Tarot divination情境占卜_你與前任的緣分?Your fate with your predecessor(English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 subtitle

Hello! Hello everyone. Today, the topic we want to test is One day, when you are dreaming Suddenly, the dream you dreamed of was back to childhood. Then you need to help clean up Whether it’s cleaning the outdoors or cleaning the classroom Still where? This time? There are five things in front of you. You intuitively know which thing you want to sweep most. This thing is more like grass, weeds Then this is more like a branch, this is the second The third one is a bit like the petal that was stepped on. Or fallen petals This is like having a lot of sand! Earthy That is more like someone flipping a drink Or is there something that flows after it? a bit thick, or stuck on the ground You now choose the one you want to sweep with your instincts. Have you chosen it? Because it is in a dream, so after you finish it, You want to talk to your friend and say to go nearby When you sway, you will sway to the garden behind the school. Because it has just rained, the soil is a bit wet. At this time, you have looked at the dirt. As a result, you will find these footprints. What kind of footprint do you find in your instincts? The same, there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from here. There are six footprints You intuitively, you are in the garden and then see that it has just rained What a strange footprint you see on the wet soil That today’s picture is these two Then, this topic The first question it is asking is to say Your fate with your predecessor Because this topic is actually a netizen posting a message on the Internet. Say he wants to know about compounding But because of questions about compounding or making decisions I feel that returning to the root After all, we still want the parties, we have the choice So, this topic will be said Let you judge with a more objective angle Or is it for you to refer to I want to say what you are doing with him. So this question is asking The first picture that is asking is your fate with your predecessor. If you choose the first one This is weed, or grass In fact, your fate with your predecessor is not bad. Even you may have talked about marriage at one time. Then maybe I want to say that I want to get married or have to plan for a longer time. Maybe I want to say that the house is going to be in the first place. Or the car loan Or what about the education fund for children? In fact, you all have plans and ideas. But sometimes one of them may want to get married But the other party still has no idea. He may think that you are not bad. But when he still doesn’t have this strong thought He may not actually go I will give you a conclusion now. Or there is a similar one to you, you have ok Ok, say you want to do this Maybe you have not set a deadline. Or one party thinks it should be The other party feels that they still don’t want to decide So your fate with your predecessor is not bad. But this card Should say this picture This picture, it also has a hint to say Your predecessor may have already talked about married people. So if you are thinking about your predecessor now You can pass your possible friends or other ways Go and know about your predecessor He may have the idea of ​​getting married now. But that person is not you, you may need to think again Or look at it If you choose this branch, then Basically your fate with your predecessor It is now temporarily over. Because in fact, both of you feel tired. Whether it is getting along, or quarreling, or the process of breaking up You all feel very tired Because no matter what happened Now you all don’t want to go too deep to understand or review What happened at the beginning? Because sometimes it’s too tired I want to let go of everything Then I don’t want to spend any more effort to explore the original things. Therefore, your current fate with your predecessor is temporarily dormant. If you choose this flower that is like a flower or stepped on, The fate that represents you and your predecessor may be a bit of a quarrel Or the end of an unhappy state So it’s hard to say your fate with him. Because it’s not so happy at the end. After meeting or later remembering each other How do you want to continue? That memory may not be so beautiful When memories are not so good You will want to continue to contact with the other party or the next step of development. You will be more difficult That is, you will feel as if we are going back or compounding back. That result is not necessarily what you want You will be afraid, or the other party will be afraid to say that you are still quarreling. Still wondering if the other person is having a lame Still want to say the other person’s habits, bad habits have not changed So you are currently having a relationship with your predecessor. But your fate comparison is based on a bad impression. So if you are rushing now or if he wants to go back rashly, Development is not necessarily good If you choose this like sand or dirt The fate that represents you and your predecessor should actually be over. The reason is because you have a very strong dispute and quarrel Or is it a bit of competition, not really talking about feelings Very unhappy with each other For example, the other person may make you feel as if you are humiliated to you. I think he is accusing you, not making you very unhappy. Then you don’t want to be willing to look for an opportunity to retaliate against him. Therefore, this relationship is very similar in the end. Who is right, then who has the upper hand? Then who wins, who will retaliate So in fact, your fate with the other party is over. If you continue, You may have more intense movements and quarrels. So, think about getting along with him. Does it affect the emotional pattern after you? If you choose the last one In fact, sometimes you and your predecessor will remember each other. But, do you think you will find him again? Do we have any reason to meet? Do we need to meet? In other words, you all feel that you are not so good. Or, the other party may not care for themselves. Is a state of uncertainty and lack of confidence. But in fact, if you are thinking about each other with your predecessor’s heart, On behalf of you, there is actually a fate. But the fate is that someone has to take the initiative to do an action. For example, whoever starts to contact, or greets a friend Or seeing a friend in a party again So if you have hope in your heart, you can explain it clearly with your predecessor. Or if you want to try it out I suggest that you can pass through other people or be a public gathering place. Then naturally contact the other person To understand the predecessor, he is now a friend of you. Still already like a stranger, or he doesn’t really want to have contact with you. Still he is curious about you and wants to know how you are doing now. Thinking about him So I suggest you use it more publicly, or some public occasions. Go to contact with your predecessor If you want to contact the other party, Then if you choose the topic just Saying if you are in