for your I see it’s working for you make sure they are not trying to get an bad move see if you’re looking for work out the letter and leaves you hanging upside down and this letter is indicating that it is when you put your feet on the virgo clear land that perhaps in these moments you are having some kind of illusion are having some kind of attitude that will not be convenient for you and you will not provide the success that you are expecting you need to stand firm put feet on the ground and be a little more realistic to give you an example there are some of for example you are graduates in trade and are looking for work in NASA to work at NASA I think it goes hand in hand not be studied commerce and want to go NASA work then there will They are saying by their feet on the land If you study medicine can not treat being a lawyer If you studied to be a lawyer you can not try to be a doctor so you are saying something like that in these moments of your guides by feet on the ground well look what you’re doing because it is that you’re putting these unachievable goals of these works is because you fear that you work out and can not fulfill it’s because you yourself have insecurities to do an analysis of why you are putting expectations is not so high because it has to do with being stop being a person who wants for the win does not want to have to you see me is saying here that this is a mediocre person but is a realist know If you’re a publicist if you are I’m put that example if you’re a lawyer You can not think you’re going to get a job at NASA and note the space If you want to get a job in the NASA and other space then you have to return to study what is right to allow you to qualifications indicated so you can study at nasa if a lawyer and wants to be a doctor as we return to college and studies medicine to mean that what you can propose what you want, but you follow the appropriate steps for to reach that and here tell you if You’re looking for work and do not get nothing is because you are not being realistic that does not mean you do not stop Please keep dreaming dream but you have to adapt to your situation You do not want to pretend to be president a company when at this moment you have not even I managed to reach the company entering or You do not want to enter the company into a position input and output want I do want to be the boss, but if you They are offering another another take her offer and gradually escalates If you’re in a relationship you out the Knight gold letter ready because this week you could couple be making an invitation could be giving a gift you can sneak around giving a ring may be leaving a a cellular device you but comes a Gift your life from your partner It may be even a necklace you’re getting be giving away a bracelet I see your couple wants you to give something for this week was a surprise and it seems the ruined sorry but I watch the partner because it is a surprise you want to make a gift can be a Also invite me to the source keep abreast if you are single what you if you wave the letter of 5 bastos says you have to go down a bit guard because it seems that in some Sometimes you warriors Virgo They are unmarried to try to prove his point sometimes can get to have a bad character I’m not saying all this is for you resounds and if not reason for you not You worry not have to leave negative negative messages simply the message is not for you but the letter 5 of Wands indicates you then than some of you have to lower the guard have to be a little more docile and not always be as looking for him the fifth leg cat and You trying to fight if you know a person and if you are talking about politics or sport you say it You live with such passion that you do not get angry this team is better is what happens to the person you’re trying to conquer scared off ends then running down a little more guard not be so aggressive so aggressive relax a bit let’s see what the numbers are Lucky for you 2 leaves you leaves you 8 you get the 7 and 4 also leaves you at the end reminds then comes the question interactive and are about to reach it and the lucky number for you is the lucky day for you is the day Wednesday is the day on Wednesday full of positive energy for you where are good news Very document signatures invitations Pending this lucky number 28 and 74 can Also if you like to mix other let’s move on to the question Interactive It is a question of whether or not to me I should take this job change because you can race for some of you who are looking for employment is a change of career change Studies should I buy a automobile ask what you want in this time I’ll get this is Hence this option is the option that you have to choose one of two If you took the option is the answer for you it is not the letter three swords and if you took it is b the answer for you is 1 with the letter 10 gold medals but this is not you says you can change even if a future is not now a future you can change to a yes good I hope you enjoyed warriors This screen reading these the following will appear moments videos that I recommend here on top is the link to you can visit my website and have a view of the various consultations I offer prices and the private consultations and this side is My secondary channel jet2 there are many stars there horoscopes I am jotita decreed a week of bright and progress

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