TTC Musician Leo Zhang

I’m Leo Zhang, I’m a TTC subway musician
and right now I’m playing at Royal York Station. (Playing cello) Everybody else was either a pianist or violinist
in my family, but I decided to do something different. I picked up the cello and I fell in love with
it because it’s very deep and closer to the human soul. (Playing cello) This cello here is 95 years old plus,
going on 96. My dad picked up this cello from a friend
who made it in Germany. This friend won the competition of the best
instrument maker in Germany and this is the instrument that got him the prize. (Playing cello) Over the 18 years as a TTC musician, every
day is an interesting experience. Stage versus subway, they’re both stages. I perform with the same 110 per cent intensity,
passion, love to share with these daily commuters. They can listen to me for a second, or an
hour, or two hours – that has all happened. They might not have time to see Roy Thomson
Hall but they got a decent classical repertoire concert right here. Concert in session! (playing cello) Music makes you forever young,
that inspired me. I’m going to live to 150. (playing cello)

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