Sidereal Insights Astro Update • 3 12 2018

Hello hello hello everyone hello and welcome
to the March twelfth two thousand eighteen edition
of Sidereal Insights Astro Update I’m Phaedra Mitchell I’m the artist and astrologer of Mystick Physick Astrology and I use Western Sidereal Astrology to help you reconnect with your soul purpose and remember why you came and my main goal with these broadcasts and with helping
you practice astrology is always to provide guidance
on how we can consciously use the energy of the transiting planets to affect our lives in
a positive way. Now we do do this broadcast from a sidereal perspective, specifically, I use the Fagan Bradley sidereal zodiac so if you don’t know your sidereal sign placements you’ll wanna
visit the website at
to find out what your sidereal placements are
for free I’m going to pull up my notes and we’ll get
down to business talking about what current sidereal transits are going on, how they can affect
us and what we might need to know about all of that. So here we go here, here we go. We are at the 12th so almost half way through the month now and
we’ve had Venus and Mercury change signs early this
month. They moved into Pisces almost concurrently and and so Venus is there for three and a half
weeks she’s exalted in Pisces so this is a high vibration expression of Venus for the
most part. Mercury, however, is in his fall because Mercury being of course the planet
of communication and Pisces being the area of the chart known for secrecy and privacy And so being the planet of communication there transiting our house–or sign–of secrecy
and privacy is not necessarily ideal if you have things
that you wanna keep private or if ,you know, not necessarily ideal for secrets if, if there are secrets that need to be kept
for whatever reason and so this is a kind of interesting transit because we have both of
these planet’s here at the same time and so what
will see a little bit is kinda a little bit maybe of a balancing each other out, but also a little bit of them working at cross purposes, as they make different aspects during the transit okay. So with Mercury, let’s talk about him specifically so Mercury’s entered the shadow
of his retrograde, which is coming up on the twenty-second,
the retrograde begins on the twenty second and
he entered the shadow right around the eighth, the same day Mars
changed signs, the same day that Jupiter stationed retrograde so what this is going to do for Mercury is, it’s gonna prolong his transit through Pisces,
it’s gonna prolong his transit through his sign
of fall and so will be dealing with that for much
longer than normal. Mercury normally takes about three weeks to transit a sign, he’s gonna be in
Pisces for about weeks total direct and then retrograde and then direct again, before he leaves for, for Aries. So keep that in mind over the coming couple of months that we kind of
have this this slow down of Mercury keeping him within
this same range of degrees for an extended period
of time and what that means is you’re gonna need to be more vigilant for a longer period of time around communication, around privacy issues, around like if you’re doing private negotiations
or any kind of communication that’s going on behind the scenes. So be aware of that because if there’s information that you do need to keep to yourself, if you let it get out that can be detrimental
to you while Mercury is in Pisces okay so that’s March eighth March eighth was a super
busy day, that was just about four days ago, and so what’s happening now is we’re starting
to feel this Mercury retrograde slow down and what
we have between now and the twenty second is
a wonderful time to prepare. And with Mercury retrograde I find preparation is ninety percent of the challenge. If you can prepare properly ahead of time you are more able to use that retrograde transit in a way that helps you, rather than trying
to fight against what’s happening in the heavens which is gonna have an impact on you anyway. Mercury retrograde is one of those transits that affects pretty much everyone. It affects everyone in different ways, but
affects pretty much everyone, unlike the other transits which might be more specific to people whose,
you know have a certain sign ruler or a certain
Sun sign or ascendant. And I hope you don’t mind this is Penny, my
kitten she is chatting with us, she wants to play
right now and it’s not the right time to play. So Mercury retrograde tends to super heavily affect folks with Gemini sun, Gemini rising, Virgo Sun, Virgo rising, but then right now what your going
to want to pay attention to is whether or not
you have a, let me find the degree here–did I write it down? Whether or not you have a planet or point
at let’s see, I’ve got to scroll far enough in
my notes twenty-two degrees of Pisces so this is where
Mercury is going to station retrograde at twenty-two degrees Pisces so you wanna
check your sidereal natal chart to see if you have a planet or point there, and if you do even if you don’t have a Gemini or Virgo Sun or rising, you
could still be very directly affected by the retrograde,
so keep that in mind and so that this is is an opportunity for is to go back and review things you’ve been working on for the last several weeks and make adjustments or changes as necessary and I might have to take this toy away from
Penny because she’s making some noise during the
broadcast, so same thing with Jupiter having just gone retrograde, he stationed retrograde the same day that Mercury entered
the shadow. So Jupiter retrograde is a much more long
term retrograde transit, it lasts for about four
and a half months and so what this presents is a wonderful opportunity for a do over. We talked about this little bit in the March overview it’s an opportunity for a do over in whatever area
of your life you find Libra, whatever House Libra is in in your natal chart so that area
of life that’s where Mercury or excuse me, Jupiter
is stationing retrograde and so what you have
is this this longer period in that area of your
life to go back and take a look at what’s going on there, how, how are you growing in that area
