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OM (Music) People have praised you so much Panditji’s telephone no 8948765000 I have one belief that we have to enter the base of Jyotish’s When a native comes to an astrologer firstly he wants to know how he can change is fate main intention of the Vedic Rishi was astrologer should worship the 9 grahas, understand the planets, what results they provide and the biggest thing is Joytish is based on results of the Karma I have seen many variations for some natives the Sade Sathi is not troublesome and for some it is very bad/toublesome Saturn is only one planet but so many different results for everybody this is because every human being has created different karmas Last time Panditji you had told me I have read in many books i have taught many people Nakshatras they have become Guru’s now But you had told me one thing earlier in the beginning video, which my mentor used to say there are some people who do English reading, one who reads English books Next lot is Hindi Reading, who are associated with Hindi Panjitji Sanskit readers, traditional astrologers we do not meet tradtional astrologers We hardly meeet 2-4, whom we become friendly to All these different astrologers from different parts of India has same values/ideology but each one has variant techniques me have to match all of that, we observe that Kerala astrologer’s technique is different, you are from UP(Lucknow) you all have different technique each area has different environment and different kind of knowledge grows We mentally calulate, even you do that what you shared was rare People talk on Planets, but it is simple, since we do Jyotish for last 10 years, we know about planets but an experienced astrologer like you Panditji Sit at the feets of the Guru, you will get live example of horoscope He has shared one line, one hint is a great thing in itself Before we talk on the Planet Surya(Sun) Indian Rishi said that,every event in life, take the native towards its upliftment of knowledge and moksha Any event happening in our life bad or good its task is to you to that knowledge This is what the Indian Rishi had thought and now the research is going on After knowing its effect that of the planet gives you follow these effects and accordingly make your own fate Along with wordliness you can also achieve spirituality Now let us talk about plant Surya Surya is Atma of the Universe Surya is that star which has its own light What I have observed about Surya Surya acquires all the strength Surya possess all the Shaktis(strength) of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Surya creates, nutures and destroys No planet is similar to Surya Without the blessing of Surya Native cannot achieve Universal happiness Gayatri mantra’s Devata is also Surya Gayatri Mantra is considered very great mantra in our Vedas So everything is from Surya I have surely seen that there are many natives, who are doing good karmas they are helping others, but still they are getting success It means that in their birth chart Sun is weak or afflicted by Rahu/Ketu or afflicted by Rahu/Ketu aspect Because of this affliction, inspite of good efforts they do not get required respect and results. Also there is another reason, as per my research In your last birth, when jyotish talks about past life so if in your past life, you have hurt your boss, misused your position So now in this life Surya will be afflicted inspite of your good work, you will not receive good results But this does not mean that we stop doing our good karmas If you continue doing your good work Withour being disturbed, you continue doing your good karmas One day you will surely be rewarded with good results from Surya You should not be disturbed,disappointed surely you will get good results The day when you bad karmas end you will start reaping good results of your karmas. Till your bad karmas are in balance to be cleared, till then you will not good results from your good karma Until your bad karmas are cleared, you will find opposition from people, expectations from them will give you obstacles thats why we should keep doing good karma even if we dont see results, we should not stop our good karma. The day our bad karma account is exhausted, we will see results from good karma How do we know sun in weak in the horoscope? Sun is weak if it is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn…especially Rahu, Ketu Or Sun is anso in alpansa Sun’s strength depends on its position with other planets Biggest thing about Sun is it relates to spiritual Intelligence, it relates religious inclination So Sun is not capable of giving good wordly happiness on its own if we consider Raj yog with Sun, then Vesi and Vaasi is formed As per scriptures, Sun is ferocious but it should not be misunderstood as a sinner There is an example that once Sun was angry and he wanted to burn the Earth So Sun could expand his energy But Sun’s friend Arun kept diverting Sun’s flames away from Earth and Arun saved the Earth That means if Sun is with a friendly planet or is surrounded by good planets, then Sun will give good results This also means that if Sun is alone in a house, it will still give good results but sometimes it is so strong and extensive that it may even give bad results show his fierce nature… yes show his fierce nature That is why it is important to have Sun with a good planet or around it or in conjunction What is the other planets are in asta? Even if the other planets are in asta, the Sun gets better due to yuti In phalit jyotish, sun has to be benefic then everything gets better Desi, Vaasi, Bhaichar yog, all these planets strengthen the Sun in the horoscope Similarly Moon is the spiritual planet, gives spiritual happiness But if you want worldly happiness from Moon then ghag kesari yog is from Moon Just like Sun has Veshi and Vassi Bhaichar yog similarly Moon has unpha supha and Durur Dhara yog So basically Sun and Moon are spiritual planets and their worldly benefits are obtained through other planets See Sun has power of soul, if Sun is strong and is benefic, then a human’s soul will prosper, he will be helpful, grateful, Is willing and capable of doing his duties and these all traits come with a benefic Sun Sir tell us something special that you may have seen in the horoscopes See in Saptam bhav, if she is a female and Sun is the only planet then there are more chances of Baidhap Yog meaning the husband dies, if Sun is alone If there is Baidhap Yog and Sun in not alone in Saptam Bhav, even then there are some problems But if Sun has other planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Venus in the same house then all the bad effects are negated in this yog What about Mars? Well, Mars is not so helpful but definitely Mercury, Jupiter and Venus help… infact they help a lot Even in a male’s horoscope, if Sun is alone in the 7th house, then it will create some problems in the marital life But if Sun is the Lord of the 7th house, and if its sitting in 1st, 4th or 10th house then the native gets married in a very affluent family You mean for Kumbh lagan