These Zodiac Signs Stay Looking Young The Longest

Hey there, astrology nerds! You might have noticed that some people age
quicker than others. I think that your zodiac sign has something
to do with it. For instance, that Taurus you dated about
10 years ago… She still looks the same. That Aquarius you know looks better in his
40’s than he ever did. In this video, I am going to talk about 8
zodiac signs who age slower than others. Let’s begin, shall we? #1 Taurus People born under this zodiac sign are a force
of nature. I mean strong, determined and stubborn. It’s very hard to change their mind once
they have made a decision. Taurus people are strong willed and draw people
towards them. Another interesting quality is that they age
very slowly. It’s almost as if they look better in their
40’s and 50’s. If you have grown up with a Taurus, you have
definitely already noticed this. People born under this zodiac sign have a
youthful spirit even in later parts of their life. Most astrologers agree that it’s because
of Venus. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus after
all. Since we are talking about the Venus effect,
another zodiac sign needs to be mentioned. #2 Libra Libra is the zodiac sign that knows how to
get things done. They are very rational, logical and efficient. If you’re stuck with a problem, ask a Libra. They are excellent at solving them. They can also easily charm people. Similar to Taurus, Libra looks younger for
a longer period. If you don’t believe me then just look at
Eminem. He was born on 17 of October, 1972 and still
looks like he is in his late-20s. The strong Venus influence can be seen in
all Libras. Generally, Libra people would look to be in
their 20’s when they are in their 30’s. Some might even look younger. It’s okay to be confused when you see people
with this zodiac sign. You’ll probably think they’re younger
than they really are. Before we continue, check out our video where
we explain your perfect match based on your zodiac sign. Now, let’s move on. #3 Scorpio Venus isn’t the only planet that knows how
to stay youthful. In fact, Mars is also in the same league if
not in a better one. One good example of this is Scorpio. They may be a water sign, but Scorpio sure
displays some fiery characteristics. People born under this zodiac sign have a
burning passion hidden underneath the ice cold exterior. Even in old age, Scorpios maintain a youthful
spirit. Although they are never really willing to
express it. They like to keep a low profile, yet still
manage to attract people without a problem. They are usually up to date with all the latest
happenings in the world. So if you think that you can challenge a Scorpio
in a battle of wits, think again. Just because they’re older doesn’t mean
they’re stupid. #4 Aries This list would be incomplete if we didn’t
mention this sign. The headstrong and impulsive Aries also symbolizes
youth. Additionally, it is another Mars-ruled zodiac. So yes staying young is something we can expect
from Aries. A very good example of this would be actress
Amy Adams. Despite being in her mid-40s, Amy has the
same enthusiasm she did in her 20s. Whether it is performing on screen or accepting
awards, you can see that she is still a free spirit. This is a common trait among Aries people. Most astrologers say their enthusiastic mentality
also affects their physical appearance. This is why they often look younger than they
are. On that note, we have made a video specifically
for Aries people, so feel free to check it out. #5 Aquarius When you think of an Aquarius, you see someone
who’s eccentric. Aquarius people like to do things their own
way. They don’t care about the rules. Aquarius believe their own instincts more
than orthodox methods. That is just how Aquarius people have been
hardwired, and guess what… They won’t change. This unorthodox nature also comes with a youthful
appearance. Most Aquarius people age slowly. Many of them are stuck looking like teenagers,
even in their 40s. Billie Joe Armstrong is a very good example
of such an Aquarius. The Green Day frontman man was born on 17th
of February, 1972. If you’ve seen him lately, he still likes
like he was in his 20’s. #6 Gemini This eternal child of the zodiac also happens
to look like a child in real life. Youthfulness is actually a common feature
among all air signs. Whether it is Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. No wonder they have all been featured in this
list. Geminis have a youthful personality to go
along with their looks. As a result of that, it is very easy to confuse
them for someone younger. Additionally, Geminis can be quite short,
which adds to this illusion. But don’t let that appearance fool you. Geminis are among the most intelligent zodiac
signs. They are good with details and can decipher
puzzles very quickly. Apart from that, they are also good debaters. So messing with them is never a good idea. You can know more about Geminis by watching
the video, “Why You Should Consider Dating A Gemini?” We have discussed all things you need to know
about this zodiac sign. #7 Leo It isn’t everyday someone’s considered zodiac
royalty. This is where Leo makes a difference, the
cat of the zodiac likes to stay cheerful. Leo people are often very enthusiastic about
life. Of course, their enthusiasm is nothing in
comparison to that of Aries. They make up for it with their charisma. This is a trait that makes them appear even
more attractive. Most Leos have very charming personalities,
they love attention and know how to command it. You will meet them at parties, social gatherings
or gyms. When you do, one of the first things that
you will notice is how young they look. A 30-year-old Leo may look like a 20. Like Taurus, some Leos look better as they
age. #8 Cancer Scorpio isn’t the only water sign that ages
slowly. Cancer is one of those too. French actress Eva Green is a very good example
of such a Cancer. At 39, she looks even better than she did
in her 20s. Many Cancers display a similar pattern of
youthful appearance. Similar to Leo and Taurus people, Cancers
usually look better with age. In this case, it isn’t like the Venus or Mars
effect. Cancers are people who like to take care of
themselves. They believe in treating their body like a
temple. So, it is not a surprise they look so young. Alright, those are some zodiac signs that
look younger than their chronological age. Here are some that don’t age as gracefully. #1 Pisces While Scorpio and Cancer get mentions in this
list, Pisces isn’t that lucky. Some Pisces people really don’t age well. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. For example, a Pisces with an Aries ascendant
may look very young, but we won’t be counting them. Don’t feel depressed if you are a Pisces. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. #2 Virgo The perfectionist of the zodiac isn’t really
that perfect all the time. Virgo isn’t the best when it comes to aging
gracefully. This is why they didn’t make it to my list. Don’t be discouraged, Virgos. You have many other qualities worth having. For example, if I have to solve a mystery
or organize a company then I will count on you. #3 Capricorns While Capricorns also like to take care of
themselves, they aren’t as efficient. As such, they often overdo things. This takes a toll on their body, and it shows
in their appearance. Sorry Capricorn, but this is a list you’re
not in. #4 Sagittarius We have to mention Sagittarius, but they don’t
age that well. Most Sagittarius have a very impulsive, happy-go-lucky
nature. This lands them into more trouble than they
would like. Because of that reason, they often end up
going through a lot of stress. You are smart enough to guess the rest. After all, stress isn’t really that great
for the body. Once again, there are exceptions. This includes Sagittarius that have an Aries,
Leo or Scorpio ascendant. They might look younger for their age. Do you think you will age gracefully? Let us know in the comments below, we would
love to hear from you.

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