of life. What projects do you have under way. And kind of review and see where you can make changes and improvements so that once Jupiter starts going direct in that part of your chart, you’ll be able to basically just like jump
in fast forward once he gets back up to speed because you’ll be much further ahead of the
game. You have made whatever changes are necessary to your trajectory, to your growth, your expansion, to any learning or knowledge acquisition that you’re working on in the House that Libra occupies for you Okay so March eighth was kind of a busy day. Knowing those two retrogrades are getting underway, Jupiter and Mercury,
now next month we’re gonna have a couple more to add
to that list, just as Mercury stations direct so don’t get too excited about starting big things in certain areas of your life, depending on what your chart ruler is,
what your Sun sign, your rising sign and we’ll
talk more in depth about that at our next broadcast
in two weeks. I might have to go grab another toy guys I’m sorry about that but like I said the Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity for a do over, the Mercury retrograde is an opportunity for a review where you can
do revision, you can rework and then with Mars in Sagittarius that’s gonna help give us a little bit of an energy boost in terms
of what we can get done in these next couple of weeks, even though we do have retrograde planets
in the heavens. Mars is much happier in a fire sign than in some other places where he can be. That’s an eight week long tour so we’re gonna have him there for almost the full length of Mercury’s slow down, his tour of Pisces is gonna last ten
weeks so keep that in mind as well. The Sun moves into sidereal Pisces on the fifteenth so this is a four week transit,
The Sun takes about four weeks through each sign,
it happens just ahead of the new moon in Pisces which is wonderful timing because we’re gonna
be able to set the stage for what that transit
looks like. Now, Sun in Pisces, new moon in Pisces with Venus and Mercury all there, it’s a lot of
activity including you know, some nicer energies and some not
so helpful energies, this is really a time where we have a huge opportunity for forgiveness and for confession potentially. I think you can expect to see secrets come out. There’s a bit of uncertainty around this particular new moon in part because it’s ruled by Neptune Neptune of course being the planet of uncertainty, of illusion,
of fogginess, right, a lack of clarity. Neptune can be as I said in the March overview notoriously slippery to try to pin down so This This is going to be a flavor for the coming four weeks, especially so because at the new
moon Neptune is unaspected and an unaspected of
ruler of the new moon can make the outcome uncertain, it’s kind of like a wildcard effect
where normally we would look to the condition of
the ruler for the outcome of a new or full moon. The wild card nature of the new moon is going
to be in play over the coming four week transit
of Sun in Pisces, it’s also gonna be a bit in
play over the coming six months um this is Penny Hope you enjoy meeting her it’s going to be in play over the coming six
months because each new moon starts a six month trend until
the next full moon in that sign and so keep in mind that this kind of this, this uncertainty, this wildcard behavior is still going to be in play over a little
bit longer term transit because it’s happening–because
of it being at the new moon okay so use this time, this is a wonderful opportunity, especially while Mercury is retrograde to,
to kind of you know if you, if you have so reconciliation that you need to do, if you have someone that you kind of need to reconnect
with and you know, make amends or you know and air your differences, whatever, consider
doing that. But reconciliation can be a positive way to
use the Mercury retrograde and especially where
he is retrograde in Pisces this is a wonderful opportunity to ask for forgiveness or to offer forgiveness if there’s someone in your life
that you need to forgive so I encourage you to consider your using this particular transit for any of that which you may need to do okay So the nineteenth coming up, we have a Mercury Venus conjunction and this particular conjunction is important especially for Taurus and Libra Sun and rising signs, but it can also potentially bring important news to to just about anyone. I didn’t write down, did I? So the conjunction happens at twenty one degrees
Pisces, I did write it down, smart, I’m on top of it this time except for
the cat toys. My apologies. so check your chart if you are planet or point twenty one degrees Pisces the conjunction
of Mercury and Venus in Pisces will likely manifest quite clearly for you and you’ll want to keep an
eye out in the days around the nineteenth for how that does manifest for you but also, if you have, if you have Taurus
or Libra sun or rising as I said, Mercury could
bring you news so watch the days around the nineteenth. I would say, within a day or two of that day, probably not too far around, it’s
gonna be really close to the nineteenth if you have
news delivered you know you can also choose to use that aspect consciously if you want to. You could give confession if that’s a practice that you subscribe to you, you could you know, ask forgiveness if you feel that
you know that there’s someone that you’ve wronged,
that you need forgiveness from Make a promise to yourself. That’s a wonderful way to use Mercury Venus conjunction. Make a promise to yourself. That’s gonna happen the day before Mercury stations retrograde. So this is March twenty second. The retrograde beginning and ending dates when
the planet is stationary are particularly powerful
days for any planet, for any retrograde cycle,
they’re also quite unpredictable usually a day or
two before, or after depending on the planet,
so be careful around the twenty second when Mercury stations, he’s gonna be acting up and he’s
gonna be misbehaving so definitely be prepared for that and if you wanna know more in depth how