Yes yes And Sun is powerful in the 10th house the reason is When Sun rises, its in the 1st house, then as the day progresses, it gains its peak and moves South in the 10th house where its very strong Then when the Sun sets, it moves West in the 7th house, so its very strong even in the 7th house Then during mid-night, the Sun is in Chaturth bhav and there it is considered strong too and my research says that many IAS officers have their Sun in the Chaturth bhav Sun and Mercury in Chaturth bhav and And all the avatars of God like Rama have been born in mid-afternoon (noon) like 12:00pm and God like (unaudible)was born during mid-night during all these times Sun is in the centre and the most powerful And Swami Vivek Anand, as far as I know was born in the morning when Sun was in its lagan so with all these examples its clear that when Sun is in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, it is most automatically very powerful Sir what was your point about IAS officers? position of Sun in IAS horoscope I have seen horoscopes of some 2-3 IAS officers and there I found Sun and Mercury in the 4th house – good for people in goverment positions normally we would think that their Sun would be in the 10th house but because Sun is aspecting, it is still strong See Sun also being in the centre, in its powerful position also gives the native spiritual heights and will impart him/ her good will power with that will power, the native becomes successful towards his aim but mostly I have seen that Sun with Mercury or Sun with other benefic planet in these houses then the results are even better one more observation is that if we pray to Sun (Surya aradhana), given water to Sun everyday, chant Surya mantra everyday, then the malefic effects of the other 8 planets can be diluted or nullified Sun has that strong a potential Sun is the cause of creation So many astrologers believe that by chanting Sun’s mantra, their predictive power becomes stronger Just like most astrologers do Gayatri Mantra… which is again connected to God I would like to ask one question about Sun Sure Like you are saying Sun us good in the centre some people say that Sun is good is the 3rd, 6th and 11th house and some say that Sun is the best in the 3rd house so what’s the logic there 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house are Upchay Bhav Upchay means to grow, Apchay means to harm 11th is stronger than 10th, 10th is stronger than 6th and 6th is stronger than 3rd house See in these houses, if Sun is present with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, then they give gains to the native as they amplify the native’s will power that’s they are given so much importance but my point is when Sun is in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, then along with worldly power, it also gives spiritual growth one thing i would like to point out is what is the purpose of your existence? we have to understand why are we in existence Our life is Anant, our life is like a chain. We are get benefits of a particular birth in any of our births That is why someone is born in a rich family while someone is born in a poor family so what is the reason behind that? there has to be a reason to this So that means the idea of rebirth is true And its not like God randomly will provide good life to one and bad life to another – He also has a rational So this is life is not the end So along with worldly deeds, we also have to pay attention to spiritual deeds, this is what is Astrology says or this is what astrology teaches that along with worldly deeds, also pay attention to your spiritual deeds and Sun is in the centre of these things Sir, which are the bad combinations with Sun? Sun has this power that it does not even gets affected by “Astamesh” In Sudarshan Paddhati, where we take the Sun, Moon and the lagan and consider it as one lagan So if Sun is in the 8th house, then we consider that as the lagan so in my experience, Sun in any house is not very malefic to anybody because Sun is our soul but Sun is combined with Rahu or if it combines with Ketu then it becomes somewhat more malefic to the native leading to Pitru Dosh Pitru Dosh means you have not taken care of your responsibilities in your last birth which even in this birth is not letting you get any gains from your good deeds that is Pitru Dosh So the native gets troubled that he is not getting any gains even after doing good deeds But Pitru Dosh will keep troubling the native till the responsibilities are not taken care of that is why I say that everything is related to Karma – your deeds I met an IPS officer in UP about a month back who was very honest and good human being I was looking at his horoscope and he was going through Sade-Sati and was under Rahu’s Mahadasha And I told him Sir you do have some hassles or some troubles right now And I was so surprised to hear when he said that “Panditji, since childhood till today, I have never seen any hassles or troubles in my life” I have never heard such a statement from anybody in my life I was very happy to hear that So again I repeat – if some has done good deeds in his previous births and he is continuing to do good deeds in this birth too then He does not need to worry about anything in life Panditji, you said the officer was under the Mahadasha of Rahu and Sade Sati Yes exactly, I told him that since its Rahu’s Mahadasha and Sade Sati I can see that you are going through troublesome times and agony He said “No Panditji, since childhood till today, I have never seen any hassles or troubles in my life” So his Sun was good Yes his Sun was good And along with that what observed was his deeds / karma were very good Look at our Prime Minister for example He is under Rahu’s Antardasha in Moon. This is Okarak dasha This is based on the horoscope I have of his He became the PM of the nation in Moon’ s Mahadasha and Rahu’s Antardasha and during Sade Sati So my focus is and this is what I have learnt from my life is that I saw many struggles in my life like I wanted to pursue medical studies, VHMS had also given admission to me But there were some troubles that came along that by God’s grace when I could not see a way out When planets give troubles and when you can’t think of ways out, then a human automatically gets inclined spiritually… I also drifted towards spiritualism, learnt astrology to find out after having done so much hard work, how come I am not seeing any success After learning astrology, I got peace. Got peace meaning, I learnt my capabilities its logical to get peace after knowing your capabilities Then to expand on my capabilities, I started working on some remedies Antar, Porotan in astrology means that Rahu will not afflict you, Sade sati will not bother you at all if your deeds or karma from previous birth and this birth have been very good So Panditji, in Pitru Dosh, do you consider only Rahu and Ketu or you also consider other planets Who is considered the father? Sun is the father and Moon is also a father and Jupiter is also considered a father (Pita) If Sun, Moon and Jupiter gets afflicted especially