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dear virgo welcome for this
ex-partner reading that goes from 6 to January 12 of this year 2020
virgo a giant hug waiting for this week is spectacular for
you will see the energies related to expareja we will make a
interactive within this same video so they can
focus on that person to see if the energies change wire hbo something
important that may happen referents to that person that you are
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description for people who are new on the channel we start with this
week from 6 to 12 d January and these are the energies
related like you virgins and your ex partner
how are you going to be in relation to that ex-partner virgo and here
Virgo shot here are several options of changes
changes but strong strong strong virgo because I say it loud because the letter
of the 2 cup already and these two people that come out here can’t be
stating that your ex partner for many could have come back these days of
done in the previous reading in several comments told me that there were
occurred the issue of the former couple had come back there was somehow has
I apologize that I wanted to return obviously this reading is general no
it will happen to everyone but several people told me it’s in the
comments indeed the previous video and in this week somehow you
it’s like they made decisions and here it goes to depend on what each has decided
one because for many they tell me that this week you are going to leave the couple
current that many had to return with the former couple
ok but there are others who gave the cut definitive to that ex-partner and they stayed
with this new person and there are others from virgo that somehow they didn’t want
come back or they didn’t accept this person because nobody knows
in his head that no matter how hard they try this is not going to work but they are
sad or are as I don’t know how to what they better regretted the decision what
whatever they have taken then this week there will be feelings
found there are videos that I feel that they can be between two people already but
as I tell you there are some who are boring there are others who decided
even come back and that may well I don’t know to have regretted being
regretting having left a new person to return with his ex
couple then there is as movement super strong in relation to what
you are going to feel this week virgo already what they even have children in
the same notice that appears on 2 glass here that in the same one that appears here
of the tarot of marseille on the rider and it also appears inverted so it is like
than also his ex-partner maybe returned to
you knew that it is not right that of some way
they are not asked for an opportunity and if not he asks for an opportunity somehow
you know it’s not happening well in this week as it is done
justice the justice letter is how justice is done after all that
did this person in negative against me remember that there is also the other
side of the coin the other side of the currency maybe some of you
they have also been somehow the guilty of ending the relationship and his ex-partner somehow doesn’t want
come back with you or definitely you find out that you are with another
person and justice is coming but towards his ex-partner I remember acquired
friends that always then what I I feel is that the artists focus on
how the sign is like the victim ok but it is not so that is there are virgins who are
good and that they do things well and that are really suffering or suffered
but there are viruses that also made the wrong things and are on the other side or the
other side of the coin then I have to try to mention the energy in
general then here they will see or they will feel that you were wrong in a
decision or what or that somehow it was the best and they are going to play by leaving
forward but with a feeling of I don’t know how regretful like that yet
they are not sure if they did the things right or not as you may also
in this week decide and no and if you have not become your partner or you haven’t spoken to them your
former partner or have nothing decide now to to weigh
of still feeling like a certain nostalgia true
as a certain feeling found of keep going though with some
sadness I already feel that there are some too that as I say they find out that this
person already has another partner another relationship or definitely
there is no option to return so to be but what catches my attention
wine is that many of you are going to decide to return with that person and each
one will see if it really serves him or not it serves let’s continue planning the
reading to see if it helps us a little more this is what they will be like
you in relation to your ex now let’s to ask how your ex partner will be the
energy in relation to you virgo how are they feeling in this
week from 6 to 12 clearly there it appears to me that
this agrees a lot because it appears to me there is that there is a distance that there is
sadness that somehow they are going to another place or they have no choice left
because you decided not to return or they decided somehow
and take another path now but still still feeling things for you virgo
if you told them somehow that these people have not had the
courage to approach because you be in a relationship are not having a good time
this person realized that of somehow you are the most person
important that they have based their life and if they don’t dare, it’s like
you walk through life as well as what I’m walking, you know I don’t love myself
remember you alive I’m going to leave with my friends with my friends I’m going to
have fun I will enjoy not to be there
wrong with depression or alone or feel that there is no turning back then its is in
relationship to you we don’t see you well they are those who have no children in common for
example and those who have children in common it’s like they will be returned for
alive who for example had children and their couple made some ex-pardon sorry
he made a hint that he wanted come back of that somehow no
are fine and you felt that justice is done is that they go and it
they return with the other person that they were is like it is repeated
things that have happened before for the living who have children now yes
you went somehow later the guilty ones like you are
waiting for that ex partner and that ex partner does not want to be with you I feel that
what are you going to go back to are going to go back to what more of the same I live is like it’s or
ex-partners already have a relationship and you might occasionally
try or wait they won’t continue waiting with the letter the wheel of the
fortune but it will depend which on what side are as I tell you about the coin
already I don’t see your ex-partner well
especially for those without children who are younger and for those
others I feel they are returned because you are in a new relationship or already
they don’t want anything with them or they don’t give them opportunities and if it’s the other way around
they will have to keep waiting for that person because he is or is stuck with the
another relationship without major problem is by at least in this week then a
energy quite as convulsed because there are mixed feelings there are
decision making let’s see what obstacles there are what obstacles there would be
for those without children for example in this week what is
hindering the one that you in this week could they return with that couple or
things will happen notice that it follows me popping up they come back
but you don’t want to make decisions or are they as well on the defensive or
they want to impose now or want clear they want to impose themselves on that person and
tell them no I’m fine I’m happy I I don’t want things to be like that or to them
they will give another chance or they didn’t tell them to play it while you
don’t play it and show me not I come back then it’s like that
would somehow prevent anyone who can the relationship will start again as
also obviously that there is another person between media either from you
or from your ex partner ok and they will continue I think that in this week without
