Tea and Tarot: My Misconceptions About The Light Seers Tarot Deck And Deck Flip Through.

*soft background Music * Hello Wonderful People and welcome to Tea and Tarot Today we are going to be looking at the light seers tarot And I thought I would bring out one of my favourite mugs That was gifted to me by a very close friend it is a Libra mug That I Absolutely adore and I have this really lovely honey stirrer that was also gifted to me but the design on this mug is beautiful it has the astrological symbol of Libra and all the moon phases it is covered in stars and gold this is just a really lovely mug to use so lets get started shall we lets firstly place the mug here now today I am going to be using one of my favourite teas Blue Raspberry by Bird and blend Tea Co. (not Sponsered) I will take my handy dandy loose tea strainer pop it in there I then have my 1 cup of perfect tea spoon a perfect Teasppon which i will scoop a teaspoon of tea okay so now the tea is ready we are going to very carefully remove this. careful because it is hot The Light seers Tarot now I had seen this deck online an awful lot and i never really thought it was a tarot deck for me mostly because most of the posts I saw online were all very… …not my sort of style when it comes to tarot however It was when I saw a particular post i suddenly realized I wanted to see this deck for myself okay so this is the card that drew me to this deck The 3 of swords this card is about pain it is about grief and loss it is about being stabbed through the heart and bound by your emotions the detail and raw energy in this card just really spoke to me the way the girl in the foreground is screaming at the sky . wailing. she has the swords Tattooed on her arm and she is bound by the string of her heart now i don’t know if you are familiar with the… I believe it is Chinese story of the red string of fate this is a simplifed version, but essentially the story goes : attached to everyones little finger is an invisible, red string of fate that no matter how tangled or twisted it becomes through life it will always bind you to your destiny to your other half it is a story about soulmates essentially but as you can see there are multiple threads all tangled around her and she is trying to stitch the broken peices back together but you can see the anguish and pain in this image and for a deck which i had seen so many airy-fairy, positivity and light images of to see an image which is portrayed with such anguish and darkness gave me a completely different feel for this deck and when I saw this post online this is when i decided that this was the deck that I wanted to get next because i wanted to see what else this deck had to offer so then lets have a proper look on the inside of the box as you open it it reads: and into the grey we follow. like a thousand flickering stars and there in a sunlit hollow we lose and find what is ours dear light and shadow seeker may this deck help you to find what is yours I found that just a very moving piece of writing and i like that the author mentions both the light and the shadow because it is called the light seers tarot but the deck does encompass the entirety of the human experience lets have a look at the guide book that comes with it Tea is slightly still too warm to drink but that’s okay so this booklet comes with the deck it is a pretty general booklet it has all the meanings it has black and white illustrations of all the cards within the book and some quotes to describe each card a positive and negative (list of key words )
or upright and reversal of the card and a general overview of the card itself but it is the way that this book deals with tarot which i found interesting let me read you this first passage tarot Basics for the new card slinger if this is your first experience with tarot welcome. what an absolute honor it is to share this practice with you know that there is no right or wrong way to read with the cards some people use the cards to better understand who they are and what they want some look to the cards for guidance and to highlight shadow aspects of themselves and some use the cards in a predictive manor how you use the cards is totally up to you there is no need to memorize every card meaning before you begin to work with the cards i created the artwork on each card to bring a clear message to you and each character is a sacred guide to your own intuition your first impression of the card is the best meaning this guide book is meant as a reference and resource and should bolster your own unique conversation with the cards i highly suggest a technique called path working to learn more path working is having an imaginary conversation with the cards character during your own creative visualization or meditation practice you will be amazed at the information that you can receive from your own guidance system i really like that the author acknowledges that there is no right or wrong way to use tarot and that there are many different practices for people who come to tarot some people use it just to highlight the feelings that they are already feeling inside them some people come to it from a more spiritual aspect and some come to it from a religious aspect Or Psychic aspect or whichever angle you may personally believe in there is another section that i also really like with this deck before you start it gives you a small exercise to