Understanding Astrology : The Sign Virgo in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gnobo
A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I’m here to tell you about astrology. Okay. We’re
going to discuss Virgo which is the sign of the virgin. The Virgo people is also ruled
by Mercury as well as Gemini. But, Virgos tend to be more down to Earth type people.
Virgos are perfectionists. Virgos, if there’s something wrong around them, they’re going
to spot it. Virgos can be highly critical because they are perfectionists. Virgos are
very detail orientated. They spend a lot of time with detail. Virgo people will tell you
an event that happened some years ago. They’ll have the date correct. They’ll have the month
correct. They’ll have the year correct. And, they will have, nine times out of ten, they
will have the time correct. Virgo people, they say are hypochondriacs, but they’re not.
It’s a negative that they can go into if they choose. But, Virgos tend to have a lot of
remedies and vitamins and prescriptions. And, they’re always concerned about health and
eating good and eating well. Virgos are also people who’ll work. If someone’s left at the
office for many hours after the office is closed, it’s usually a Virgo because hard
work and paying attention to detail is one of their strongest points. Virgos are also
very punctual, and they don’t care for people who are not. Being late, to keep a Virgo waiting
at a table or at a meeting, is not a smart thing to do because a Virgo will let you know,
in no uncertain terms, that this is not a polite thing to do and you’re wasting his
or her time. So, Virgos are very down to Earth though. They’re very good listeners. They
do take care of details, and those details not only involve themselves but others as

100 thoughts on “Understanding Astrology : The Sign Virgo in Astrology

  1. @TheAs57 I am very different than the typical virgo. The moon sign has a lot to do with a person too. I am a virgo sun/pisces moon. Everyone tells me I have the biggest heart. I try not to judge. I am not by any means perfect, but I like to help others less fortunate. Every person is much more than there sign remember.

  2. @asianlauf I'm a virgo and I am the WORST liar. I can be critical, but no more than anyone else. I am a dreamer, naive, and such. Is that because I have a moon sign in Pisces? I'm also very compassionate.

  3. I find astrology interesting and all, but not everyone born at a particular date will necessarily behave like their star sign. By judging people straight off the bat just because they're Virgo, Libra or what not is immediately putting them into a little box – a stereotype, without even getting to know them. I have a Virgo friend and she is one of the loveliest people I know. She's shy, a hard worker and a bit of a loner but one of the most giving, unselfish people I know.

  4. @lovewaders Yeas and that's because your a Gemini, Gemini and virgos DO NOT get along because we don't like 2 faces and you know I'm right about that so. Thank you have a blessed evening.

  5. Look let me tell you something from a virgos pov.
    We are the organizers of the world and that's one of the reasons why we are criticaly analytic and make sure everything is perfect.
    Secondly we are too sensitive, when we get hurt, we get hurt bad.
    When we recover, we tend to shield ourselves just like everyone does naturally.That's when people start considering us as aloof or conceited.
    And we are great at sex, Bitch you heard of names like Mr. Marcus!
    When it's time to shine
    We shine Hard!

  6. @madhopsz Gemini is not the only signs that normally do not get along with Virgo. i would say lot of signs have a hard time with Virgo because of their characteristics.

    Gemini can be two face probably because we got so many friends. atleast we are not lonly like the Virgin woman. ha ha .

    I would say Virgos do not get along with Air , Fire and Water signs. 9 out of 12 signs.

    Virgos can get along with their own kind. Earth sigs which are Taurus and Capricone.

  7. By the way , Astrology will not name Virgo as Virgo (virgin woman) if they didnot know they are bad at sex, yes i know from experience Virgos are bad at sex.

    even other signs say it too.

    Astrology will not name Gemini as Gemini ( twins ) if they did not know they will be twofaced, multi tasking, funny , gossipy , two in one, complex , happy , forward , extrovert.

