Swapping of Spouse | Spouse की अदला-बदली | how to read lagna chart for marriage | cheating spouse

Sexual disappointment and desires, emotional needs and platonic friendships often contribute to incidents of cheating in a married life. Venus— significator of marriage for male, rules emotional love, sensual pleasures and worldly desires.

Mars—rules intense sexual expression, daring and passion for carnal pleasures. Rahu—indicates extreme mental tendencies, unconventional thing of life Rahu posited in 7th house indicats sexual delinquency, lack of self- control and unconventional behaviour with spouse. Venus afflicted by Mars indicates sadism, lack of sincerity for spouse, sexual scandals, separation and promiscuity. Moon/Venus afflicted by Saturn gives immoral behaviour.

36 thoughts on “Swapping of Spouse | Spouse की अदला-बदली | how to read lagna chart for marriage | cheating spouse

  1. Sir mera 7th house ka lord( sun) .. 10th house me hai , rahu k sath ( 8 no rashi par) …. Mera kya future hai ? … But sun 29 digree ka hai

  2. Sir MERI kundali me first house me 7th number ke sath rahu or seventh House me 1st number ke sath ketu h shani 6th house me h iska kya effect hoga

  3. 5sept 1991 5:45pm sriganganagar rajsthan male n 21june 1991 4:20pm padampur rajasthan female hubby cheat krega kya sir ya married lyf sahi h

  4. DOB 30/8/1994
    Tymng – 6:30am
    Place – rudraprayag, uttrakhand
    Kya meri shadi mere current partner se hogi?? Or konse nakshatra se jaane life partner ka nature

  5. Sir my 1st house lord sun in Leo in the 1st house itself and Jupiter in aquarius and Shani in scorpio aspects the 1st house. 7th house lord Shani is in the 4th house. Jupiter in aquarius sits in the 7th house and the sun in Leo aspects the 7th house…. Is there any chance of spouse swapping?? Please reply.

  6. 6वे और 7वे ग्रहों के बीच में परिवर्तन राजयोग होने से क्या फल देगा?

  7. Agr scorpio lagna me ..venus first house me combust aur 7th house me young retrograde mars ..ki swapping ho..aur Rahu ki 5th aspect 7th house pe..then what will the bad consequences ??

  8. Sir swaping s hota kya hai ?
    Nd 2nd 3rd jo apne btaye chandrma aur rahu+shani ..yeh hai meri kundali m..
    1st house rahu+chandrma
    4th house jupiter
    7th house shani+ketu
    10th house mangal+shukra
    12th house surya+budha in kanya lagna.. Sir bach jaegi married life ?🙁 17-08-1996,08:30am,meerut

  9. Hello,
    16-11-1982 Time 00 :16am,
    Nakshatra-vishakha I want to ask Rahu and Saturn both planets r placed in my 7th house or only Saturn is placed in 7th house ?

  10. DOB- 7 MAY 2000
    TIME -10 :40 PM
    Sir according to my horoscope mere kaunse planets ache hai aur kaunse planets bad conditions mein hai? plz bataye.

  11. Hi,sir my dob:24-6-1997,time:4:55am, place: karimnagar, Telangana,sir please tell me my spouse family is richer than me or not

  12. Agr kundli me 10 bhaw me koi greh na ho , 12 no. Likha ho or10 bhaw ka swami 11 me ho ….12 bhaw ka swami guru 8 bhaw me akela ho or vha no. 10 (mangal) likha ho. Mangal 6 bhaw me budh k sath ho to saas ka nature kaisa hoga ?

  13. *Ankita Chaudhary
    *Sardhana (Meerut, U.P.)
    Is my current partner my soulmate ? We met online on a dating app 2.5 months ago.
    Please please please reply 🙏.

  14. 7th house me Rahu (Dgree 5) 9 no. Ke sath
    guru 8th house me (dgree12)
    venus 5th house me(dgree 8)sury(dgree 7) chndr (dgree21)ke sath placed h . Venus pr ketu (dgree5) and 11house ke shni (dgree29) ki drishti h.
    Nvmansh me guru 7th house me 7th no. Ke sath h and venus 3rd house me shni and soory ke sath h. 2nd me chndr ketu . 6th me mangal. 8th me rahu . 10 me budh.

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