do ~ now the first thing i do when i get a new deck is to go through all the cards and with this deck for the first time that I have experienced with any deck even my previous…. …even with my personal favorite deck, which i feel this may become my new favourite but my previous favourite deck even that deck when going through each card i didn’t always instantly know the meaning of the card but the imagery of these cards is so clear that as i looked at each card i already knew what the meaning was without having to refer to the guidebook or having to refer to another tarot dictionary and so i look through the cards found those meanings and then looked at this guide and I like this little exercise which i might actually do with other decks now the author writes connect with your cards start by choosing your light and shadow cards before you get started take a moment to connect with your cards by simply flicking through the deck with the intention to see each card and feel its energy you will be getting yourself acquainted with the stories and themes in the light seers Tarot as you spend time noticing the different characters and scenarios take note of your visceral reactions to the cards the image that brings you the most joy will be your Light card whereas the card that you feel the most aversion to will be your shadow card your shadow card may be a card in the deck which you do not like and that is totally okay this is something you should do intuitively without looking at the guide to decide which of the meanings you prefer as you explore the cards ask yourself : which one feels the most inspiring? which one feels like it really gets you? which one feels like a giant YES in your system? these will help define your light card which card do you feel the least attracted to ? which one just turns you off? which one makes you the most uncomfortable these will help you to define your shadow card go ahead and pick your two cards now your light and shadow cards will be your trusted allies and guides as you work with the light seers tarot and they will become your messengers along the path often the card you choose as your light will feel the most like where you are going or who you want to be consider it to be a special nod from the cards when it shows up in a reading because it is going to be your big badass Yes card the card that lets you know you are on the right track conversely your shadow card will be the one that stirs up the most feelings of discomfort quiet often this is because this card has an important lesson to teach you spend some time with your shadow card now if you like maybe find its meaning in the guide book and pull out your journal what lesson does the card have for you right now? what is it about the card that rubs you in the wrong way maybe it is the character in the card? or the situation they seem to be in ? perhaps they remind you of a time in your life or a person from your past most importantly, try to discern how this card could have a positive influence on your life were you to easily accept the wisdom found in the card we can often learn a great deal about the challenges that we are facing inside our darkest shadows as you work with the light seers tarot your shadow card will serve as a reminder that some aspects of your situation is being blocked by a shadow that you have created and that there is an opportunity to turn things around by working with a more positive mindset now as you can see I have already written what my cards are on the book and i will find them in the deck now to show you I really like this aspect that i had not come across in tarot before and i feel that this is a really cool way to look at the cards and finding a way that resonates with you of positive and negative aspects of the deck as I already discussed it in detail im sure you can all geuss my shadow card the three of swords that card…. Interestingly, usually it is the Tower card that is most provocative for me within a deck how ever in this case it is the 3 of swords now i spent a lot longer coming to decide which card would be my Light card there were a few contenders it was the page of wands that won out this card just has so much care free energy as someone who is very anxious this is the card that I aspire to be carefree willing to try new things taking on creative, and fun, wild, energetic, exciting things this card just brings so much energy and it speaks to me in cycles as you can see here the beginning of something the mastering of something the starting somthing new again this card really spoke to me in a way that although there were quite a few contenders the others just didn’t have that same Ummpf now you can see the contrast in the colours of these two cards this card is so bright and full of light and this card is very muted, the only colour that really stands out is the red and the darkness of the background of course there are other colour tones in there but they are very muted colours where as this card is vibrant. there are slight shadows on the edges but they are diminished by the brightness of this card if you have your own tarot decks, what would be your light and shadow card? leave a comment down below i’ve already discussed these do i will put them to one side now we have had a look at the guide book lets pull out the deck now I have been working with this deck so the cards are not in order but I just wanted to