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Om Namah Shivay
Today we will talk about Silver
how important Silver is to our lives
and what is the relation of Silver with Astrology
Silver is the metal of love, emotions and healing
all three are connected to Silver
Silver represents Moon and Venus
according to the astrology
like I mentioned that Gold represent Sun God
Silver keeps our mind at peace
keeps our body cool
people with blood pressure issues are
often asked to wear silver
thereby controlling the blood pressure
in all the ancient civilizations
Tibetian, Mexican, Roman
they all used Silver in many forms
like Coins, ornaments and in many other forms
and there were few reasons
you must have noticed
that mostly females from Rajasthan
they all wear Silver Ornaments
because wherever the temperature is Hot
people use Silver to cool down their bodies
Keeping the body at cool is not the only
property of Silver
Silver also kills all the germs and microorganisms
in olden times, people used to keep silver coins
in the stored water,
or they used to store water in Silver utensils
now why they used to do that
because storing water in Silver utensils will
kill all the germs, and water will be purified
Silver also fight with infection, kills germs
for example cold, cough,
earlier people used to say
keep honey in a silver bowl and then eat honey
this can cure your cold
Silver can also heal your wounds
as I mentioned that Silver regulates the body Heat
it also balances the mood
if there is too much heat in your head
you will have mood imbalances/swings
Some people also say that
using silver will keep bad spirits away
so if these things were used in earlier days
there were reasons and logic behind that
next episode we will find out
why people are advised to use Iron
as some astrologers advise to wear
an iron ring in the middle finger
we will talk about that
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Om Namah Shivay

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