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Hello my lovely Taurus, and welcome to your
2020 astrology forecast. Please also check your Ascendant and your Moon sign. They are very important as well. 2020 will bring to all of us, big changes
and big transformation, it’s a very important year, a year of communication. But let’s see what 2020 has in store for you. You will be focused on making money, and you’ll
redefine yourself, you will learn things about yourself and about your ability of making money,
your ability to grow in the financial area, and to build from scratch something that will give you the life you want. The luxury and the pleasures that you are searching for. With Uranus in your sign there are still more
things to learn. You will see yourself differently. If you have underestimated yourself until
now, a new light will shine on you, and it will be very clear by the end of the year
who you really are and what you are capable to build. Don’t forget also to check you Ascendant and your Moon sign. Your creativity and your imagination will
be at a very high level, and this is an important aspect and gift for you from Venus that is
transiting your own sign, and you have to take full advantage of this creativy as it will help
you build a foundation, and please use your imagination as much as you can. Don’t take it for granted. This year your 9th House is powerfully activated
with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. And what is the 9th house about? It’s about your belief system, about learning. It’s about your spiritual path and sharing your knowledge. Conecting with different countries and different people. Broden your horizonts. Starting something new, a change in your perspective about life. Traveling this year could change you. You can learn something profund that will
have a very big impact on you on a spiritual level. Venus will retrograde starting from the midlle
of May until the end of June in your 2nd house. And the 2nd house it’s not only about the money you make from the work you do. It’s a period of time when you have to take a look at your
own value, at what you bring to the table, what gives value to you as a person, at your
abilities, your hobbies, maybe you will return to an old hobbie. This year, for Taurus, is a year of expansion. The focus will be on yourself! WHAT YOU ARE, WHAT YOU FEEL, HOW YOU SEE LIFE, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE. What is your truly your hearts desire. What really makes you happy. You have to go deep inside your soul and
mind, and ask yourself what do you want, what do you need, who are you? What is your belief system. What are you passionate about? You will start a completely new direction
this year, and this new direction it has to be about you .
On this new path you may start to think that maybe you aren’t good enough, but do not
let the fear take you down, just go for it, from the bottom of your heart. It’s the time of change, and if you don’t
become flexibile, the change will come by force, with powerful impact and turmoil. If you refuse to go with the flow , people
and circumstances will force the change on you, so it’s better to be prepared so that
the changes that happen, not take you by surprise. It’s a period of time when you will probably
hear from your closed ones that you are completely insane, but you just keep doing what you do best. If you find yourself in a legal situations,
things will solve in you favor, but don’t let others interfere to much in your decisions
and your life. If your instinct is telling you that it’s
not ok to do some things, or to sign some papers or to trust someone, just listen to
it. It’s ok to be positive and trust people,
but don’t let others manipulate you. Combine your imagination with your creativity
and with the experience that you gathered until now and you can build something amazing. Using communication as a basic tool, you can fulfill your wishes. Sharing what you want and need will take you
exactly where you want to be. Your intuition will help you very much, trust your intuition this year, listen closely what your inner self it’s telling you, you can even receive messages in you dreams, listen to your soul, it will give you the answers that you are
looking for. Listen to yourself. Don’t be discouraged, trust yourself. Maybe you will start something big, and at
times you could encounter difficulties, but trust yourself and go for it. Every beginning can be tough sometimes, but
if it’s truly what you want and what makes you happy, don’t step back, and don’t
sit down. You will develop this year an empath side..so
try to stay away from negative people, and if you can not avoid them, at least ignore
them. Surround yourself with positive people as
much as you can. At a spiritual level, your are not alowed this year to go into depression,
because, as I mentioned, you will develop some empath powers, and if you will get depressed,
you could amplify those negative emotions and fears. Go to places that give you inspiration
and good vibes. Visit places that you enjoy, talk with people that give you positive energy. Stay strong and positive. It will be a fabulous year for you. You can also become a teacher , a protector
or even a mentor for a group of people, for the ones that you love. It can be your family or you closest friends. and you will feel the need to help them.To guide them and to
protect them. This year has gifts for you that you have to fructify, creativity, intelligence, vision, mental strength and intuition. Use them carefully and you’ll have nothing to lose, only to gain, as you always wanted. Taurus is a fixed and earthly sign. He is conservative . There is a need for stability, security and certainty in him. He doesn’t like change. He accommodates himself quite difficult in new conditions and circumstances, but these year will be completely different. For Taurus, with all the activity this year, the energy level can drop. So it’s very important to take care of your health. Find a balance. Don’t drink to much and don’t eat to much. Diet is very important. Especially since nutrition provides the energy level needed to successfully complete your plans, and fulfil your dreams. Taurus is actually one of the favorite zodiac signs this year. The planets support you! You as a Taurus, are encouraged to do new things, to explore no realms, and to work for your dreams, and at the end of the year, you’ll definitely see how you’ve changed and you could even be proud of what you’ve built! Thank you for watching dear Taurus, you will have a wonderful year, I will soon post the MONTHLY FORECAST, so please SUBSCRIBE and
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