take us through the different cards and their energy *flip through with soft background music* I really like this depiction of the Empress the pregnant belly is the earth she is connected to divine energy above her she is mothering. she has a shoal of fish on her sholders this is a very earthly and nurturing card i absolutely adore this tea i really like the imagery on this card, the star card i like that she is connected to the light this card signifies holding on to your hopes and dreams this card was another that I considered for my light card it is a very peaceful card and i like the way that she is looking up at the sky i also really like the galaxy art work at the top here i find that really pretty this card I really like as you can see you have a wreath of laural signifying victory you have someone stood in the spotlight there are crowds of people this card could be a very positive card Victory, success. being in the spotlight , being cheered on by those who surround you but i can also see it as overcoming your fears being brave, taking that step into the spotlight which is often hard to do being overwhelmed by the things that surround you this card both has imagery of success but also of anxiety and fear maybe this is because i have anxiety myself and stepping out onto a stage in this way is a big deal for me so it feels like this is a very triumphant thing to come forward and put themselves into the spotlight or perhaps the spotlight is being shone into their face unwillingly the blinding light of an integration light those people in the crowd could be reaching out for her not in positivity but Often we find trolls Online, we find hate in those who surround us and so i feel that this card shows within the one image both kinds of sides of it of the upright and reversal meanings this is another card I really enjoy in this deck. The hanged man the support of the yoga sling reaching towards the light and the unknown you are supported but you can reach outside of your comfort zone this is an interesting rendition of the tower card you have the grassy peak or grassy verge reaching up towards the sky being struck by lightning but here instead of the people falling from the windows or the fires there are emperor butterflies which i see as a sign of transformation and instead of falling they are taking flight this is another card that I am really liking
The Queen of Swords you can see here the cup locked away the cups are often a symbol of emotions this person, the queen of swords is sitting and contemplating now this image really reminded me of a general in war especially with the flags and the bird in the sky here and the styling of her katana actually reminded me of Mulan now this card says to think logically and clearly take your time to contemplate your next move don’t let your emotions rule you * Tea Refill Break * now we are back on track so I wanted to draw attention to the death card Or in this case, Death, Infinity, Rebirth. Card this is trying to take away some of the misconceptions that the death card indicates that someone is going to die that it is about endless cycles the end of something and the rebirth of something i feel like this card has a lot of imagery within it here we see the edge of a scythe of the reaper this cloak kind of indicates a reaper figure but i feel like this is shrouding the end of something and opening up to something new there is light at the end of the tunnel i think this is a really lovely concept for the card it is vibrant and open and full of colour an life it isn’t dark or scary imagery it is somthing that i think will put people at ease when it comes to reading these cards ah. another card I wanted to talk about this imagery of the devil card i found really interesting because this guy here he looks quiet enticing, he is holding out his hand, inviting you into his mystical world. but down here we see the strings attached there is a catch this person is in despair we need to untangle ourselves from our vices now the fool is a card that I am going to come back to at the end Iam going to put it to one side because I wanted to talk about the imagery of this card In conjunction with another card the moon card is one that i have always struggled to read the imagery of and i feel that this card ( within this deck) really showed me what this card was about you are underwater you are drowning the tide is controlled by the moon the waves are coming in strong everything is out of control this also gave me images of depression and those struggles that you face when you are dealing with these kinds of things it reminded me of the bell jar by Silvia Plath okay so , we have started to loose the light a little so i apologize for the light change but this is what I wanted to draw to your attention regarding the fool now the fool is the first card of the tarot deck, as i am sure most of you are aware. however, if you are not; the fool is the first card of the major arcana and the world is the last some refer to the Major arcana as the fools journey, starting with the fool and ending at the world what i wanted to highlight mostly about this was that the fool card is about taking this leap of faith, perhaps you are not looking where you are going and… sometimes that can be a positive and sometimes that is a negitive but what i wanted to point out here was what the fool is falling into this kind of spiritual energy