Talking Dragon Age: Magisters Sidereal (Lore & Fan Theory)

Welcome back to Talking Dragon Age, the show
where I talk about Dragon Age. This episode is all about the Magisters Sidereal;
at least, that’s how Google said to pronounce it. So here we go! The Magisters Sidereal are the seven magisters
who broke into the Golden City and unleashed the Blight. Now, the Chant of Light summarizes what happened
in the Canticle of Threnodies, but it goes into far more detail in the Canticle of Silence,
which is dissonant. Dissonant basically means that the Chantry
removed it from the official Chant of Light for some politcal reason. Well, based on what Corypheus says, the Chant
of Light isn’t completely accurate when it comes to what happened in the City, but it’s
still a good source of information because it’s got the main idea right. To summarize, the Canticle of Silence explains
that the seven Old Gods spoke to the Seven magisters through dreams, promising them vast
power if they broke into the Golden City. It’s important to note that they met in secret,
because even the Imperium at the time knew this was a bad idea. When it came to the ritual, they brought an
ENORMOUS amount of lyrium and a HORDE of slaves to sacrifice. Well, upon seeing the slaves, one of the acolytes
decided “No. This is wrong.” The Chant doesn’t say if he had a conscience,
or if he just saw this as a waste of perfectly good slaves. I hope its the former, but we can’t really
know for sure. Anyway, when it became clear to the acolyte
that he couldn’t talk the Seven out of it, he ran straight to the Archon. Upon hearing what the Seven were up to, the
Archon immediately marched his forces to stop them, but they were too late. The Seven had already used the slaves and
lyrium to create a rift in the Veil, which they used to travel through to the Golden
City. Once there, everything they touched became
tainted with their sin. When they approached the throne of the Maker,
He lifted them up, cursed them for their malevolence, and banished them back beyond the Veil carrying
the Blight. The Archon and his forces then found them,
corrupted by the Blight, and…Well, that’s pretty much where it ends. It leaves a lot of things out, though, and
I’ll come back to that. For now, let’s take a look at Corypheus’s
version. He is adamant that the City was already corrupted
when he got there, and the Maker wasn’t there at all. Let’s assume this is true…Then, how did
they get out? It couldn’t have been the same way they came
in, could it? Let’s see…They get there, they find the
Blight, they start walking through, they’re twisted into their new forms, and then…what? Did they run back through the rift they came
from? It obviously closed again at some point, but
how? When? Regardless, I’m inclined to believe that,
upon their escape from the City, they were separated. The Chant says that the Archon called upon
spirits to separate them all across the world, although Corypheus asks in his memories “Did
the others never escape from the City?” If they were together when they got back to
the world, he should know that, at the least, they did escape. Although, it does appear he has lost some
of his memory. Because…there was a pretty big time gap
of about 90 years between the darkspawn rising and the Grey Wardens formation. The Grey Wardens are the ones that discovered
and imprisoned Corypheus, so what was he doing in between that time? Whatever it is, he doesn’t remember. Because, when he wakes up in Legacy, he’s
thinking like he JUST got back out of the City, While his memory loss could be attributed
to his thousand-year slumber, I don’t think that’s all of it because memory loss appears
to be a theme here. Let’s take a look at this codex entry called
“A Different Darkspawn?”. It speaks of a dwarf who claimed to have encountered
a darkspawn, even taller than humans, that politely spoke to him, and then gave him food
and other comforts. It also speaks of another dwarf who enountered
3 similar darkspawn that were arguing, each blaming the others for something that went
wrong in a “City gone black.”, though they appeared to have trouble remembering
what it was they were arguing about. One of them left, and then another killed
the last, and then ate him…For…good…measure? Maybe? Anyway, the entry says that what’s written
