Talking Dragon Age: Old Gods’ History (Fan Theory)

Welcome back to Talking Dragon Age, the show
where I talk about Dragon Age. This episode…WAS going to cover everything
about the Old Gods. But it turns out that – surprsingly – this
topic is absolutely ginormous. So instead, I’m going to split this up into
3 parts… This is part 1, and I’ll be focusing on the
History of the Old Gods. Part 2 will focus more on their nature. Meaning, what they truly are, how they work,
that kind of thing. And then Part 3 will mainly focus on their
Blighted counterparts – the archdemons. Oh, and I should also mention that because
this topic is so big, I’m probably missing something. So let’s get started. Now, I think we should first do a quick recap
of what we’ve been told already. The scholars of Thedas believe the Old Gods
– always considered to take the form of dragons – had been long imprisoned deep underground
when they contacted the people of Tevinter through dreams. The Old Gods then tricked the people of ancient
Tevinter into worshipping them as gods. Eventually, they instructed the Magisters
Sidereal to break into the Golden City. That unleashed the Blight, the high priests
were twisted into darkspawn, and now the Old Gods emit the Calling; twisted music which
only tainted creatures can hear. When the darkspawn finally find an Old God,
it is awakened from its ancient slumber and becomes infected with the Blight, which converts
it into an Archdemon. The Archdemon is then able to command the
darkspawn and leads them in an attack to completely destroy the world. According to the Chant of Light, the Old Gods
were really just demons who resented the Maker when He created mortals. They tried to trick mortals into believing
they were the true gods, for which the Maker imprisoned them deep underground. But, evidently, that did not stop them from
reaching out through dreams. We know the Chant of Light isn’t always completely
accurate, but it usually at least has the main idea right. And there may be something to this theory. Let’s remember, in Jaws of Hakkon, we see
that dragons can be possessed, and Hakkon specifically was worshipped as a god by the
Avvar, and even seemed to believe that himself. So, the Old Gods being powerful demons that
possessed dragons is totally plausible, but it is certainly not the only explanation. Now, the Chant of Light claims it was the
Maker Himself that imprisoned them deep underground. While I personally have my own theory about
the Maker, I also have my own theory about this. The comics reveal a great deal about dragons. Particularly, in the Silent Grove, Yavana
– another daughter of Flemeth and the Antivan Witch of the Wilds – tells of time before
the Veil that dragons truled the skies. She also says that the blood of dragons is
the blood of the world, but I think she may have said that just because it sounded cool. Regardless, here’s my theory: Remember when
Solas talks about the Evanuris’ rise to power? [The Evanuris were Elven mages? how did they come to be remembered as gods? Slowly. It started with a war. War breeds fear. Fear breeds a desire for simplicity. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Chains of command. After the war ended, generals became respected
elders. Then kings. And finally gods. The Evanuris.] “It started with a war.” Against whom? I think it was the Old Gods. It’s possible that it was actually against
the Forgotten Ones, but most – if not all – the tales about them, including one told
by Felassan – an ancient elf – speak of the Forgotten Ones as existing at the same time
that the Evanuris were in power as gods. Then there’s Gelduaran’s claim found in the
Frostback Basin. This also indicates that the Evanuris were
already well-established as supreme rulers at the time that the Forgotten Ones existed. The same could be said about the Titans. Writing found in the Temple of Mythal and
in the Deep Roads during Trespasser seem to claim that the Evanuris faught the Titans
as gods. So, the process of elimination supports the
idea that the war was faught against the Old Gods, since there is no lore connecting them
to the Evanuris. [Nothing in any lore connects my people to
the Old God dragons that became Archdemons.] But of course, it’s possible that the elves
were just fighting themselves, or something else entirely, and the Old Gods had nothing
to do with any of it. But let’s remember that the Old Gods are imprisoned
deep underground, not merely accessible by the Deep Roads. Why? Why would they be down there at all, and what
would be keeping them down there? In the Silent Grove, it’s revealed that Great
Dragons – and presumably the female High Dragons – are able to enter some form of hibernation
and live for centuries. Whatever else they are, it definitely seems
that the Old Gods inhabit the bodies of dragons, so they would theoretically be able to do
the same. But again, why are they underground? It sounds to me like they are imprisoned within
Titans, considering that even the Deep Roads aren’t even close to their prisons. If they were, they certainly would have all
been awakened by now. It takes centuries of endless digging to get
to them. With that considered, that means their imprisonment
would have required a tunnel to be dug to the prison, and then all the rock shifted
back into place in order to seal them in. The elves could have done this relatively
easily considering that they were immortal at the time, and the Veil hadn’t yet been
drawn so their magic would have made it so much easier. That said, it seems more likely to me that
the Titans allowed the Old Gods to be imprioned within their bodies. Extremely far from the Deep Roads, all that
stone being shifted to allow it…I think at the very least least, it would have been
a bargain. Like, the Evanuris made a deal with the Titans
to imprison the Old Gods, before the Evanuris began killing them. I feel like a bargain like that would have
been necessary in any event, since I don’t think think the Titans would have just been
cool with the elves digging into their bodies to trap a powerful dragon. It’s also worth noting that one of the Old
Gods’ former prisons was found beneath Heirdrun Thaig, meaning it was likely within the body
of the same Titan from the Descent. So, quick recap, the theory here is that the
Old Gods faught the ancient elves before the Evanuris were in power. The Old Gods couldn’t be killed for some reason,
so the elves imprisoned them deep within the Titans, who are now asleep or comatose or
something. This is supported by the fact that the Forgotten
Ones hadn’t risen yet at the time of the war, nor were the Evanuris yet fighting the Titans. And, other than the Maker Himself, how else
would they have been imprisoned except by the Titans, or at least their approval? Okay, so I think that’s where I should end
this episode. Like I said, this topic is just way too big
to cover all at once. So that’s it for now, guys! Thank you so much for watching, and remember:
Tela Nadas.

