The Ace of Swords – tarot card divination

The Ace of Swords, the Root of the Power of
Air. Now as in the other Aces, Crowley does not give any divinatory meanings for this
card be he does go into a lot into its structure. So lets see what’s going on here. So the first
thing is the Ace of Swords is the primordial energy of air, the essence of Vau in Tetragrammaton.
So the Tetragrammaton is Yod He Vau He, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Vau is at Tipareth and
it is the Sun. Ok? It is the conjunction of Fire and Water, Mummy and Daddy makes babies.
So we have fire, Sol and the Phallus for this reason it is the first card to be apprehended
by the normal consciousness of mankind. There is a kind of idea that we can’t really go
past Tipareth, the rest of it is unknown, except that we have been talking about it
all this time so it can’t really be that bad. The air is of such cards such as the 7 and
10 of Cups, ie of an order altogether higher than the much milder 4 of Swords. They are
basically, he is saying that in this whole system we are talking about the minor arcana
the wands are to do with Chokmah, and the Cups are to do with Binah, these two sephirah
are above the Abyss. we come down now to below the abyss which is comprehensible. He says,
the obvious symbol of air is the wind which bloweth wheresover it listeth. it lacks the
concentrated will of fire or to unite with water, its a bit all over the place. There’s
no corresponding passion to its enemy element earth. There is a noble passivity in its nature,
evidently it has no self generated impulse. It doesn’t know who it is yet. But set in
motion by the mother and father its power is manifestly terrific. This is like the mother
and the father saying Son, you are this, you are that. Now it is time to go and do what
you got to do. Before that he is kind of playing with his toys and all that. It visibly attacks
its objective as they being of a subtler more tenuous character can never do. Now there
is the idea of the Son avenging father or doing what the father couldn’t do is very
much in this doctrine. It is all-embracing, all-wandering, all penetrating, all-consuming
qualities have been described by many admirable writers and its analogies are far the most
part patently obvious to the observers. Now we go into something about Yetsirah, because
we did Briah where fire and water is. Atziluth is the Aces, there is chokmah and binah, and
now we are down into yestirah, formation. Which is where the book of Yetsirah, The Sepher
Yetsirah comes from. And the Yetziratic world is not the air the first element to follow
spirit? Is not Fire the emergence of the phenomenal from the arcane obscurity of Akasha? How may
one reconcile the doctrine of mind with the fact that Ruach actually means spirit itself.
Achad Ruach Elohim Chaim means one in spirit, not the elder gods or the living. And is not
Air properly attributed to Mercury, the breath of life, the word of the Logos itself? Sepher
Yetsirah is a Kabbalistic book from the 12th Century in Spain, which is kind of a train
spotters guide to kabbalism in the way men of a certain age retire to the garden shed
to organise and sort all the nuts and bolts into various boxes and things. Liber 777 is
very much of this ilk as well, its a structuring and ordering into lots and lots of tables
which can be mind-boringly tedious but are a mine of information if you know where to
look. So he is doing this rhetoric on the whole kind of, he is doing a tease about getting
onto Liber 777. He says an interesting thing, We have ARARITA as well. it is about these
are the nuts and bolts that generate and create all the other stuff. If you know the bits
and put them together you can create rituals and magic and all kinds of things. But if
you don’t have that knowledge you can’t do it. it is the tedium, the hard work of the
journey. OK. He says, The student, see, the student, must be referred to some less raw
cursory elemental superficial treatise which I think is to do with probably Liber 777 in
many respects. it is the mind categorising things, its the mind differentiating things,
the mind is saying this is different to this, which creates separation, which means you
have to bring them together, but it is difficult to do that because you put separation in.
Solve et Coagula is very much to do with the Lovers, this idea of synthesis and analysis,
breaking things down and putting them back together again. The Ruach is concentrating
in the area to do with Tipareth, the Sun, the first-born of the father, and the son
the first emanation of the creative phallus, derived already from his Mother binah, Zain,
the sword, which is Gemini, the Lovers, the supplement to the intuitive sense which is
absolutely of the nature of Neshamah. From his father Chokmah is informed through the
path of He, the Great Mother, the Star, Our Lady Nuit, So you got path He in the Star
here, he transposed He and Tzaddi, so that the creative impulse is communicated to him
by all possibilities soever. Finally from Kether the Supreme Descends directly upon
him the the path of Gimel the High Priestess as the true initiation. The Three in one is
the secret mother the polymorphous plenitude, these alone hail the thrice-blessed of the
Supernals. Because it is, even though Aries is not in the Supernal because you have Water
and Fire there, it is connected through the High Priestess, it drops down from the High
Priestess down to Tipareth at the centre. So Tipareth is Air, ruled by the Sun which
is why you see the Sun symbol at the centre of the Fool card. And then he says the sword
represents the sword of the Magus, Crowned with the 22 rayed diadem of pure light. The
number refers to the atu and 22×11 gives the magical manifestation of Chokmah wisdom, the
Logos. 11 is the number of magic and change also the High Priestess is 11 in the Roman
Numerals II. Upon the blade accordingly is inscribed the Law, Thelema, this word sends
forth the blaze of light dispersing the dark clouds of the mind. We are also into the area
of the Magus card itself. who is the Word, the Logos as well. There is a slightly messianic
quality to this card as well. Have you noticed he is just kind of looking around at what
the air card represents out of all these things that these sparks of everything that goes
on there that you have to integrate to generate yourself, otherwise there is chaos, so the
next card in the sequence is the 2 of Swords, Peace.

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