The Water Diviner Official Trailer + Trailer Review – Russell Crowe : Beyond The Trailer

Prince Hussein asked the man why the carpet he was to sell was so expensive… Come on, what’s the magic word?! The one that makes the carpet fly?! – Tangoo? – That’s it! Tangoo! My prince, whoever sits on this carpet may be transported through the air in an instant. ARGHHHH! Alright boys, let’s get out of here! All together – tangoo! It was my job to steer my boys to manhood, I failed them. You can find water, but you can’t even find your own children… Three sons…killed. That was quite an ordeal for Eliza. I’ll find ’em, love. I’ll find ’em and I’ll bring ’em home to you. – Your guide book is out of date. – I didn’t come here to sightsee. – I’m on my way to Gallipoli. – There’s nothing there but ghosts. Surely you were told this is a restricted zone. It’s not safe. I’m sorry but you can’t stay. – Maybe you could help him… – You know what the chances of finding his boys are. He’s the only father who came looking. – Who’s the Turk? – Hasan the Assassin. Wiped out half my battalion. We found your sons. Edward…and Henry. How on God’s Earth did you know they’d be there? – Arthur… – Look after me brothers, and keep my bloody head down. if this is your son he was taken
prisoner he did not die here – So he’s alive?! – I don’t know. – But you have hope. – Hope’s a necessity where I come from. the camps are gone! Go home, Mr. Connor. Nobody will tell me what prison camp they sent Arthur to! I will ride with you. I promised their mother I would find them and bring them home. I measure a man by how much he loves his
children, not by what the world has done to them. if you do find your son, what will you say to him? so if his son’s aren’t dead whose he burying in the middle of the trailer?
this is very confusing for me I kind of at the end, you know, gleamed that one son was alive and that’s what you were searching for which is why there is one
MT crazy because he didn’t find one in the water
right now a water on his property its this is very confusing to me ok
really ago by the way not a promising sign she’s usually in
not very good movies I’m not opposed her personally but her
track record is quite poor at this point so she makes me a little nervous she’s
in this now but the one line it made me feel like me to give this a
shot was one i John Courtney tells that
Turkish up you know general or whoever I he says
you know he is impossible to find sons to
relinquish try al and that the church gentleman response
he’s the only father who ever came looking nasa go it’s very nice so you know they talk about nixon prior I and i
think is a similar type theme although you know obviously couldn’t go
into World War Two battlegrounds on I find you’re missing soldiers your
parents were able to do that so there’s a good if they’re different
elements at play here i which i’m which I wish for better explain I felt a
lot of the trailer I was like Russell Crowe I what your directorial debut to be awesome and it looks like you have
some cool shots here and you look better than you look your
last few movie so kudos to you but I’m really lost and I don’t know
Australian history very well so I’m like I don’t know what we’re talking about
each turkey jerky very far away from Australia outer that
happen she you the whole day is like it’s just it’s almost um you
know unapproachable I I can’t get cold enough
to wanna kinda invested in buying ticket for getting in the actual
story is being told movies okay what you guys think do you
have any idea what’s going on than I do. also I
Australian BTT viewers here on YouTube EDU stumbled across this
trailer review human likeness as to what’s going on I
and also using Russell Crowe looks like he’s a good director I think it looks good visually on his
directing choices but tell his ability to tell a story right I’m not feeling it also you read all the
girly and out is the case is definite comes to me can
you name a good although clearly a good movie I think
you’ll have a hard time all right thank you so much for tuning
in to my review and you can check more episodes right now

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