here under the cliff surounds the person in the world card they have fallen and they have found what they were looking for and this is a never ending cycle obo…. I can never pronounce it…. our….robor…rus…. ouroboros otherwise know as the snake which is biting its own tail a symbol for infinity and never ending cycles and so as we reach the world we step back into the path of the fool about to step out into a new cycle i thought that this was really interesting that the imagery of these two cards is so tied together in this way because very often in other decks that i have seen these images are not very well interlinked but we can see here the way that this is coming upwards it is also coming upwards here in the same way if you look at the lines drawing inwards on the world card it is as if this person has fallen through this card … and into this one i find this a really interesting conection and I am personally really enjoying the way that this deck does tell a story through its cards but now we have looked at all the cards which was your favourite? what would you like to see more of? leave a comment down below and let me know But I feel that the time has come now that we have had a full look at this deck lets give this a shuffle as we know kind of where the cards are and now i’m not doing a reading for myself here i was thinking that i would give these cards a good shuffle and draw three cards of what this deck wants to present to us what can we gain from this deck? and perhaps why you should consider this deck that is what I just wanted to do it may seem like a silly reading to some as some people would disagree with certain kinds of readings But I just wanted to give an example of what this deck can do for you and maybe like me you are a bit on the fence about this deck at first and perhaps seeing these images and seeing the way these cards read again I had seen online that some people had been complaining about the cardstock but i find the card stock really nice so i wonder if some people (because you have got to be care on some online stores such as Amazon as there are a lot of knock offs) I bought this directly from the lightseers tarot website and the cardstock seems really nice, the cards shuffle well straight out of the box and i have had no real issues with these cards so i’m just going to cut the deck we have drawn the wheel the 10 of wands and the 5 of cups thats interesting 10, 10 and 5. let me move that so it is not shadowing the cards so what i am getting from this reading is the deck wants to present itself to us … well I am kind of getting my feelings from this which is I took a chance on this deck because i didnt know how I was going to feel about it but this deck this deck Is energized, balanced , it goes through cycles as i said with the Fool and the world you are seeing these cycles repetitively (in the images of the deck ) it is a creative deck it is a deck that is fun and balanced and like I said you should take a chance on this deck the 10 of wands, now i see this card maybe a little bit differently because I see that she is leaving the wands as she carries on this journey and i feel like it is about letting go of your baggage but also about traveling forwards about using your resources to light your path in terms of this deck that could mean to trust in the deck, that it will be a valuable resource to use in moving forward with your tarot reading i have found so far that reading these cards is so intuitive and that perhaps those of you who feel a bit stuck and unable to read the cards because you feel held back by having to constantly look at the book or guide that came with your deck or not feeling confident in your reading abilities and perhaps you should trust go on your journey and that this deck is a good deck for doing that and again with the 5 of cups i see, again the cups are a symbol of emotions and i see this deck… not deck , card. as letting go of those emotions that are holding you back these thoughts are rooted into the ground but they are being let go into the drain and it is flowing away from this person here she is holding onto the good and letting go of what no longer serves her in terms of this deck this could be to possibly let go of misconceptions as I said I had misconceptions of what this deck was really about before I looked into it and perhaps this deck is worth taking a change on i feel that I am definitely going to be going on a journey with this deck and that this deck is quiet intuitive and perhaps will help you therapeutically in uncovering those emotions inside of you I know a few people who see tarot not as mystical or as a divine entity or anything along those lines but as a tool for looking at the imagery and the thoughts and feelings that come up within them are the thoughts and feelings that were already there in their subconscious but needed to bring to the surface in a very kind of psychological way not a mystical way and so perhaps this deck is suitable for all paths in ways that we may not even realize what do you see in these cards? what are your opinions on this deck? we are nearly out of tea and I feel like this is a good point to end this video Thank you for tuning in to Tea and Tarot and i hope to see you all Next time please give this video a Like and a subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video

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