is about 20 years old. Way more recent than I would have expected
based on the terminology, but because the writer explains that it was his great great
grandfather that saw those 3 darkspawn arguing, that puts that event at least one century
before it was even written. Because it’s clearly explained that this encounter
was relatively recent, it seems likely that they had been separated for centuries before
this. Because, if they were together when got back
to the world, why would they have waited at least 800 years to have this argument? But that brings up the question, what have
they been doing this whole time? Well, the codex entry states that the three
found fighting seemed to have lost a portion of their memories, just like the Architect. The Architect claims he doesn’t know how he
came to be, so I don’t think he was involved in this encounter. If he was there, he would probably know of
his origin. So that accounts for 5 of them in recent ages. Corypheus was imprisoned, the Architect has
been trying to save the Darkspawn, and 3 others appeared to have just found each other after
being separated for centuries. Actually, in that entry…the writer says
it was a friend of his that met the polite darkspawn. However, it was not necessarily one of the
same ones his great great grandfather encountered. It could have been a completely new one. So, that makes maybe 6 that we know about. ALL fairly recently, except for Corypheus,
whom the Wardens encountered back around the First Blight. But besides him and the Architect, we don’t
really know what the others have been doing for the past thousand years. At least 3 were wandering the Deep Roads for
a while, but for what reason? I’m not sure I have an answer. If you guys can think of anything, let me
know in the comments. So besides them, I have a theory. Shocking, right? Well, let’s look back to when the magisters
escaped the City. The Blight would have begun to spread from
everything they touched, sure. But the First Blight only really began when
Dumat awoke from his ancient, undergrond prison; and that was not immediate. There was a time gap between the magisters’
return and Dumat’s awakening. The Chant of Light says they vowed to seek
vengeance against the Old Gods, as they felt betrayed by them. But the codex entry for the First Blight says
its possible that they sought them out because of some lingering devotion. But either way, I’m not sure how they would
have found them. As shown, they are not affected by the Calling. Which is weird because, in the Chant of Light,
the Maker told them the Old Gods would call to them from their ancient prisons. But the Chant also says that once they got
back to the world, they could no longer hear the call of the Old Gods. There’s still another lingering question here. The Blight began to spread from the magisters,
but how did that lead to the creation of the other darkspawn? Like hurlocks, and genlocks; they only exist
because of broodmothers, which are created by darkspawn from the respective races. The Blight alone would have killed most that
became infected, and left any survivors to become ghouls. I have a hard time believing that ghouls alone
would have been able to create broodmothers, or even dig out the Old Gods. Even if it was one of the magistsers that
awoke Dumat, broodmothers would still have been needed to create the darkspawn horde. No, I think one of the magisters deliberately
created the first broodmother, then its horde of children went out and made more, all the
while they were digging to free the Old Gods that would have been calling to them. Why or how one of the magisters would have
done this, I’m not sure. But I can’t think of a more plausible explanation
for broodmothers existence. So I think that about does it for this episode,
guys. I will be making an episode for the Old Gods
soon, and hopefully one for the darkspawn themselves. So stay tuned for them. Once again, I want to mention if you like
my videos then I highly recommend checking out Flawewing80 and Ghil Dirthalen. They have a lot of really cool ideas and theories
over on their channels and I definitely think you’ll like what they have to offer. So, that’s it for now guys. Thank you all so much for watching, and remember:
Tela Nadas