    Those signs have a meaning. like Libra , loves to balance , non violent , Harmony , undecisive…. that's what i think

  8. i see people generalise a lot in here.. some say that as they know 5 virgos they suck at sex they are bad ppl etc.. that is ridiculous.. i am virgo and i am sociable, i get along with gemini, i don't have problems with sex and i'm not a clean freak or a museum goer



  11. @iamtheSeme Yea that's because you understand us well…Well your watching videos about virgos right
    Kudos to you…But don't take us caring for granted >=)

  12. Wow,I as a Virgo feel very offended by your comments =(( I didn't know everybody hated us and thought we were bad people..I for one, don't think I am a bad human being and all the Virgos I know are good too..Maybe they have their faults, everybody does,but still,I don't think they are bad..Of course they would be bad Virgos as they are bad people of every sign..FOR EXAMPLE HITLER AND LENIN were born Aries,does that mean Aries are bad people.I don't believe that. I am sorry if i am a bad person..

  13. @aikyalex – I totally agree with you! I think that Virgos have great hearts wich is a good thing…Even though I see alot of negative comments here, im still proud to be a virgo:)

  14. ok . i know people reply to my comment saying i generalize the virgos. well there are 12 signs , i am Gemini. i do not get along with Virgo. there are 10 other signs that could get / might not get along with Virgo.

    if other signs got along with Virgos well they will have more good comments.

    I said my experience with virgos. the highest rated comments make sence to me.

  15. @redseasIX well maybe there are some good virgos. in reality it must be few. but i have not met any easy going friendly virgos. not yet. for rest of the eleven signs i can say i have met friendly , nice people.

    if people met lot of friendly virgos there will be lot of positive comments. in reality most people have not met lot of good virgos yet.

  16. @TheAs57 others means people who are not virgos. rest of the 11 signs. Astrology is generally true. you can look at different videos on Virgo. even some videos say virgos are (generally ) not friendly. i have relatives who are virgos. they are not friendly comparing with other signs.

    generally people say Dutsch people are tall, Japanese people are short. in reality this is true. if you look at majority of Dutch and Japanese. it is same with astrology.

    you do not have to believe me

  17. @TheAs57 I'm shy and I'm a virgo. Lets see. I'm known as a nice guy and I am very compassionate, Maybe thats my pisces moon sign. I'm not very judgemental and I love to see people do good. I'm the FIRST to admit when I'm wrong. I am NOT at all conservative. I'm not religious, but spiritual. Your assumptions maybe right about some, but people of all signs can be bad. I have met aquarians that are just plain mean and cruel, but that might not be you. Don't judge.

  18. @TheAs57 Funny You say this because I am a Virgo male and the complete opposite of what You said, I am very outgoing, non judgmental, alwayssssss helping others, free spirited, very forward, gets along with everyone and not very religious at all, I wish we can stop judging people in general especially about their sign, everyone is uniquely different, we all need to stop with the labels and get to know the true essence of someone.

  19. @EbunnyEthereal Lil Wayne is a Libra, lol but we had Michael Jackson, some of the worlds greatest talents were and are Virgos!

  20. I'm a Virgo and Proud, Very successful in my business, free spirited, gets along with everyone, non judgmental, outgoing, passionate, respectful, creative and always willing to lend a helping hand, too all of the Virgo haters you should really look at yourself, because if we are mean to you, its for a genuine reason, we can spot fakeness and bullshit from miles away.

  21. I would hate to think that when people introduce themselves the conversation goes "hey my name is such and such yea thats cool, whats your sign? oh i'm a Leo! oh really? I'm sorry we can't be friends….. STOP THE JUDGMENTAL BULLSHIT!

  22. Haven't you guys noticed that all these soo called astrology guru's say the same shit?? Individual people are wayyy more complexed than they're signs. Everyones experiences and the way the were raised shapes us differently.

  23. So I pay attention to detail but I'm late almost always. I gather people together, lead, and organize them for different reasons though I'm not narcisitic. I Just found out that I'm supposed to be a Libra instead of a Virgo. Perhaps I'm a lil of both?

  24. @izrodaaaaa yea, you know some people are just envious about successful virgoes!!! and ppl here forget that the sun sign is not the only thing to take into account.. virtues and flaws HAVE ALL THE SUN SIGNS.. this is to all the stupids who vote against virgo.. if you guys see any description of any sun sign you will see flaws!