the back garden of the school Then on the soil, you see which footprint is intuition. Very strange footprints appear in front of your eyes This question is actually asking What is the reason you can’t let go of each other? So if you choose this footprint The reason why you can’t let go of each other is Because you feel that your background, ideas, and ideas are very harmonious. But sometimes these ideas, backgrounds, ideas Or the values, the so-called door-to-door is very suitable, very suitable Very the same class, it does not necessarily mean that you are in harmony with his personality. So, the reason why you will tie up in your mind That is, you think that on the secular level You are very consistent with what conditions he really is. How could it be the last breakup? So, this kind of fight yourself with yourself. Then, I will fight with the thoughts of the elders outside. Elders will also feel that you are clearly How will you break up in the end? Your friend also thinks that you don’t look very good. It’s possible to be a beautiful woman. Then I think each other You look like everyone thinks they should continue to go on. Or shouldn’t it end soon However, in fact, your heart is very clear On the surface, it seems that all secular conditions are not the same as the feelings in you and his heart. Because it feels that it cannot be measured by the mind But when you use your mind to measure the conditions of the world and your feelings You will fight with yourself, you will not come out So you can’t let go of each other’s reasons I feel that you are in a good condition, but how can you break up? This is a bit too much to pass. If you choose this footprint On behalf of you, you will not be able to let go of each other Because you have the dominance in this relationship. You can master all this For example, you can decide how to correspond to him. When he gave you a present, you are happy, not happy. Then, you are the one who has the upper hand. That is, you are in the relationship, this relationship has the dominance So you feel a little addicted to having all the control For example, you can stipulate that he must go home before time. You can stipulate that he has to call at least one day for you. You can stipulate when he should appear in front of you. If he doesn’t appear or is late, you will be angry. You are the one who has control So part of the reason you can’t put it down is Because your control is no way to be satisfied at this time. When you want to control the development of a person and a relationship You can’t have a way to let you control You can’t let go So at this time you can go back and ask yourself In the end, it is impossible to let go of each other. Is it because I love him? like him? Or you just can’t let go of your control and possessiveness If you choose this footprint The reason why you can’t let go of each other Because you think you are hurt. And that injury is probably because there is a third party involved You will feel that you lost, as if you were robbed of a person Or something, an important thing was taken away So you still don’t like the feeling of losing and failing until now. That feeling will always be in your heart. You will want to say, if I was like what I was, the other party would not betray me like this. Or yes, if I work harder Or yes, if you don’t want to be as far away from the other person Or yes, if I am sensitive again, then be considerate Will it be different in the beginning? So, sometimes you can’t let go of each other’s reasons. Because your heart is not willing to dominate this. I suggest you think about it. Do you like it? Still feel that losing is very painful If you choose this footprint On behalf of you, you will not be able to let go of each other Because you are actually very popular Then, you will feel that so many people love me. How can someone finally choose to leave me? Or we ended up with failure You can’t accept this ending. So, why can’t you let go of each other? Some people feel that it seems to have lost a precious thing. But you don’t know exactly what you like. What kind of people do you like, what do you need? You are not sure what you need is a person who is considerate of you. Still need a steady person Still need a humorous person Still need someone who will accompany you These are actually not very sure about you. But you enjoy that kind of being surrounded by many people. The feeling that many people love So, why are you currently unable to let go of each other? In fact, you also need to ask yourself to say In the end, what kind of people do you really need, who is right for you? Maybe this question will be more important If you are choosing this footprint, On behalf of you, you will not be able to let go of each other Is a part of you being forced to separate For example, the other party needs to go to work in a country far away. So he must leave you now. Or he has already left you before. Or because of the reasons inside your own home Or do you want to go abroad to do some business? Or want to study Cause you to leave the country with determination So you have to go to another country, and the distance with him is getting farther. Or your thoughts are too much. One likes to be stable, one likes to run around So the person who wants to run around is resolutely decided to leave. So why can’t you put it down? There are some parts that you think your separation and breakup are forced. Because of the external environment For example, who told you to separate What is the relationship between the environment, or which family factor? Cause you to be forced to leave each other So this will make you very difficult to go You will feel that if the environment is not like the persecutor You will not break up. Or separate conditions If you choose the last footprint On behalf of you, you will not be able to let go of each other Because you like the way you care with him. Rely on each other, then you know what I don’t like I don’t like to eat, then I understand why you are sad. If you don’t speak, you are angry on your behalf. This kind of small, then most people don’t understand But the little things that you can understand each other and the thoughtful place It is the reason why you feel that you can’t let go of each other. Because very few people can understand you like him. If you don’t speak, you can know that you don’t need people to argue now. Or are you not wanting to talk now, just want to sleep? He can understand you without saying a word. You can also understand him without saying a word. So you think it’s hard to find someone in the world who can rely on you so much. Then, if you don’t have to talk, you can communicate with each other. You think this person is very rare. So in one way, you will not be able to let go of the other party. Because he is too connected with you. That’s the topic that I’m testing today with everyone. Is about The first question is your fate with your predecessor. The second question is why you can’t let go of each other. I hope these topics can help everyone. Come here today. thank you all

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