Hi guys, welcome back to my channel you with a mirror from a mirror salon calm This is your monthly reading for the month of April 2019. I hope you’re having a great time. Thank you also for your support likes and shares to the channel It really helps the channel. I truly appreciate it. You’re absolutely awesome And I just love this audience at the moment that are coming onto the channel new people as well as my old subscribers So I just wanted to say thank you so much. You’re a blessing and thank you also for welcoming tiara She is an amazing psychic and she does an amazing healing readings. So check out her videos as well I’m shooting this month from the beautiful South Oregon coast in a gorgeous place called Brookings I’ll just zoom in there so you can check out the scenery Absolutely, gorgeous back backdrop for the readings this month. So I have also put up my Schedule for my workshops. I’ll be doing around the western part of America So I’ll be doing workshops in Santa Rosa, California San Diego Las Vegas and also out of Sacramento as well So if you can join me throughout the year, please check out my dates. I might also add some extra workshops as well So here we go for the signs everybody. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing Hi Virgo, welcome back to my channel Virgo Sun moon rising in Venus this is your monthly reading I’m going to be doing the sexual Tarot magic cards tarot of sexual magic due to popular demand I’ve been asked to Do a reading about who is your future love partner marriage partner? So it’s going to be part 1 part 2 will be a general reading for all virgos if you’re looking for a future Love partner marriage partner. We’re going to check out the cards and if you already married you might want to skip this section or There could be a message in there for you as well. So you just never never know Nevernever no, I’m also reading all the cards up, right okay, so we’re just moving on we’re going to cut the cards into a spread and See what comes up for you Virgo. Who is your future love partner marriage partner? Any names that might come through as will there’s a flip card here night of chalices or knight of cups could be a cancer Scorpio Pisces or Somebody making you an offer very soon somebody rushing in very soon Okay, see if there’s any names that come up I’m not getting any really strong names but I do pick up an S initial first or second name s could be related to you could be you or Related to this person coming in Referencing any person coming in who is looking for marriage future love partner. So let’s have a look for your Virgo It’s not really strong. So it’s only going to pertain to some of you Maybe 20% I would say. Okay. We’ll see if any other names come up as we move forward. All right Okay Looking at God there’s a lot of ones that want to flip over the Sun. So something is wanting to come in really quick okay, there is a a Wanting of somebody wanting to come in very quick I’m not gonna read all the jumpers because I don’t feel like it’s necessary right now. All right So here we go Virgo Sun moon rising in Venus. Let’s have a look Okay, we’ve got the hair event so what do you know yet this to me is marriage marriage Could somebody you know getting married having a wedding somebody of a hierarchy high position somebody who has authority? Coming in around you as well. So somebody definitely coming forward for marriage Okay, nine of Wands Could be that you kind of like feeling as if somebody is Not up to standard or has not been up to standard, okay So there could have been somebody kind of interested in you but you’re kind of feeling like the level is not right it could be that your family or father your father does not approve of somebody or your friends or somebody around you doesn’t approve of somebody that you’ve been seeing or dating or Interested in or I feel like this person may be from the past Okay, three of swords and they’re from the past because they’ve got a third party around them There’s interference from a third party three of swords. You might have just broken up with this person and be getting over them They might be trying to come back in around you they could be controlled by their mother or an ex of theirs or they could actually be married to somebody else or With somebody else or living with somebody else that is not gonna work for you. So I feel like This situation here is about somebody you already Potentially have been with have known you could be healing your heart from a breakup some of you will be feeling like this person is still with their ex or with their Partner or might have gone back to somebody they could have been married but separated but they’re not divorced There’s sort of like a messy situation So it’s sort of saying. Okay. Well, we you don’t really need that because the guy here looks like you know a down-and-out a vagabond, you know, he’s not up to his full potential He’s not looking and feeling like he you know, he’s got anything to offer you. He sort of looks down-and-out He’s got issues and problems. He wants you buddy. He wants you but He’s not the right one. Okay, so let’s have a look underneath Who is your future love partner? All right ace of cups is coming in coming in So look there there is a big offer coming up for you for marriage. There’s a big offer it’s going to fulfil your heart your heart’s content and You’re going to feel like this person is the one I feel like it could be a water sign Virgo cancer Scorpio Pisces Okay, this jumped out before briefly. I didn’t look at it then, but it I did see it this to me often Represents an Italian connection can also be a Turkish connection as well. But the maca is Italian coffee So I feel this card is often an Italian connection Could also be a Virgo Taurus or Capricorn somebody very romantic somebody who’s going to adore you Somebody who definitely wants you, I don’t feel it’s like the Vagabond ex. I feel like it’s somebody else coming in Somebody that you’re actually going to be living with okay? so there’s a living with thing you might live with somebody before you get married or you might get married quick and then you’re living with somebody and you could be kind of like a little bit dazed by the situation and This person has something a lot to offer their financially stable They have something to offer you You feel you feel protected by them and you feel like you have What you need with them, but you could be shell-shocked by the whole process it could be like, oh my god this has happened so quickly and so don’t be surprised Virgo if you get a Surprise proposal that comes out of the blue from somebody that you just have not known that long. He knows what he wants He’s the king of cups. So this has come up. This is a This has come up so he could be an older male if you’re looking for a male Or if you are the you know if you are a Virgo male you might take in a much younger female as Well or a female that you want to dote on and cherish so that can just represent you as an emotional person emotional man this man has he has you know, he is emotionally available and He wants what he wants and he knows what he wants. He can be a cancer Scorpio Pisces I feel like for most of you that is going to be the sign that shines through the water signs for some of you I feel it’s going to be the earth signs, so That’s a really nice combination. Lucky match Some of you are going to be attracting somebody who has Italian heritage or Italian Background of some description