Rahu or Ketu in my experience and as per my research If Sun and Moon are Dristi and they get afflicted by Rahu or Ketu then it is considered Pitru Dosh That means Jupiter and Rahu is Pitru Dosh Moon & Rahu, Moon and Ketu is Pitru Dosh Sun & Rahu, Sun & Ketu is Pitru Dosh Panditji, in this combination, do you consider conjunction or do you also Dhristi in this? I don’t consider Dhristi so much but definitely I consider Yuti Panditji, Sun is father, is Moon the mother or father? Jupiter is also a father then why do you consider Moon the father? See in astrology, the Moon is considered a planet but in reality Moon converts Sun’s harsh and fierce rays into pure rays That’s why Moon has the role of a mother, it nourishes the native So that is why Sun is the father and Moon is the mother Pitru Dosh can happen from either mother or father or both When we discuss each planet we will discuss that in detail See if Sun is afflicted, then you will have to face hard time Sir how will be the health in this case Sir what is the difference between exalted Sun and debilitated Sun See in experience, I have not seen much difference between exalted and debilitated Sun Its not like if the Sun is exalted, then it is very good and if it the Sun is debilitated, then it is very bad But yes, Sun getting affected if it is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu But otherwise exalted or debilitated in my experience does not make too much of difference But is Sun is debilitated and is also debilitated in Navansh then I have seen Sun causing harm or rather seen Sun giving not so good results If Sun is debilitated in the 10th house, then all the good yogas in the chart get nullified But the irony is that I have seen many horoscopes where this is true and I have other horoscopes where this is not true I am giving you something to think about Well so this might be in the Makar lagan so astamesh is in the 10th house and that is one problem Right? so astamesh in 10th house might be creating problems in his career And if Venus is also debilitated then this will exist and Venus is the Yoga Karak If Venus is also debilitated then maybe the yoga gets nullified… its a possibility See even if Sun is debilitated but around it – in adjacent houses – if there are any good planets to support the Sun So Panditji, we have to look at the full horoscope Yes exactly See Sun is the soul so I think a soul can never be afflicted but yes with Rahu or Ketu, the Sun does get affected and will not give results Rahu or Ketu pretty much eclipses the Sun so then despite good deeds, despite hard efforts, the native does not get much of good results But yes the native does get result when he does good deeds continuously and dedicates himself to serve his parents, takes care of his responsibilities, chants Gayatri Mantra, then he gets results one day My conclusion has been as long as Sun is not afflicted with Rahu or Ketu and when Sun is supported and surrounded by good planets in adjacent houses, it always gives good results I have a friend who joined us couple of years after we started our magazine. He is young guy, 34 years old Keeps traveling throughout India. He is from your region – Bihar And I was talking to him 3 days back. He mentioned he was traveling by a train one day and met a Sage (Sanyasi Yogi) And he was reading Sanskrit And my friend asked that Sage – “Sir what are you doing? why are you reading Sanskrit?” In today’s times, nobody reads Sanskrit The Sage said I am studying astrology See studying astrology is one thing but an astrologer must also intuition, that is very important. An astrologer must have both – knowledge and intuition Exactly, this is truth. This is 100% truth. You can read the whole book of astrology but your prediction can never be true unless the astrologer is blessed by God That’s why Barahminji has stipulated 20 essential traits of an astrologer When we were studying astrology in college, we were told of those 20 traits, although I do not remember all those 20 traits But the point, one must be a good human, gain spirituality, do good karma (deeds) only then you will be blessed by God with Intuition So my friend, he has sandhi lagan. He does not know his lagan as its on the border and I am just speaking from memory He asked me what is his exact time of birth He said in one sec – 11’O clock so many minutes and so many seconds……..11’O clock so many minutes and so many seconds…….in one sec I said amazing 11’O clock 8 minutes 32 seconds Then he told me this, we were talking about this combination 10th lord in 8th house and 8th lord in the 10th house one more combination That Sage told him 10th lord in 8th house and 8th lord in the 10th house means your spiritual pursuit was interrupted in your previous birth means your spiritual pursuit was interrupted in your previous birth because you did something wrong That is why you have this combination in your horoscope but not if your Venus is strong But then a Sage does not predict your future, he only tells you your past And you have to join the dots anyways, I brought it up since I remembered I have seen 4-5 horoscopes of my friends where Sun and Saturn are together in one house but it is not as much of a problem as it is portrayed or popularly thought Yes that’s true and it’s a big thing Some people who worship Saturn do not give water to Sun but this is a wrong thought I would also like to state that Saturn is Sun’s son and Saturn’s education is due to Jupiter Sun is the soul and Saturn is the son of Sun so the way people portray Saturn is not right The misconceptions that people have about Saturn are completely wrong In astrology, its not like there are lot of differences between Saturn and Sun But yes I have seen Saturn and Sun together does create some hassle but it is not much harmful But I have seen Saturn in the 7th gives problem to the health of the father but there is not problem in their relationship But I have seen in some people Dhristi is more harmful than Yuti See 100% you cannot predict in astrology and nobody knows for sure but I have known that father and son definitely do not get along these guys either have a karmic relationship with their father or their children The thing is…5th lord, because they are in conjunction – yuti… or opposition It will either give problems with the authorities, government or if it becomes lord of 3rd house, either of the two then the traffic police will always catch him however, it is not as inauspicious as Rahu and Ketu When Sun comes in Gochar in this combination, yes that month will be difficult for you Suppose Sun Saturn are 2-12 to each other…….2-12 Then Saturn and Sun become lord of which house? Then the child will never obey his father But for example, it is 9th lord, then Sun will get married because the father asks him to But then will repent saying – for first time in my life I obeyed my father and I am repenting Again I would like to say that despite good karma and honest efforts if someone is not getting results then don’t lose courage and continue his efforts. One day, he will get his due results and see success.