13 thoughts on “Talking Dragon Age: Old Gods’ History (Fan Theory)

  1. This was awesome. I always had this weird theory that the old gods could have been a part of the Evanuris' souls. If Solas had to lock the Evanuris away, perhaps he had to make them less powerful. We know that the Evanuris were the only ones who could/were allowed to turn themselves into dragons. We know that there were nine elven patheon, not counting Solas and Mythal, that makes seven. And there are seven old gods. If Solas sundered the soul of the evanuris in half, then locked their eleven self in what we know as the black city and their dragon self in the abyss with the titans.

    So, when the old gods contacted the magisters, then tricked them into the Golden city, were the Evanuris were. Now if they were as evil as Solas paints them as, then perhaps what they wanted most was to get revenge on Solas. And what better way than to destroy the world he attempted to safe, hence the archdemons and blights.

    This would also explain why Solas never mentions the forgotten ones, because they are the same as the Evanuris. There is a lot morew to my theory, but now I am just starting to rant 😛

  2. My Theron's a lot more simple. I believe there was many great wars and time and legend has been mixed up and facts muddled. First the history Thedas seems to start with the maker. Really it's where all this starts. The maker co existed with large being who seemed to tap into the forces of the world. Wether Titans are huge beings or they use these large bodies to use their magic is uncertain. Titans are really energy with awareness. The maker who is unknown as to physical appearance was the first Titan to commit to a solid form. The maker and the Titans seemed to be the first to go to war. The elves may have existed the same way as the other residents of Thedas at the time and didn't have magic. A simple term used to describe the living energy entities of the time. The product or perhaps the death of a Titan resulted in the creation of bits of fade and the elves tapped into this resource the way we tap into oil and use it to our benefit. The maker resides on the other side of the fade. The elves for some reason couldn't move through this sea of energy but came close. The chantry lore does come very close to this. Then of course the second huge battle occurs between the elves themselves. The dragons many may be the only creature who could travel,through the fade like ships and survive the journey. A little mind boggling but that's my theory.

