VIRGO Amor, Lujuria o Amistad? Lectura Amor VIP Octubre 2019 Tarot

welcome to my warriors virgo This is a special reading reading different love is reading that I I offer my warriors who have private consultations with me reading haiti where we will see your energies in love and energies of the person with which you’re interested you like or with which you wanted to sneak around we know at this moment and we will then determine whether that relationship you will be love or lust friendship and in some cases neither the another could have lost so I hope you’re enjoying it and you go to enjoy this reading I am jot and You’re here in my jack I think tarot channel that he had not mentioned in the comments leave me your name and country to have you present and if you like These readings roads fingers to Up and shares remember to check video of past present and future Here on my channel because they reveal many important things to virgo you my warriors will see your energies let’s see the energies of the person then you like this person who is here you put the name you you want and then we will decide whether there love lust or friendship We start your energies on these moments in love for this person from the letter from the ace of spades the letter nine of spades six of CLUBS and Page of Wands tells me about you have an eye in this particular person in this person that you’re thinking and you got me high and low are these letters saying that in some moments you feel very happy you feel very glad you feel very determined very decided that this is the ideal person you have it in your head right instants that’s your person what you crown this reading is the desire to succeed in this relationship but but you spend many hours worrying about that person is like do not answer I see you as the phone always aware that I responds not answer me I write not me I write a week ago asked them how it was and has passed are still seven days and I know nothing about that person wow these are the energies that I see but I feel that your hand my degree of Virgo this may be your sun sign this other ascending or Moon Sign then I see that you’re with these energies of sadness no pain know what to do with despair and this person like that smells of you You have those energies and desperate in the desperate love in the Love will see the energies of this person this person is completely different to you this person because you like it man or woman is to be the opposite you you are a determined person I see here if you like someone you go and what looking for if you’re a girl who You like a gentleman you say easy hello how you called me jessica one Nice to meet you are handsome because some as remember that these are General readings for this that I they are making and you fall in love and in one flashing is completely virgo love warrior or warriors remember also that I use one genre but applies for both while that this man who you like and this woman for no matter your preference sexual It is much calmer much quieter The person you love has these is much more relaxed moments not takes things to heart it seems as if everything a person could be slipping even for some of you or They think much of marriage or is married at the end we reveal if there are here friendship love or lust only follies because havana kinkajou and as well let’s see what you have intention this person is a person which could be compromised these letters from the devastated this letter from the Dad are showing me that so some of you this might be his concern because obviously you’re love that you you’re in love and you You say this is the man of my life no I will take what I just I will remove that and that you gives you many traumas but you You have these sections and see that this man who is here this person which is here given you will have illusions created that in mind that could get to have that opportunity with you get to have a relationship and you have filled with illusions illusion is that Sometimes he can not meet where you say admire you know that this weekend I’ll go find We will not go to the beach we will spend a romantic night as well comes the weekend and disappears You responds not stay dressed or is dressed as and as they say vulgarly in some stay dressed and rowdy countries without you offend my beans I rampla I am not sent them the message as You are coming to me at this moment If this person is not married because if you’re a man and as if it a woman is a woman who goes with calm and likes to be treated like was a queen because she likes it you will sometimes I can afternoons You are wanting to you if you are girl You’re listening to this part for you He likes to be treated like a queen They have a lot of patience that carried go out to eat together the flatter and all in stride this girl is not with the that you go away just because you want a good night although we will see what the energies are this person Now if you agree to that you’re not someone who sees things much more calm That’s why I indicated that if it is not Married think much then in that situation in marriage is a who constantly thinks of be able to have or just listen to your guides telling warriors Virgo that this could be a who has not yet had even their first sexual experience is a adult elderly woman or an elderly man elderly old an elderly woman old still still a virgin has not had his first experience or at least not until and has not reached Third base It has been with the first base anything plus let’s speak So those are the energies that I see at this moment a person Virgo because this is you Intently to love with great emotion and interested to form a relationship as it is if This person tells you you’re going to do Grooms your answer is because we were not Boyfriends and I thought we already had boyfriends and so I think you suffer much because you fall in love very easily and you fall in love easily by the constant seeking support to have someone next to you who love you and all seek have someone on our side we ame but you have to learn to go down a little more revolutions here not I see balance in this relationship while these people much more disinterested as you do not indicated responds speaks when he wants is a Also a little scatterbrained person we’ll see What the archangels of romance say look at the marriage fell in the middle wet you have the letter says it is safe for you to love again and among you you fell letter marriage it is confirming what was He is saying that this letter fell solita person might be married or it could have much interest in the virgo marriage and my warriors be very careful to sit getting into relations remember that we are seeing the energies that person why I’m thus focusing may Some of you connect more with these energies too so maybe then work vice versa but you have these energies will tell you virgo warriors and it is safe for you love and that’s what you feel you feel that you’ve already managed to open your heart open those energies to give and receive to have on your side then the person who you go fill that void you have because You have a void in your heart sometimes by the urge those intentions and those energies in which you feel ready suffer while this person is someone who like marriage thinks it looks makes it easy and not meets anyone is a little more restricted in their energies then let’s see if this relationship among you is love or lust friendship may in some cases be neither one or the other we will see You have the letter from the rebel is not love letter or my god it was like saying a gourd or I’ve been all this Reading telling you patience patience patience and look what you wow here comes the letter of patience As for friendship marks a new vision and you know I’m going to say true the person to whom you assigned you this is the name that is the person you Like the person who has been Calling attention is not to have a love at least not in now in this October because you is this letter from rebel It indicates that someone is still not It is focused on those powers together with a person takes time is someone who goes to space is someone it goes with calm is someone who is not despairs to start a friendship and see if it works out you chart patience that speaks to you that this person It is in to form a relationship and much slower to have a friendship that this person you’re going little by little bit slowly with gradually pardon this forgiveness is lust lust lust lust lust there is no such energies of lust because it speaks of that It is someone who takes his time is someone who as I mentioned to you letter of patience is not going to be wallowing with someone the first night nor will there like you mean it There I like you I want to date you You’re the ideal woman you’re the man ideal when you probably if you have done and you told this person that he I think you’ve married you are the man of my life you are the woman of my oh my god life and if you cut hicistes stay away this person then forgiveness is the floor friendship first time I do this reading you do not love my warriors my lust and lust either because is a person who has no interest in that friendship there can begin by friendship can begin but that You will delay this is a person you you are investing your time and energy a person who at this moment I will not lie hoops better let me know what you think This new style of reading in comments leave their fingers to we are seeing up your energy and how you’re acting the energies of person you like having these moments and see if love or lust friendship and in your case you virgo beans It should reach out for friendship but remember that this is not going to last a future’re seeing in these moments of the energies of what you It is happening around you let me resists that costs this reading of these moments that appear the following videos you I recommend this side is the my secondary channel information jt There’s rosters and daily horoscopes also varied horoscopes will see prophecies but as for teenagers and I will then invite you to you too subscribe to my channel there I ordered a lot of light and Cotita progress

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