to prepare for Mercury retrograde you can get
a free excerpt of the Mercury Retrograde Survival
Guide, I can share link for that if you like, but it’ll tell you specifically things you can do to prepare and best practices for what to do during the retrograde and what
not to do during a retrograde to kind of protect yourself from the more unfortunate ways that Mercury retrograde can manifest, but like I said now
is the time, leading up to the twenty second,
to go ahead and do your preparatory work for that
three and a half week long retrograde okay and then on the twenty sixth Venus is gonna
move in to Aries and that’s where Venus is in her sign
of detriment. Venus is very much it’s the planet we associate with things like vanity, right beauty, but also vanity and then with Aries this is this is a sign that very much represents the self, there’s almost my selfish-ness to Aries in some ways and so when you have these two energies working together that can be less than positive, depending on what’s happening in transit, as far as aspects and that sort
of thing so this is going to be a three and half week period when Venus is in
Areis where we’ll wanna tread a little bit more
delicately with Venus and what we’ll do is we’ll talk
about that a little bit more in depth when we get our next broadcast, which is coming up I believe on the twenty eighth we’ll talk about that in a little more depth
at that time and I have more details for you at that period of time, too okay so with that being said, one way that you want
to kind of approach Venus’s tour of Aries is
not, you know, don’t get wrapped up and ideas about
keeping up with appearances, or competing in that way, especially around
image and around how other people see you or how
you want people to see you. Just be careful that we may have a tendency towards those behaviors during the time, you’ll
just wanna be aware of it, so that you can you
know, keep yourself in line, right and then at the very end of the month we have our second full moon on the thirty first. We have a blue moon it’s, a full moon in sidereal Virgo
and that is gonna be a fun one for wrapping up details,
for dotting i’s, crossing t’s, that sort of thing it’s going to signal an opportunity to either finish a project
or reap the rewards of efforts that you started about
six months prior when we would have had our new
moon in Virgo and that was last October okay so be thinking back to that time frame because that’ll be
a clue as to what you can be finishing up towards the
end of March. But happy spring, everyone, how exciting I don’t know about you, but I’m super ready for spring to get it’s butt here. I’m going to just scroll back through my notes because I did jump around
I wanna make sure that I touched on everything. I haven’t seen any comments or questions come through which is
just fine, but if you do have comments or questions
even if you’re catching the replay please don’t hesitate to post them because
I will keep an eye on the feed. I will keep an eye on the comments and questions and I’ll come back
and answer them I do have a couple of announcements so Saturday, the seventeenth we have our full
moon, live stream at seven thirty PM we’ll be doing
our, ah excuse me, our new moon live stream. I wrote full moon in my notes and that is totally wrong. Well have our new moon live stream at seven thirty we’ll
do our intention setting for the new moon in Pisces
and this is gonna be a little bit more personal experience for a lot of us, we’re gonna yeah very personal, very intimate type of
new moon intention setting for us. I wanna give you a heads up if you’re on the mailing list. I will be e mailing you a little bit more frequently because of the schedule changes to the broadcast. We’re now doing the Sidereal Insights Astro Update
every other Monday on the Mystick Physick Facebook page and that’s what you’re watching right now and then we’ll be doing our full moon and our
new moon broadcast separately at the new moon, at the
full moon at seven thirty in the evening and so I will
be emailing you in advance of the live streams
just give you a reminder and a chance to join if you want to. So bear with me on that and then I wanna let you know, we just
last month kind of set up our our YouTube channel and started really using actively so don’t forget that we have the
YouTube channel in place now you can catch a lot of
our videos there. So, if you are a user of YouTube feel free to subscribe to the channel, I will share a link to that in the comments as well. Also April Horoscopes–if you’re a subscriber to the advance access, the April monthly overview plus short reports is available on
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website. My goal with the advance access subscribers is to have your advance access in place by the time the Sun
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not quite gonna catch it by the fifteenth, but we should have this
month we should have the April Full Horoscopes by
Sign up on the website for you to read by the sixteenth. If you’re a subscriber keep that in mind because you’ll get to read those horoscopes about two weeks ahead or so of everyone else. Okay and then we do have the May Horoscopes coming within the first half or so of April. So keep an eye out for those and I don’t see any questions, I’ll, you know,if
anyone is on and has a question go ahead and throw it
in the comments and if we see it here before the
end of the broadcast I’ll go ahead and give it an answer,
if not, if you’re catching the replay or if you’re watching this on YouTube, if you have any questions, please share them in the comments
and I’d be happy to come in and address whatever questions that you have about the current
sidereal transits and how they might impact you and say goodbye, Penny. Apparently it’s time to go play with some jingle balls. But thank you for watching the broadcast and we’ll talk to you next time we’ll see you Saturday for the new moon intention setting broadcast in the Sidereal
Insights Facebook group here on Facebook, thanks so

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