  3. The hive mind is common to dwarves and darkspawn. That is why the Titans must have something to do with the Archdemons. And I do not think it's just that everyone is underground. The question is: Why dwarves hear calling of the Stone (Titans) less than darkspawn hear calling of the archdemon. Even if the archdemon (also) is asleep. It is something with the taint. I gues. :-/
    Codex entry: Orzammar History: Chapter One
    "Sleeping deep in the Stone itself was the archdemon. They (darkspawn) found him, and awakened him, and the Blight began."

  4. Solid. I've been in the 'they are probably just evanuris or forgotten ones reaching the magister Sidereal through dreams guised as 'old gods'' camp for awhile now due to the fact that we have so little to go on them… and what little we do have to go on seems… spurious… but, this is an interesting take! I would definitely like more info on them though… hopefully we learn a lot about the Old Gods in the next game. Looking forward to the next part

  5. I'm convinced that the titan who gave rise to Red Lyrium was the true source of the Blight and it's disciples, it's version of the "pure" that we see in The Descent, were the first darkspawn. After all the Dwarven Kingdoms were the first to fall. If your theory is correct then Dumat was imprisoned withing that red Titan. However how did that titan become infected? Was it a result of some physical form of madness brought on by the veil that Solas created? We know that lyrium is the blood of the Titans and we know that like the old gods, they too are hibernating, the fade is said to be the world of dreams and the old gods reached out though dreams. Lyrium is the vehicle in which mages are sent to their harrowing… So the Titans and the old gods are connected to the world of dreams so this idea that they could be interconnected (old gods and Titans) makes sense.This raises the question of what caused the first blight? How did Dumat and his Titan host get corrupted? Why is Solas so convince that the Wardens are foolish and dislike them? Any thoughts Kingdom?

  6. Interesting thoughts indeed. I don't buy into the archdemons= old gods theory of the chant anyways. Even the chapter around Tevinter origins, they imagine that the Dreamers could have contacted powerful demons. (Or as I think the Evanuris actually. So my guess is old gods =Evanuris)

  7. It's a great theory, I like it. But I have a number of questions.
    1. Who made a deal with the Titans? The Elven people did it?
    2. If the deal was concluded by the Evanuris, does not that mean they were already kings or gods?

  8. What if the Old Gods are to the Evanuris ahat the Guardian of Mythal is to Mythal? This could theoretically mean that the Evanuris are calling the Darkspawn THROUGH their guardians/vessels, but not actually being there. It is possible that this was their intention when calling the Magisters to the Black City (likely Arlathan). They called them to the Black City THROUGH their dragon servants in order to free them. But something must have gone horribly wrong.

  9. And who else do we know that solves his problems by locking away his undefeatable enemies?
    The dreadwolf.
    Wouldn't it be so ironic if General-Solas did this to win a victory for his people and some time later his evanuris-buddys went crazy with power and fell for the exact same trick?

  10. I saw in another dragon age theory channel that the 'Forgotten Ones' may have infact been former slaves like Solace who were leaders among those rising up against the Elven Gods.  Solas might have just been the most prominent one, and had some sort of connection to Mythal, which would explain why he was counted among both groups.  The reason they are 'Forgotten' is probably because they hadn't been prominent enough or for long enough to become 'established' in lore, plus I would expect the Elf gods would have tried to erase their legacy.The channel also seems to insist that the 'blight' and even red lyrium might even have been used by the Elf gods against their enemies and/or eachother.  The blight is clearly present on Thedas since nearly 1000 years before the first blight due to it's presence in Red Lyrium in that Ancient Thaig, very mysterious.

  11. FYI, I'm rewatching this series after watching your cent Mythal lore episode. It is fascinating considering what I learned from you and the perspectives in play.

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