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  2. my Capricorn lagan – sun in 5th with mercury(rahu in 4th- venus in 6th) and saturn in 11th with moon (ketu in 10th- mars in 12th) – my father n-mother n me are very emotional wd each other – they want to stay wd me in last years of their life…i never had issue wd government, very easy work…….my sade-saati is going on- my film went to cannes and i took my parents aborad…best time in my life…. but when i was a child i didnt get much nourishment from my father as he was very busy in his work n used to get agitated very fast…………MY FATHER IS SUFFERING from neurological disorder now……only i have the patience to handle him in the family….SUN-SATURN = FATHER'S ILL HEALTH AND EARLY AGE DISPUTES BUT as they age with patience and respect they can enjoy their fruits (MY EXPERIENCE WITH MY KUNDALI)…..in navmans my lagna is leo (5) sun in 8th house (12th sign)…and saturn in 3rd house exalted.

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  4. …it's not about the outdated astrology. It's about the evolution of the Spirit.

    "There is barely any professional astrologer around the world who has the required information in order to reckon the character of any individual, or the outcome of any happening, or even to predict the future, etc. As a matter of fact the information and the basic knowledge respectively, that the astrologers always referring to, in terms of their calculations, etc., aren’t reliable anymore, because these information are based on star constellations that were observable from Earth around 2,000 years ago. But in the meantime the position of Earth has changed profoundly, hence the observable constellations have changed significantly as well, which means, that nowadays the basic knowledge of astrology is antiquated and therefore no longer accurate at all. As a result of this fact unfortunately all astrological calculations that are based on these antiquated information aren’t accurate and reliable these days as well.

