how are you dear virgo friend
welcome for this last reading weekend of this year 2019
virgo this reading goes from 27 to 29 of December Friday Saturday and Sunday
general reading several areas as you go aspected for you in the
energies of this weekend wish you make it wonderful I hope it was
Very nice Christmas for you virgo thanking the great support in the channel
for my subscribers as mauritius cortez tarot can look for me in the
social networks that I leave them in the description for people who are
new ok we leave then with this reading
general for virgo last week of the year 2019 weekend sorry no
week the last weekend of this year
very good in virgo ok let’s see live look it’s a weekend
I feel nice live in general look general it’s a weekend like
well structured is like you know what who has to do what they go to what
they must solve the things they must leave lists what they will know how to
clear where are you going in this end of week or what should you prepare now
the same would be good if they are not so structured virgo since they try to be
a little more as more emotional no so square as to the things that
they want to make their ya already only but also try to
listen to the other family but it’s a weekend where they even feel that
life smiles at them or that things are stable things are as they should
be so that you can feel alright now so anyway it’s not going to
be negative only recommend change a little in its structure
mental concerning how they are carrying the most emotional life is justice
it can also be or come out winners in any topic related to
legal issues and justice before any situation you have been waiting for a while
very good in terms of couple issues that appears in decision making and that decision
of decisions will depend if they are in a relationship or if they are alone we will
clarify after we finish the general reading but that shot of
decisions that they will make especially if it is for justice for you already or
doing things in a fair way is going to be positively good in the line of
couple whether or not they are with someone on work related issues
and money here have to focus is that how is a weekend where
we are in between dates like festive I see it as a bit slow already
like maybe not thinking much about him work but to enjoy more with the
couple with the family then it is not a weekend where they will think a lot
work in fact the economic line I see you well celebrating happy
happy without major problem or complications what yes in the line of
the friendships out there could be true
I don’t know for certain disgust or certain disappointment of a woman close to
you as for friendships there may also be some topic out there
family related or some family woman where you should
prioritize among friends or the wave or some close woman can be a mother
Grandma Auntie cousin is not someone who need help etc. can be the
two things or they are going to have to prioritize between family and friends or
they will have to choose or enhance a thing more than the other or will they have
certain disgust your concern for someone because it’s like friendship or not
it is perhaps it is not no I don’t know no it doesn’t things very well with some woman already
friendship or family there we will have to to see this is only to generate them
warns of some situations that can there be attentive there if you are
doubts of fact or any reference situation I think this shot of
decisions and these doubts can be also associated with the family can be
between couples or not wanting to change certain attitudes that you have or that you believe
who are right to the couple or some people from the
family but in general we are going to clarify to see if it clarifies a
little more reading how it looks for single verbs in this end of
week the last of 2019 already virgo here it seems to me that you already want to fight
and want to move on restructure your life related to what
that has to do with love for that is the decision making if you are
single but have lovers or have couple or people they date but
they are clearly sexual relations here I think they will want to restructure
this and focus perhaps on a relationship more serious or in a relationship that makes them
happy to get away from everything murky get away from people who don’t
value and seek a serious relationship a relationship they say and I want me to
love I want to be well therefore I’m no longer in this on this wave of
just see us once in a while or have something like that sporadically because because
I feel that I let myself prepare for love true i’m gonna start
let go of those relationships that are toxic therefore it is positive for the living
they don’t have a very stable partner ok i see restructuring even for
The singles and the single women who are dating
more than one person out there they know someone newer younger and
they may decide to leave someone with some person they dated or some
love from the past that was not good for your
so everywhere is positive except when they play with people
if they are honest alive and honest and the things do them well to go for the
right path but if they are between two people hiding either using
lies for more than relationships stable can out there have certain
problems if 100% alone decide leave some past situation to
respect yourself love yourself value yourself and feel well therefore decision making
It will be very good for you to live with network referring to love this end of
week those who are in a relationship of partner
very good to get you very cute because he speaks of the connection with the universe of wanting
do something else with the couple wanting move forward or take a more positive step or
move the energies to to achieve better things then it looks great
aspected is like this shop week the energy be like
as cleaner referring to what it is the couple relationship for those who
they have already stable as with children I feel they are going to be you
giving everything so that things go well even jointly project the business
as a whole it looks very well aspected the weekend related to the couple
stable also with children as to the friendships that appeared to me a
woman there what I feel is that you of course
they will be looking for the best way of being more alone for the couple than with
friendships and there may be especially women who interfere what
that you don’t like that much they prefer the relationship and there you can
having some friction they are only asked take care of negative or toxic people and
discuss that issue with your partner but in general with friends appears to me very
ok even go out as a whole but there is a woman who can have there
one intention is not very positive with you especially have to do
with the couple or if they have a partner and so on if they don’t have a partner, maybe
someone from the environment of friendships want something else with you
especially for men of the sign of virgo ok as for the family
this weekend the last of December
in general it is true that like me I told the four of them they will have to
prioritize between family and friendships but but overall all right is a
good weekend without much trouble with the star card that is
major arcane so we don’t go into detail those who want to travel because
this weekend watch out for the topics of passages papers the themes of
the documents of anything that are going to use on a trip because out there
they could forget something too those other signs appear a lot here
can you see if these discussions or not agreement on where to go where to look for houses
where to lease where are they going to stay even if they are missing as they
I say some document and that allows go to us or make us in a way
correct travel or transfer so to take this into account and to dialogue well
and leave everything ready and should leave all perfect but otherwise
they could have that mishap those who want to buy or sell something important
this weekend it seems to me that after of some changes maybe
negative regarding any sale what did they try to do
so a few days ago or a week ago or formal to previous experiences
they may have certain doubts if they have doubts have you have if you think not
are you okay what are they going to buy or are they going to sell or that can scam them or what or
what will be an unnecessary expense or that It’s not the money you want for
what they are going to sell is preferable wait because if they wait they will come
more positive changes in the future already in general a quiet weekend virgo
without major mishap without major concern seems positive
only decisions regarding couple and heart issues are what
that will mark the weekend that every case be affected always
for feeling good you especially those who come with problems and love
couple angels tell us integrity identify your creative thoughts and
align them with your dreams that they want achieve virgo in this weekend
what are your dreams good to think positive to think about those dreams to
let fairies manifest on this weekend the last of the year
the fairies tell us for the new virgo work you focus your work in a way
new positive and wonderful success of done would do them good on the subject of
money so perfect let’s get one more
practice dear virgo practice daily and you can perfect your gifts and
talents and increase your confidence especially for those who want
start your own business or maybe they lack confidence in what they know
do practice this weekend nice tips for you virgo
I hope you have a new year wonderful that the best in
this 2020 for you on sunday we will be with the last the last
video of the year in terms of expareja I will also upload the month of
general january to be there attentive so subscribe the little bell of
notification participate from the community too
and I await your comment on this video Thanks a lot
Have a wonderful end of the year Virgo

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