Virgo Amor Solteros ♍ 15 Septiembre a 15 Octubre 2019

dear virgo welcome for this
special reading singles love date from September 15 to October 15
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thanks virgo friends let’s go with this general reading
single to see how it is affected if love will come what advice can you
give the fairies to the angels a decree all for
support them in this month remembering that it is a general reading
virgo then let’s see virgo 15 of September to October 15 singles in
general first of all how is affected for you Virgo to see that are dates where are they going to have to drive the
communication ok what does this mean are expressing or communicating about
a way perhaps not very suitable in this date then sometimes people don’t
they want to understand them or they are rushing too much are not keeping calm
virgo now and they want things fast to their way or have more than some option and
they are there undecided non-virgo must retain the
calm must go step by step must connect your mind with your heart ok
activate if the energy of love move try to ask him out we go
but not hurrying hurrying the things but looking for the elements
necessary for everything to flow from one calm and passive way ok if you
hurry up if you want everything high if you press things, you will not
walk as you want the best absolutely nobody arrives
ok then through the calm to through the communication of the
tranquility the doors are going to open the door week and they are going to get on track
towards the encounter with this person who you want for the woman there is a lot
possibility for a man not so young but a person that the best
could be special for you is very important this person can even
have good status as soon as social good as a business can be a person who
do very well for money ok but first of all you should
are you as I say calm that’s the way to face these
dates to attract that love ok now as this is general and is positive of
somehow they were already given the advice of communication and even some
They are a little restless and get sick they are a little complicated of health
but because you yourselves are rushing things a lot are
wanting to have all the shot and it’s anabel the way ok let’s ask now about
directly if there are possibilities that to the single alive on this date of 15
from September to October 15 arrive on love or that person who are waiting
look at virgo la carte’s friends of the 2 of glasses that speaks of just
the couple or a soul but a soulmate virgo after being complicated virgo
alone even depressed at home either by some past relationship or
because you don’t find an ideal person if you calm down connect
with their internal dialogue they try to find a way to be happy with what
who now have virgo friends the universe is going to send them that person who
they are waiting for 2 drinks what is the final soul or the soulmate
they know somebody ok and they could even have some
very strong physical approach with this person in the first instance who would go
as blooming today let’s say something goes to be like seeing someone and more
they nail with that person and say this person is ok then that kind of
strong connection but you need be fine to be able to attract those
people already told them in reading previous and now I return it to
confirm let’s ask immediately if this person who can
appear you don’t have to think decree to sign
it would be important for the videos really this person to appear in
this month first I get that on topic physical the energy issue would be positive
and you are going to have to only decide to make quick decisions
look there is as much for men as for women good possibilities
but you have to release people from past ok
drop people from the past so that can take advantage of this new person
stop thinking about the ex partner if you are going to come back if not because otherwise it
they will miss this opportunity to do change
virgo let’s ask just for the ex-partner issue would be good not before
that would be nice let’s ask if there are option on this date of 15
September to October 15 for burgos to return with some former partner that option will be given to return with a
ex partner look for the virgo I think they could
have options or could even have expareja that those who want to look for
help them or want you to come back but virgo
if you see here tell me the letter that you should be empowered
especially in women if you they feel that this person does not give them
but you have done setbacks it has pushed back instead of moving forward
that has to do with love or its life in general don’t go back ok no
for being alone or for not finding nobody come back with this person because yes
you put in a positive balance the negative and have advanced better continue
moving forward instead of coming back because of what opposite as I tell you to spend a
time to be alone but not a love it really was no longer perhaps that
have a remember or a reunion but not positive to see the future thousand
meters you are not sure that is to move forward understand me that is if
you finished six months ago and there was a positive change
you miss that person and they really regretted something
they want to come back good in this case do it but if this person delays it
delayed and instead of happiness gave them sadness or problem or somehow
they felt that they were not advancing do not come back those chances of returning with an ex
couple in this month are going to see but of you will depend on the decision ok
possibilities there are now let’s ask directly virgo would be good
that the old people return with someone from past here he keeps telling me that they have to
think if they have love if it’s a sacrifice understand me
sure if it’s a sacrifice and of some way things can still happen
for that little group do it because if there is a job an effort and really the
change person you decided change and gave them a chance
do it but for those who don’t follow advancing ok is not fully closed
hopefully in other cases it closes totally the door but in this case
for virgo if you think it is better to come back and for example you
studies made some mistake would be well there would be possibility of change
positive now they suffered as they I say et cetera don’t go back anymore
we are going to to draw a letter that will
represent dear virgo on this date of 15
September to October 15 in love what letter appears to us for the virgo and the restructuring tower appears
virgo that is if you want to find love must change the whole way with
the one that has been acting around love the way they are communicating as
I told them the way they are expressing the ideals that you
they have to restructure everything and start seeing things from another point
of view if they finished and want to return the same have to start from scratch
but changing everything that did not the relationship will work if they want
find a new love must be given realize that something are doing wrong of
that there are things that must change flatly they can no longer follow
the same may be the relationship with half the way it
communicate how you are valuing total restructuring to attract the
love be a former partner or someone new virgo ok what fairies tell us to
your what fairies tell us for virgo
from September 15 to October 15 pregnancy wow
the birth of a child brings many blessings to the world and to
you look virgo maybe it can be even in
the environment not necessarily of your
but this rebirth also maybe or the birth of the child speaks of being born of
new as for love maybe there will be also of the connection with his mother
what is their deal with her about that maybe it’s failing in that
small relationship that has not allowed to attract true love or that
he has them alone ok it’s a very nice letter so for
each one may question this or may see if it serves them in any way but the
birth of a child brings many blessings to the world and to
you on this date from September 15 to October 15 what decree we give to
alive who are single to bring the love to be written on a piece of paper
or say it out loud feeling clearly delved into me and
I connect with that part of myself that knows how to heal
look deepened inside me and I connect with that part of myself that knows how
heal is fixed telling him to join his body with your heart with your mind
take a deep breath and fully inhale the breath of life and that nourishes me to
keep calm i told you in the beginning when I went to temperance
to breathe you will not want everything to the shot so that they can think so they can take
good decisions but totally in line or I don’t live and what the angels tell us
September 15 October 15 for virgo to see
focusing on what exists today gives you all the clues for the next step and
look at the heart with the universe connecting then they should focus
peace of mind on this date focus on meditation do not want everything rushed
breathe and the universe is going to take care that things go like you
expect very nice reading friends of Virgo is general I hope you serve them
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etc thanks virgo

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  1. Muchas gracias Mauricio. Buena lectura. Virgo del 06/09/1956. Jubilado, divorciado y que, espera y desea, si es posible, el Universo le traiga el amor de verdad. Muy buenos tus consejos. Un saludo desde Moreda de Aller, Asturias ( España ).

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