    With regard to the stars and its constellations, there is no astrological influence or impact to human beings, that control or even dictate either the thoughts, the feelings and deeds or even the destiny of any human being. Astrology is basically the teaching of the central sun – which is located in the very centre of our galaxy – and its galactic radiation and waves, which have an “influential” range as far as the edge of our galaxy and even beyond it, which means that the central sun sends its radiations and waves through the galaxy. And depending on the position of any solar system, and of its particular sun and planets, these radiations and waves are not only deflected or diffracted by the positions of any sun and its planets but are also mingled with the individual radiations and waves of the sun and each planet. Furthermore there is also an amalgamation with the cosmic radiation that eventually leads to a mixture of the radiations and waves of the central sun, the particular solar systems with their suns, planets and moons as well as the cosmic radiation itself. And depending on how the positions of the suns and their planets and moons of any solar system precisely are, this mixture of radiations and waves differ – as the result of the different deflections, diffractions and compounds – not only in its strength but in its consistency as well.

    Well, this mixture of radiations and waves is constantly being absorbed by any living form. And regarding Earth and its living forms it is also being absorbed by any human being, but always in a neutral way, which means that this mixture of radiations and waves doesn’t affect any single human being in a controlling or even compulsory way. These radiations and waves only have a kind of “moving on” effect and a kind of a slight “animation” effect respectively on any living form and thus on any human being as well. Due to fact that these mixture of radiations and waves are disseminated around and through the entire galaxy and are absorbed by all living forms in a neutral and unconstrained way, it is therefore up to any living form, whether it wants to use the effect of the these radiations and waves either positively or negatively, hence these radiations and waves don’t affect the free will of any human being at all.

    Based on the law of cause and effect, it’s always based on the responsibility of one’s own thoughts and feelings, as THE cause, whether any human being is happy or unhappy, and therefore it’s always the cause of their own thoughts, feelings, deeds and behaviour that form their own destiny in a good or bad way. Hence there are no natural influences in the entire universe that could force any healthy human being to anything that he or she doesn’t want to. It’s always lying in one’s own thoughts and feelings that determine, whether a human being either deals with influences positively, hence he or she can use them for his or her own benefit, or whether he or she lets any kind of influences affect him or her negatively. According to this fact there is no astrological power at all, that determines the destiny of humankind, and whether or not any human being is happy, wins in lotto, has a good relationship to his or her relatives, or whether there are good or bad happenings in his or her life, etc.

    It’s always the sole responsibility of any human being and of his or her own thoughts, feelings, deeds, attitudes and behaviour that determine the destiny of life, and whether or not any human being is happy, copes with any problems in a positive and constructive way and keeps walking on the right path of life. The preconditions of any behaviour patterns of the personality and its character of any human being are based on genetic origins, as well as on good or ill-breeding by parents or legal guardians, as well as by a good and honest self-discipline and “self-education” respectively. Hence every human being is the smith of his or her own destiny and fortune. Of course there is a kind of “destiny”, in the form of many influences, given by the environment, which affects any human being, but it’s always relying on one’s own responsibility and on one’s own thoughts and feelings, whether any human being copes with and utilizes this “external” destiny negatively or positively."

    From Billy Meier, August 2014, translated by Patric Chenaux

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  28. Sir ur channel is so gud .. U people are doing that connects us with our roots .. I jus want that if u can arrange something so that we cn learn sanskrit or atleast learn sanskrit correct pronounciation then that will b so helpful. Thankyou for amazing content 🤗


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    I have a question w.r.t. the Pitr dosh discussed in the video –
    Ju+Ra|Su+Ra/ke|Mo+Ke – Pitr dosh.. if so taken, .. Is it also ok to say – Mo-Ke can form a Matr rin, Ju-Ra – so to say Pitr rin and/or preceptor/guru's rin ?
    The horoscope i am looking at has Su in 12th, Ju+Ra+Sa in 11th, Mo+Ke in 5th.

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