17 thoughts on “Talking Dragon Age: Magisters Sidereal (Lore & Fan Theory)

  1. my theory is that the magisters didn't break in to the golden city at all but broke through the veil and enter Arlathan to retrieve the orb. Solas's orb. Or they broke into an illusion of the golden city which in reality was a massive spirit mirroring the mind of the men who wished to enter the golden city. The black city we see in the fade is highly dubious because the fade is only made up of spirits. Every rock every drop of water in the fade is a spirit trying to imitate the real world. Very complicated. I think the true gold city is what the ancient elves were after when Solas created the veil.

  2. I'm still kinda bummed how Corypheus turned out to be a generic evil zombie wizard with a god complex, his introduction in DA: 2 just seemed so sad, how he was completely clueless about what was going on-I mean his final moments at the end of DA: I reminded me of it, where he helplessly calls out to Dumat, even though he's unsure of his existence

  3. In the comments of another video I mentioned that I was researching Eluvians for a theory I have. In another video you talked about Arlathan possibly being the Golden City. My theory: what if the Magisters used an Eluvian to enter the city? Morrigan talks about there being a price to open an Eluvian. The price the Magisters paid could have been the slaves they sacrificed to get in.

  4. My theory is that the Golden City is actually Arlathan that Solas physically locked into the fade while the Evanuris were in it (Arlathan). The Golden City is the only constant in the fade because it's the only physical thing there. What Tevinter understood as 7 Old Gods were actually the Evanuris calling to the 7 magisters to break them out of the prison Solas put them in. They needed someone from the outside to open the doors so to speak.

  5. Could it be podsible that one of the 7 magisters were female so when they were infected with the blight the female magister became the first broodmother? Just an idea tho i very much doubt it myself

  6. I started playing DAO, as per your recommendation, but now I'm stuck fighting the brood-mother in the deep roads. I've attempted it so many times 🙁

  7. Thank you for proper subtitles. I understand you perfectly but it's easier to follow along with subtitles still for me.

  8. I did think about the origin of the darkspawn and never believed the link to the magisters. But that thing with the broodmothers is legit… and your theory is the best explanation so far, I think. Maybe we will see more on them in DA4. That codex is really a cool thing… that has lore qualities of TES and DS.

  9. It could be that one of the seven found the corrupted Titan and dominated the ghoulish dwarfs defending it and created the first darkspawn.

  10. late but here is my two cents; the magisters might have stayed in the deep roads because sunlight actively hurts darkspawn (perhaps Coryphius used red lyrium to counteract this and the Architect would have endured to further his ideal), and secondly the blight had to been in Thedas before the magisters stupidity, it took only five years after the event to overrun the dwarven realms, if the darkspawn could produce so many so quickly by the end of the first blight there would be enough darkspawn to out number all the grass on the planet, at least how I've read

  11. Suggestion: each of the Magisters only hears the call of their own god and while they do, they are basically darkspawn. After they are freed, they won't remember anything of their time before, only entering the Black City.

    Something clearly went wrong with the Architect, however I'd suggest that he never really lost the drive to awaken his Old God, he just rationalizes it the same way that Janeka and that ghoulish Warden in Legacy do. He was never supposed to have regained his faculties so soon and this interfered with him getting his memories back.

    That all said, the reason those three Magisters only met up after centuries is because it was only at that time that they were all free and coud find each other.

    There is one more tidbit: how did the Tevinter Imperium find out what they had done and that they had come back as darkspawn? They must have met one or more of them, but then why did the Warden think Corypheus was just an intelligent darkspawn?

  12. I just had a thought that sent a shiver down my spine! Im not sure if u have already covered this or if someone else came up with this theory…. But what if the grey wardens where created buy 1 of the 7 magisters and he has been giving orders to the 1st wardens over the ages from behind the scenes.! Then the other wardens found out after inquisition and thats whats causing the schism between them?

  13. I don't know if the dates match but, upon reading all of "The Enigma of Kirkwall", I have believed Kirkwall to have been built specifically to enact the ritual the magisters used to walk The Golden City (which i believe was a tainted Arlathan).

    Kirkwall was designed to/built where The Veil was thin & even its sewer systems are designed to facilitate mass use of blood magic.

    The city is also designed to easily be lost in: in The Fade, one's thoughts shape your reality. The magisters fear upon encountering The Blighted elven city plus the horrors done to get there in the first place… that could have blackened the city.

    It is also possible that, in attempting to escape, the magisters were separated. Some left through rifts/the rift they had made (that rift remaining open could be yet another reason as to why Kirkwall is… Kirkwall) and others may have reached eluvians.

    Time passes differently in The Fade & at The Crossroads: where some magisters returned right after leaving, others may have found themselves centuries apart (geographic & chronologically).

  14. Another tin foil theory with a side of extra foil: they got to the deep roads because they came from the sky below, which, maybe if you fall into, leads to the crossroads we see in Trespasser, and the crossroads are described by Morrigan as the in-between universe of the Fade and the "real" world. They could have fallen into that in-between, but missed the landing, and kept falling until they wound up flying up into the deep roads. If the inquisition had been right in that the crossroads could be a backup plan for Magister Ugly to get back to the Fade, maybe it's because it's how he got back to thedas from the Fade to begin with.
    Idk man, I'm half asleep, procrastinating on studying for a midterm, and coming up with the dumbest theories for these videos. Sorry.

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