Travel Tripods/Monopods – 3 Legged Thing Leo vs Manfrotto BeFree Live and Benro Monopod

The thing with camera gear or any gear really is you don’t know what’s gonna work for you until you’ve used it I know we’d all love to purchase the gear we all need the first try So what tends to happen is we try to refine a review or? Recommendation by someone who’s using the piece of equipment in the same way we plan on using it Sometimes I’m not even sure how I plan on using it Sometimes we trust someone who says this is a must-have piece of camera gear. That’s pretty much how I ended up with the Manfrotto be free live and the Benro monopod the video head and the three Locking leg base. I don’t know how to get around it All I hope is that this video helps you figure out what gear you actually need Now, let me clear some of us out and so we can focus on this review Okay. So now that we got that some of that stuff cleared out before I really started getting into Filmmaking, you know, you start acquiring gear before you really know what you need so you’re looking for advice videos like hey, make sure you get this or this is an essential piece for videography or youtubing or photography and So I kind of bought into the the gear hype and it’s fun Gears always fun to shop for it and get you gear at the mill But it’s really hard to know how you’ll be using the gear what features you’ll like until you actually start Working with the gear and and start creating. So here are some things I thought I wanted in a travel tripod or monopod that I I just didn’t need or didn’t like the Manfrotto plate system Did it I thought I wanted the Manfrotto base system. Everybody said how great the Manfrotto plates are but let me let me just show you I mean, I’m not using huge cameras, so But seriously, I mean, so like I said, I’m not a check out my my awesome rebel xti It actually so works in takes pictures I mean so here the Manfrotto plate system now, I didn’t eat it hate the plates when using a mirrorless or DLSR camera I can see the benefit of these plates when using like a Canon C 200 or a red camera like a An actual cinema camera like I could see how these plates like would come in handy otherwise for like DSLR or mirrorless Setup yeah, it’s it’s overkill. Okay. So the next thing I thought I would use that I was like hey You’re doing videography. Make sure you get one with a pan tilt head with the fluid head I’m sure you can make pretty awesome tilts and pans with this but Yeah, I just never use it. I mean for one. I hate this like this just gets in the way I usually take it off anyway And then once you take this off The the pan tilt is really kind of useless because the best way to use these if you watched anybody’s videos Shown you is you take a rubber band and you? Use it a rubber band to give you like a nice nice smooth pan tilt but For what I do? I don’t use it thing that makes it crappy for a travel tripod Is it just it makes up? It’s too big Like it’s too big to pack up like here. Let me Like that the head is just it’s big. Here’s a difference in comparison. So Here’s the three-legged thing and it pack this up So the fluid head it’s not that big deal with packing size but it’s just something that I just don’t need or I don’t use so I would prefer to Just use a ball head You know I have a large tripod that I use in my studio in this studio that the cameras on right now and That has a pan tilt head. I also have a slider on it, but I don’t want it in a travel tripod or monopod I just don’t need it So the next thing I thought I wanted or needed based on a youtubers recommendation is the three leg locking base For a monopod. I mean it’s a super stupid idea for my use It’s just not stable enough to trust leaving my camera unattended for any amount of time And it makes the the monopod huge like this It doesn’t look that big in my hand. But like once I start trying to put this in a bag or something It just makes it huge. So I travel pretty light. I don’t want to check in bags when I Go to the airport. I normally what I use is the shamoto Explorer carry-on roller Set this bag And the other one is the sightseer camera and lens bag and this is actually the bag that most of my camera gear goes into so my last trip I was making a mini documentary for my brother running a half-marathon Knew I was gonna need a monopod for the actual race and a tripod for the interview To get the tripod a monopod in my bags I had to go with the gorilla pod in a stripped-down monopod and I used the ball head from the gril pod on the monopod It actually worked great the Joby ball head that comes on these grill pots. I think this is the 5k model. Do they work? Really? Well the monopod with the Joby Gorillapod head Ball head worked great during the race when it came to the interview. I had really wished I had a legit tripod the gorilla pod worked but it limited the composition of the shot because I had to find Place to mount the guerrilla pocket I was able to make it happen But I had a pass on better composition opportunities as soon as I got back from the trip I started researching a tripod monopod combo I settled on the three-legged thing the Leo model My biggest concern was the Leo wouldn’t be tall enough. I had watched a few reviews, but none of them had demonstrated the height I didn’t want to work from a hunched position on 5 foot 10 and This is what it looks like using each camera support at max height. The Leo is tall enough for me But if you’re much taller than me, you’ll be working from a hunched position After using each support, I found that each one has its compromise Manfrotto is a better tripod swap out this fluid head with the ball head and it would be awesome These lever locks are way easier to use over the twist locks So with the twist locks, it’s like you have to check each one twice to make sure it’s tight enough I mean I might get used to that with time but It’s just a lot easier with a Manfrotto with the lever locks. Just you can visually see that they’re locked It’s just faster But the problem for me with the Manfrotto is it doesn’t offer a monopod in the case that comes with this isn’t big enough And that’s what she said. So the Benro could be replaced with a basic monopod with the ball head I don’t need the fluid head or the locking feet the Benro extends further than the Leo But it doesn’t make a difference for me So the Leo is really well made it has the ball head and uses arc Swiss plate It has the switch the positive locking lever For the ball head. It’s a super versatile Tripod it has a monopod built-in I’m not in love with the number of Lakes sections and the twist locks, but it’s worth the compromise Well, at least for now one thing that’s cool about the three-legged thing monopod is how Like small like what a small package you could Pack this so you just throw it, you know it comes in two sections. So you do have to put it together I use the monopod like when I do sports or like go to my kids games and stuff like that so I can do is just throw my camera gear in this bag and then That’s the monopod so I don’t have like a separate model and like there’s no way I’m fitting this in this back Micah price. I I could strap it to it but a muffin and then Yeah, it’s even packed up smaller Obviously, this is a tripod not a monopod, but just to give you an idea of Size here are the cases that each support come with this is me trying to fit those into the cases This is what it looks like trying to fit each support in the tripod pocket of the shamoto bag I hope this video gave you a better idea what gear you need I make videos on a regular ish basis The holidays and the weather are kind of messing up my posting schedule So please like subscribe to see new videos And don’t forget to live and learn or die stupid

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  1. I thought I wanted or needed. Thank you so much. Your process of buying is how is similar to mine if not the same. Lol. And it's really not just marketing just.. The way there reviewer reviews it. You're video was excellent in describing what it is isn't good for. We need more of if that

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