or connections with Italy or somebody who actually speaks Italian and might not be Italian Okay, and then possibly also some Turkish Lee as well for some of you there could be a Turkish link You might meet the person in Italy or you might be traveling to Italy or to Turkey I don’t know why I’m getting those two countries quite strong they could have Turkish background as well somewhere along the way This man is When him when he meets you and he comes in if you’re looking for a man or if you are this man He will know exactly what he wants and he will Take it so he will take it he will propose and there won’t be any messing around with him He’s like, okay. I know exactly what I want. Here we go. Boom. It’s all along. So I feel like there is You know a potential engagement or living with somebody very quickly For you Virgo. So that’s an interesting interesting spread. Okay. So let’s have a look at the general for Virgo moving forward General for Virgo Okay, go Sun moon rising in Venus for April 2019. Also, these readings can be time flexible as well So we’re using a Morgan Grier Tarot in a tin. These little cards come in a tin and Let’s have a look and see what the general read is for you there go moving forward, okay I Am picking up an s initial again and also the words sunny days Sunny days are coming in coming in sunny days So maybe you’re just looking forward to some good weather wherever you are, okay Knight of Pentacles that can be you Virgo or somebody coming in around you somebody who is an earth sign There’s quick thinking there’s action around you. There’s something taking off. There’s momentum Okay, the knight of cups could have already proposed. He might already be in your life. He could be coming in and You know if he’s not there yet, you know, we’re not into April yet. So, you know if you’re watching this before April, so Just hold your horses Just wait and see and put yourself out there manifest it manifested into your life. There are offers and proposals coming in It could be work offers as well. You’ve got money around you. You’ve got work around you. There’s partnerships here as well Partnership offers is a beautiful connected feeling of partnership You might be looking at legal document signing documents as well Getting a new lease a new car Signing up to something could even be a marriage marriage proposal marriage documents so if it’s you know The marriage is strong ace of cups came up before in our other first part of the reading so You know, I feel like there’s happiness Abounding around you Virgo. There’s a lot of happiness fulfillment Contentment good offers coming in whether you want Relationship or you want you know work business offers? offers for your house, you might sell a house some of you might be selling a property or Buying a property as well or moving in with a partner In the next four to six weeks From when you see the reading or moving out into Two to three months if you are looking at getting married, okay? Okay, there could be a link with this person and an overseas connection He or she may travel for work. They could be travelling. There’s a situation where you are I’m picking out reading the fine print So there could be a prenuptial agreement with this person as well. They could be quite wealthy there could be also some Sort of business offer that’s coming up that you’re looking at the fine print I feel like the moon is The moon cycles for you are really working for you. So You might be noticing that on a particular moon like on a new moon a full moon. There’s something going on There’s going to be a specific thing happening either on a new moon or a full moon moving forward in the next one to two Months that could be the proposal, okay So there is a proposal of something if you’re already married Then it could be a work business proposal something coming up around your work that’s going to be interesting for you your happiness may be Pending on a Trip and also a judgement about a situation to do with Colleagues is what I’m getting colleagues work associates Partnerships as well. I Feel with you Virgo there’s a lot of clarity okay, so you’re going to get really clear about what it is that you want and how it’s going to happen and It’s like a chain of events will occur there’s a movement and the chain of events will occur that will bring in More of what you want and less of what you don’t want? So that’s really nice is definitely a proposal or an offer here there could even be a pregnancy for some of you as well and that could result in the proposal It feels to me like you’ve had a Ending of a cycle and you’re going to start a new cycle the beginning of a new cycle and There’s a feeling also that things are speeding up taking off Could be around the momentum of a business of a relationship so it could be that You have been waiting for somebody to get legally divorced so you can get married to them or you’ve been waiting for You know to sell a business to leave a company to start a new company to finish contract to finish a project and that Thing will take you further into the future as in happiness and success moving forward, okay See if we can get anything else here with specifics There is a warning here not to be Not to let anyone pull the wool over your eyes regarding money So there could that’s that could be the fine print that you’re reading about so if you do require certain Certain situations in your Contract With whoever it is that you’re dealing with make sure that you ask also for what you want and don’t let other people Ride you is what I’m picking up here as well. You have worked hard to get where you are you put a lot of energy and cultivated either a relationship or a business and you don’t want anyone to Let that be diminished or less valuable in Some sort of a contract Okay, so some of you are going to relate to this it’s a little bit of a particular reading Virgo So if you didn’t relate to this you might relate to your rising on moon sign. I’ll pick three cards for you for good luck And see what comes in Sometimes the generals are quite general and sometimes they’re very very specific So they’re going to relate to some people and not to others All right If you want a personal reading that’s always a different thing altogether Okay, so there could very well be an offer here of marriage and you’re confused about it It might have just come in too. Quick too fast too soon You’re trying to get balance around it. You’re trying to tune into it. You’re trying to see You know through your third eye of what it what it is that you really want. There seems to be a beautiful connection here There’s definitely something happening around the summer months. So that in the northern hemisphere June July August in the southern hemisphere December January February It’s going to bring you a lot of strength, whatever it is okay with this Union partnership relationship and if you have been single for some time Virgo, this is the time for you This is the time to shine so it could be that you are having Trouble letting go of your freedom You know sense of freedom, but the connection with this person is going to give you strength and it’s going to give you Something that you’ve been missing for a long time, so This might relate to some people not everybody lots of love and angel blessings and thank you so much for subscribing It really helps the channel and it helps me make free videos for you. Take care. Ciao for now

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