Understanding Astrology : The Sign Aries in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gnobo
A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I’m here to tell you about astrology. Okay. Now’s
the fun part. We’re going to discuss some characteristics and traits of the twelve astrological
signs. The first one that begins the cycle of the Sun going through the different astrological
signs is usually happens at the Equinox, and that’s when Aries comes in. Aries is symbolized
by the Ram. Aries is also symbolized by the planet Mars. And, Aries becomes a very masculine,
fiery vibration. Most Aries people will war for an ideal. They’ll war for a purpose. But,
mostly Aries people will war for the underdog. They’ll war for the right of the underdog.
Aries people are usually very self-centered. Everything revolves around an Aries person
from the time that they get up to the time they go to bed. They become very masculine
about this, be it male or female, masculine actually means to be very expansive and extroverted.
So, Aries people are very extroverted. But, it is, it does become about the Aries until
it involves an underdog or an ideal. Like an Aries will fight tooth and nail to the
nitty gritty if he or she feels as if something is not right or if justice has been thwarted.
An Aries person because it’s Mars which is a very warring energy will commit war very
quickly. Aries people also tend to be quite promiscuous. And, they don’t, they don’t usually
offer a very stable relationship. Hopefully, they’re Sun sign is enhanced by a good Moon
sign that can mellow that out some or by an Ascendant. But, if they have an Ascendant
like in Scorpio, it would be really hard to keep this Aries person down.

100 thoughts on “Understanding Astrology : The Sign Aries in Astrology

  1. @gween robert downey jr has to have strong neptune in his chart somwhere. Cause he likes drugs big time like Kurt Cobain had. Cobain was a Pisces, he had neptune in 8th house also(:

  2. @0Amour0Musique0 Lol I'm so sorry… I'm an Aries, and it's just, really boring to stay still and listen. But I bet you're the only one (or one of very few people) she believes 😀

  3. @gigiantik Yeah lol she told me I'm the only one she trusts… I'm a Scorpio so I don't mind listening and helping anyone.

  4. @TheSqueezehehe I read somewhere that Aries and Scorpio were the most powerful. Aries is ruled by Mars and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto (god of the underworld). Pretty cool if you ask me.

  5. @rollinthunder1000 i am what my ego sais i am. otherwise, the truth is-i am nothingness… you see, through nothingness, you can see the world as it is-objectively, the ego is what causes us to become subjective. so really, thats a good question-which allowed me to give you a good answer. i love it when people ask good questions, so thanks.

  6. Dated 3 aries girls. Im a scorpio. Nice experience, lots of fun and great sex. only turndown is that they really like to argue about stupid shit and it has to be done their way. lol

  7. What a primitive idea. Aries is associated with a certain planet, which the Romans named after their god of war because its red color reminded them of blood. Therefore people born in late March or early April (which, centuries ago, was when the sun rose in the associated constellation) are warlike?

  8. Aries people r ok they can be selfish & inconsiderate at times which annoys me. A few people i know that r loves tell what they do at & what they can accomplish. Don't make them mad cause they could be nasty & say some mean & hurtful things. Actually i get along with people of this sign being that im a fire sign 2 but i know how 2 deal with them. If your'e the type that wear your emotions on your sleeves then its best not 2 have them as a close friend. They r not mean they r just very forward.

  9. im aries with scorpio ascendant, never cheated in my life. i usually dont do things that i wouldnt want to happen to me. so if i cheat… then by all rights, when im cheated on-i dont have any reason to get upset about it. everyone should live thier life like that, unless of course, u are a masochist. good thing my aries sun is also mars in taurus. hard to see me angry, but when i am, watch out. i can be extremely cruel to whoever waves a red flag in front of a bull.

  10. @Irockgswift oh well, lucky guess. im saggitarious moon. yall are awesome people. i'm tlaking about myself too of course… lol.

  11. ima aries n i hate math,im quite,n i get bored fast i always have to be in some shit lol and if my friends or family need me i got they back no matter what happends and wen i gt mad i blow up on anybdy that bothers me wen im mad!! bt hey thats me an ARIES !!

  12. Jesus Christ…you fucking idiots believe that there are actually only 12 kinds of people in the world? This shit is 2000 years old you dumbfucks.

  13. @cokoqt81 @214uboo
    imma aries in love with a gemini 🙁
    of course, shes playin hard to get
    AND OF COURSE that makes me wanna want her more :S

  14. @fasfsdfasd @gween
    hey! dont say u forget stuff and bad at math
    i HAVE to remeber stuff and be great at math since i work at a casino xS
    haha but we aries rule ! xD

  15. What a waste of time, from a very peace loving aries male. and tottally faithfull to my loved ones. so your so wrong.

  16. @SpartxGODS learn more about astrology before you speak that bs, there the moon sign and other plantest that shapes your personailty

  17. This was too damn boring to watch! I feel like this really wasted MY time. This guy knows nothing, I know everything. He makes stupid looking gestures, I think he's putting down people… In fact, I feel like punching this guy…

    Oh yeah, I'm an Aries.