  25. @AquaGirl11354 thank you. I am a "virgo" and I am a good guy. I can be a little critical, but thats under control as I've grown up. I have met good and bad of every sign. I have a lot of good qualities like most people. I am a big hearted, compassionate guy. But, anyways, thanks for sticking up for the TRUTH.

  26. @EvilNoz51 good stuff. Mother Theresa was a very devloped human being. As a virgo with a pisces moon, she was one of the most compassionate human beings to ever grace this earth. And, yes, there are many unselfish virgos.

  27. I'm a Virgo and I like being a Virgo. I sometimes will argue just to prove a point. But i'm always correct. All of you haters should GTFO you have probably more flaws then us, because every sign has flaws.

  28. Virgos are excellent at sticking with tedious jobs that many of us would be too frustrated to do. Many of the negative comments on this site are just people "HATING" on them. They are a very dependable earth sign……..excellent people to have around when you are in a bind!

  29. My ascendant is virgo. I love to debate, take care of my looks and go in details. However for all the years I've met a lot of people and till this day I have not seen a good virgo. They love to force their opinion over yours, because they think that's the right thing to do. I have never seen bad looking virgo, but I guess the cons come within the character.

  30. everyone talks shit about virgos and never talk shit about aquarius, THATS the sign thats a bitch. Sharon Stone in Casino, thats how those bitches act. Dont even try to argue with me about this because its true and I'm only going to take a dump on your life.

  31. I'm a Virgo and proud of it!!! Without us Virgos, this world would go stir crazy and get chaotic. We like order and want things to work they way they are supposed to work. If you can't challenge yourself to do better or to be a better person in life, then you're just content on doing a sloppy half-assed job. Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" was a good Virgo. All he ever wanted to be, was to be about love. He showed great compassion and humilty towards those less fortunate.

  32. @XxDarkkPriincessxX OOOooOOooooOoo sceeery. You got defensive cuz you know wht I said is true. && no no fuck you. && how in the fuck is a bitch going to call me a bitch? lmao.

  33. hey theres alot of fuckin' going on here, anyone getting off?…i'm virgo, i'm tired of people lying when the truth will do, so fuck you, and you and you and you too! see how simple and to the point?

  34. @madhopsz well if youre sensitive yourself, you should be sensitive to other people. If you cant take it dont give it

  35. come on now.. VIRGOS ARE AWESOME!! I'm a virgo and we are humble, clean, and organized people. We can't help our problem with analyzing every situation, since it's in our nature. We only give smart remarks if you rub us the wrong way, we just want respect. If you haven't met a sweet virgo, chances are you haven't explored enough.

  36. Ok im a virgo ( well technically im a leo now ^ ^) but all these poeple talking shit about virgos are crazyy, ive dated pretty much every sign in th zodiac and let me tell you it depends completely on the person!! anyone can get along with anyone else! and honestly virgo is probably the most down to earth sign and one of the most intelligent so dont hate 🙂

  37. do people really think zodiac signs play a role in their personalities. come on get a life.. and im a virgo btw

  38. my current gf is a virgo, i'm a scorpio, and we are constantly arguing! she's so complicated, and she tells me I'M complicated! loooool

  39. I'm a virgo and sometimes I forget what day it is!!! I dont think astrology is real, but apparently most virgos don't believe in astrology.

  40. I wish people understood how deep astrology really was and how much of a role it plays in your life. All water signs should only interact with other water signs because we're only compatible with each other, either as friends or relationships.. Scorpio, pisces and cancer… And water sign people are honestly the most interesting people with the best personality. I can spot them out instantly

  41. @1middlesbrough thats the problem when we're sensitive to others its always mistaken as weakness and tend to get shitted on…n that's like i said wen we get hurt it's prolly 2 to 3 times how u can take it…that's just our nature. Now stop it.

  42. @MixUpMyStyle

    You don't know me, so how can you say this about me?Are you trolling me?Stop it right now!

  43. @MixUpMyStyle
    Virgo men suffer from erectile dysfunction and virgo women do it only missionary with all their clothes on.

