Swarovski Crystal Size Comparison | Crystal Prism Selection

Hi my name is Charlotte and I’m the owner of Dancing Sun Crystals! today I wanted to get you familiar with some of the sizes of the crystals. I often have customers calling asking how big is a 50mm vs. a 70mm rule of thumb is that 25mm is an inch so say for instance this 50mm faceted Swarovski ball is about two inches in diameter This is a 70mm Asfour ball you can see it’s quite a bit bigger! This is a 50mm Dahlia that my daughter was nice enough to string for me! with beads. And you can see it’s giving off quite a bit of rainbows! sitting in this room. So this is a 50mm but we also carry this in a 38mm. these two pieces are the lily octagons. and I have a 28mm in my hand. and this is a 40mm and they range in size. from 12mm on up to 60mm. These are the stars. I’ve got in my hand 40mm star and a 28mm star. and they are next to a beautiful 50mm crescent moon! and these are some hearts. Iv’e already done a small video on the sunset gold Aurora Borealis and the glacier blue Aurora Borealis you can see how spectacular they are against a dark fabric these are 40mm as are the clear and blue violet 40mm these blue violets are no longer made. But I do have quite a bit in stock very gorgeous and this is a 28mm heart to give you an idea of it next to a 40mm heart These are the Asfour long drops thats I carry. This is a 75mm and a 63mm this one is 38mm and this tiny guy is 28mm and all together they look very beautiful. and this one is the last one and it’s the Pendulum Swirl It has facets swirling all the way down the length of it you can see it’s a very nice size for hanging in the window. well thank you, I hope that’s helped you understand some of the different sizes of the crystals. Hello, I am here today with Dancing Sun Crystals tutorials. and we will be making crystal angels! These are some of the materials we will be using today. All of them can be found at Dancing Sun Crystals.com Also these are the tools we will be using. alright. So the 1st thing we are going to do is cut a pieces of fishing line to the desired length.

7 thoughts on “Swarovski Crystal Size Comparison | Crystal Prism Selection

  1. Great little video. I had given one of your crystals to a friend for his acupuncture clinic, and he loves it. Great gifts for most of the folks in your life!

  2. Just love your crystals Charlotte! Being a customer of yours for the past couple of yrs. or so…I must say you carry such a wonderful array of them!!!! Love doing business with you and hope to purchase more this year! Keep the videos coming! <3

  3. Love this! Maybe you could do a video of the different types of beads you sell and how you string them together.

  4. So please I discovered these dancing sun Crystals! I really like how your online store is set up. Thank you for making these available.

  5. I cant beleve people buy this fake man made junk when they could buy the real deal. I understand the price is cheaper on some of it. but my self when I her the name crystal I want a real crystal not cut glass.

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