    And according to this guy, this is how I should act. lol.

  18. As an Aries I can totally say I like anything that deals with; war, UFC, women, jokes, open-mindedness, Music, fast cars/bikes anything fast, extreme sports, black clothes, food, eye contact, things that smell clean, trampolines, firecrackers,,swimming pools, booze, apples, kiwis,, going to concerts flirting, nice shoes, girls in red/black dresses, Art,, wanting to fight with whoever messes around with somebody who downplays a fellow comrade of mine, not being lonely and the golden rule.=)

  19. Aries isn't first anymore?? but that… changes… everything. WE CAN"T BE FOURTH! Aries has to be first!! It's who we are!!

  20. @OhCrappProductions it is who we are and i don't think people know what they are talking about. think of the enviromental catostrophe it would cause if the earth tilted like that and even if it did, it doesn't change what you were born with. when neil armstrong landed on the moon, he was in a completely different astrological placement, did it change the fact that he was an aries walking on the moon, no.

  21. the reason why i never was into the zodiacs was ppl told me i was an aries but i new it was wrong ….im a pisces now after this 13 sign change and it fits me to a T !

  22. I never believed realy till now and now that i look back i fight rather argue for my kidds for thier kidds about religion if like i think its wrong say to worship an idol and know someone that does stuff like that but like he said no one can keep me down and i have had alot of energy but lol i think i used to much im tired but still go.

  23. @EthanAndIsabella im april 20th too but im pretty sure we are less extrovert aries and more lazy since we close to taurus(the worst sign ever except for their intelligence) but correct me if im wrong plz.

  24. You couldn't be more wrong dude, LOL! 25 years with the same person, never even though of cheating. Never argue a point to war either. What a joke, I can't even re post this like I wanted to. 🙁 Yes, we can be bull headed, but passive. Oh, and I give of myself all day long and don't give myself time, my day evolves around my family… What Aries are you looking at? My daughter and mother are the same..all Aries! Loyal to the bone!!!

  25. I'm Aries, 19, and 100% support wars, I support them because as I invest – Ill make tons of money off them. Oh and being promiscuous doesnt make us guy-sluts im very faithful just as other aries i know

  26. @BizzleLop and you can assume my political views and level of intelligence from once sentence? you must be really screwed up

  27. @BizzleLop oooooooooooh lmao i see now.. you're one of those who still believes that america invaded iraq for oil huh, lmfao, dude they spent 10 times more money and took out very little oil, they could spend the money to get so much oil we would be able drink it, dont be ridiculous and get the gutter out of your head, see the big picture dont be so narrow minded, country spent a lot of money but at the same time made SO much in production of arms you cant even dream of them

  28. @BizzleLop well exactly you exposed yourself to those books and now they are imprinted in your head as to what is right and actually is going on, no my friend reading books is good but reading them you are not analyzing anything, they chew facts and feed them to you, it tastes good but you don't know what you are eating.. I prefer to get real facts and analyze them myself, using common sense, and see the big picture, i mean why do we have so many classified files for example?

  29. @BizzleLop twin towers was obviously a conspiracy, the owner got billions, and now is half way done building new towers, bin laden died this year as government claims even though there was so prove what so ever, and frankly i dont really buy it, they just had to throw it out there to make public feel safer about their new 200 story mall, weapons of mass destruction have to be there for power purposes.. they said they gave him a proper ceremony with locals, why didnt they video tape it?

  30. @BizzleLop I've found that in myself as well as an Arian. I suppose we are just natural born rebels against the corrupt system. :3

  31. Underdog? That's why i went for the Mavericks in the finals, and I always root against the Yankees. I am a very promiscuous male lol. Only thing shaky is that i might be more on the introverted side. Other than that on point.

  32. it all makes sense how the ruling planet for aries is mars, it's the beginning of the zodiac, and it opposes pisces in almost every way…

  33. Superstition.. Dont let it tell you who you are everybody is an individual. I am Aries and I have many friends whom I have great relationships with. Astrology is a sham

  34. @gween Well all that just sounds too rediculous to me.. You're free to believe it if you want, sorry if I offended you.

  35. Leo ppl think that the world revolves around them not the aries as much. Aries are better anyways my boyfriend is an aries and I Love him to death.

  36. leos are fuvking selfish one way freaks who nwould contro and love nazi dogma if they had the chance of power. Aries hates tryanny

  37. I'm a Scorpio and I tend to understand and like good Aries people. They can make amazing friends, so nice and they can be very protective; you know when an Aries likes you more than any other sign. Only thing with Aries is that can be a bit sarcastic at times. It really depends on the person. Aries' humor can bit a little bitter sweet, but if you know where they're coming from, you get used to it. They're very fun people to be around, energetic, funny, optimistic, and a bit crazy. Gotta love em.

  38. I know a few aries;my mom and sister are one.And they're pretty carefree in between social and quite laugs alot and almost are like asexual.

  39. you are right about me helping and fighting for the under dog. But as far as me not being able to have a steady relationship your way off base!!! And, I have been only in 4 relationships in my life Thank you,

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