  44. @LuxeLifestyle im also a virgo the i have realized that we tend to veiw judgmental diffrently than others
    people say i critizize them alot but most dont understand why is cuz i dont veiw it as an insult just as helping them become a better at what there doing.

  45. I am 24 years old &have looked after my virgo sister all her life, coz my mothers job has to been involved in travel. my virgo sister is lazy, dreamy, never even knows what time it is, let alone any detail. my sister has every single school report saying she is late and has no knowledge of important days.

    It has been very hard helping raise my sister who is now 16 years old and still as lazy as ever. As 4 eating she even forgets to eat and is not at all health conscious. anyway i love her.

  46. I have a best friend that is a virgo too and she is very much like the description of this video but as for my sister she is an loveable alien.

  47. I was born on exactly august 23rd and just figured out im apparently this virgo thing. Well I must say, that is exactly true. I have all the qualities virgo people have. lol.

  48. As a Scorpio Male myself, I have a LOVE-HATE relationships with Virgos.
    Pros- Perpetual, Caring, Helpful, Humble, Accepts imperfections,
    Cons- TOO critical, Can be health freaks, VERY emotional.
    Based on observations, I have figured that Virgos are NOT dark people, BUT are precursors to dark moments. I think female Virgos are SEXY.

  49. Im virgo and ill tell you what, i hate when people make plans and change them unexpectedly or i have to wait around on someone, it makes me crazy ( i have opted-ed out of many relationships with Aquarius's for this reason). One thing i have noticed, is when i clean, i clean every nook and cranny in the house/car (it takes me all day because i am so detailed and it drove my exboyfriend batty (who was a leo)).Best friend is a Libra.I am not a critical person,i just have commonsense.=)

  50. Me and all the people i know that are virgos lost their virginity way before the people of other signs i know, which is pretty ironic considering the symbol of Virgo is the Virgin lol : /

  51. i'm a virgo, i don't think i'm a virgo, i always arrive late to school, i'm not that organized, but yes i hate waiting for people, not only, i hate wait for anything, ok maybe i'm 50% virgo

  52. Voracious, Voluptuous, Vehement, Virgos. WHY am I SO obsessed with Virgos?
    As Scorpio myself, I ADORE Virgos.
    Yes.I have had some bad experiences with Virgos, however I overlook them.
    I remember 1 day, I was rolling BALLS on ecstasy O_O, and I text messaged an associate "Shout out to ALL the Virgos.Virgos are the BEST fucking people EVER".
    I would trade my Scorpio sign for Virgo for one week, to know how it feels.
    I would spend my whole life with ONLY Virgos to know how the world would be like.

  53. I'm Capricorn but I don't like Virgos because they tend to be sometimes hypocritical,tend to be perfectionists and too critical and loves sense of detail a lot.My Moon sign is Aquarius ,maybe that's why.

  54. wow most of that stuff was true.. i'm a virgo lol and i am so specific when it comes to things i buy or stuff that i do that i think i have OCD. and i feel like i take forever to finish some things but yea it's because i like to make sure i perform the best job possible.

  55. im al leo and if you believe in perfection, fix the economy……oh whats that cant do it? then i guess your not perfect, i wanna commit mass genocide on virgos they are the most annoying ppl i've ever met

  56. I'm a Virgo and I used to want to be so precise on everything that it got to the point I was checking and rechecking everything about 100 times before I was satisfied it was correct or in order. It evolved into full blown OCD and i had to see a therapist for 2 years. I'm trying to pull away from that… I can't relate to the being on time thing though, I'm always late, hahahahaha.

  57. KAt stfu your a bitch who just doesn't get life if you hate us virgos so much how come your here if I find u I will fight and whoop your ass damn bitch you need to keep your mouth shut

  58. How is it that me and my dad are both Virgos but he's extroverted,while I'm introverted?I was born on the 8th of September and he just a day after.

  59. I'm a virgo as well born on the 17th, and I was once VERY introverted, and then I gained a lot of self confidence and started forcing myself to go out a lot more and forced my self to socialize and what not and I transitioned from an introvert to an extrovert

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