#swastika | why and how do we make swastik | स्वस्तिक क्या है | यह क्यों और कैसे बनाये

Om Namah Shivay
When I was a small kid
i always used to wonder
during Puja, the Preist will
make a very different Sign of Swastik,
why he always used to make a sign of Swastik
before any Puja
we will talk about it today
first of all, I will tell you about the Sign
What is Swastika
Why is Swastika made
What is the correct manner of making the Swastika
Swastika means Su (Shub) Asti (Hona)
‘conducive to well being’ or ‘being auspicious’
this sign applied on most of the Hindu Religious
the sign is also sometimes placed in various
like Kitchen, Lockers, Offices,
or while starting a new venture
According to Ganesh Puran
this sign symbolizes Lord Ganesha and Goddess
it is also believed that
when we put the Swastika Sign,
all the obstacles and problems are removed.
it can also transform negativity into positivity.
In Rig Veda, this Sign is also known as
symbol of Surya
this Sign also resembles the mathematical
Sign for Plus
this sign denotes four directions
otherwise, there are ten directions,
but we will focus on basic directions
(East, West, North & South)
so this means that there is prosperity
in all four directions
and in four elements are
Fire, Water, Earth and Sky
that’s why we apply the Swastika Sign,
when we start something new,
to get prosperity.
the Swastika sign is also applied
as a remedy for Vastu Dosh
if you put the Swastika Sign
a lot of problems related to Vastu will be solved
if your business is not running well
then often Swastika sign is applied with Red
Roli, on the locker
if your kids are not studying,
then write the Saraswati mantra on a white
paper and keep the paper in the study room
if you feel that your house is full of negative vibes
then you can apply the Swastika Sign
if you feel that you are not getting promoted
in your job
then when you offer water to sun in the morning
put some red flowers in the bowl and red Chandan
the chances of your promotion will be high
now I will tell you how the Swastika Sign
is made (drawn)
please ensure that while making the Swastika Sign
do not intersect the lines.
there is a very basic tip
make nine dots with equal spacing
Step – 1 Start from top right to the middle
then down then right and then down
Step – 2 Start from the bottom
left to middle
up to middle and then left the middle and
then up
make sure the lines are not crossed
I will show you again
some people apply dots in between the Swastika Sign
Dots are placed on the movable things,
for example, a new car
when you place the Swastika Sign
on your home then dots are not required
sometimes we see that there are parallel lines
placed on both sides of the Swastika sign
why these Parallel lines are placed?
these lines denote two wives of Lord Ganesha
Riddhi and Siddhi and two Sons (Subh Laabh)
these were small tips on Swastika Sign
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Om Namah Shivay

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