take decisions then the main obstacle in this
week is the lack of decision on the part from you more than from your ex partner because he wants to be shown or
some way convince them that he will not return to
do the same as it can also be that you have found that
blue prince or that princess that gives much more love than his ex-partner and that already
they don’t want to do anything but the same is the consent found
for those who have children here look decision making is also ok
that you are acting wisely that there is also a triangle here
loving because they can one of the two have a partner and they already know they can’t
go back because because they would continue fighting against what has no solution
at least this week in the case that as you say
are waiting for that ex-partner and have been the culprits that his ex partner didn’t
I look for it because you or they they are in another relationship
and this hinders the one that you they might have the opportunity to
come back but for both it is very similar decision making marks me
too much let’s see and we go to go with the interactive so I don’t know
go virgo let’s see what signs this week
could you approach virgo and could have a positive energy come on
to see only the most as the most positive in general for both ok for those who
they have children and those who don’t what signs would be the ones that this week could
approach you or you might want return or that there are changes more or less
strong about that person let’s see let’s take 3
the first would be pound that in this case if it is a pound most likely not
can advance together or there are many obstacles because the car letter
inverted tells me not to advance me talk in some way that maybe every
one took its different course and it would be very difficult at least this week fish this car and stay together in a
way then this pound the most it is likely that it can approach or
you may want to start a conversation or there is news
but it wouldn’t be this week as the most prone to return to the relationship
but it is a sign that could appear or could be present this week
the other sign would be virgo here he also speaks to me a lot like you
notice the verb in the letter of the in love talks about making
decisions therefore if you are your ex partner also in virgo must see
your ascendant or your ascendant to clarify the situation
there could be conversation there could be an approach with that virgo but
they have to make decisions ok is how solve 4 already and the other sign would be
aquarium ok would be an aquarium and this aquarium somehow not right
it’s aquarium I feel it’s going through complex moments that maybe
you don’t know it or by subject depressives feel lonely despite
the best to be in a relationship but it could be the signs that will approach
you who had news that there would be important changes that didn’t
means come back remember this is a general reading is a reading
that whatever resonates you take it and apply it to your life if you can’t
check your ascendant and it’s only for the week is not energy let’s say from here forever
so that they have it clear good and we are going to make a little interactive where are they going to
choose one of the two sides of the deck virgo and they will ask or think about your
former partner and let’s see how are the energies affected for you
in reference to that ex partner if you are going to be some important change if you already
closed the cycle if you can approach if that the letters in general do not condition
important that can happen this week according to that former couple in which you
think I’m going to give five seconds to choose the side that most likes
from now on ok virgo
let’s see what they chose the left side from 6 to 12
from January look look at that if we are already talking about whether he closed the cycle or not
that if there can be any issue of hear from this independent person that
have children or not this is general clearly that yes clearly yes
because the doctor tells me about even have conversation or get together with this
person the cup area represents the emotional support that maybe you
they still need this ex partner or they still feel things for it but
they too for you it appears that there may be some
some massive event or something on some subject related to many people where
they might have the chance to talk or to get together or to know about
this person but here I already see the decision making and you will have to
see if they speak or not or communicate or not or it gives the opportunity to this person is going to
depend if you want to continue if not they want to continue but it’s not closed to
nothing for you virgo the relationship with this
former partner that can work again or the roads could open again
with this person I think nothing for nobody is closed despite being married
single have children is never closed nothing
ok you never never have to give up because something ends because they can happen
many things in life then in this week there may be a lot of movement going to
depend on you communication to through decision making in some
theme of mass event or party or especially for the youngest
there could be some kind of dialogue important or some approach
especially because that person doesn’t forget and still have feelings for
your clearly those who have children and follow
watching your ex-partner in one way or another way could also out there know that
it’s not right to ask for good support and there you can give anything those who
they chose the right side let’s see if there is something important in this
week to see for those who chose the side
right there is like a little energy heavier heavier is like your
ex partner I feel that it is not being valued I don’t know
is confused confused in what what is life is what love is in
what is to advance this king’s letter of supplies represents a lot of the expense of
unnecessary money queue night drug having fun without thinking
then for many of your ex partner they may be in or they may be
getting into this energy for being confused for not knowing what decisions
take even for a long time since they are no longer with you but
this energy may also be you are representing you deflected not
to your ex partner here the candlelight of glasses represents not loving each other no
respect yourself not value yourself feeling who is not worth it or that although
after the end of the relationship they were like how i don’t know
as feeling that I don’t know how little valued as that
they serve us for love that kind of things and are like trying to through
of friendship or people or meet people get out of this but it has
cost a lot then this week this energy like that repeats but
it can be from you or your ex partner this energy of this group was a
little more complicated more complicated me clearly I tell you the cycles are not
closed but for this one for this group notice that restructuring appears to
the best you are in a new relationship and your ex partner found out
so you can’t do anything there they understand me the 2 of glasses again
inverted and the only thing that tends to do is to go somewhere else not to have fun
have this kind of murky half things to forget but you can also
be your case but this is this is super general that’s why I give them both
coin faces will see if of any way this serves them yes yes they can
apply the advice to their lives what may happen now
and that dear virgo I hope you serve I hope it helps you clearly
energies are a little convulsed if that person i love them he doesn’t love them yes
there really can be a spin that you have to see it in a reading
personalized there are many people coming for years saying eg virgo yes
your ex-partner will come back wait wait and have been seeing that you are not coming back for years
because of course everyone does things different these are general energies
and some no more than one will happen but not everyone have an eye with
that and liar people to virgo good a big hug that are super good that
have a wonderful week and remember join as a member of the channel be
attentive to the direct thanks virgo

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