Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz Return to 54 Below

Hello, Playbill. I’m Norbert Leo Butz. And I’m Sherie Rene Scott. We hope that you come see us in Twohander, our new show at 54 Below. I see a dreamer You’re nothing but a dreamer Well, Twohander is a journey that two people take, who have met in the workplace environment, and over a long time of, you know, of triumphs, and tragedies, and joy, and sexual tension, we explore what that’s like. And it so happens that Norbert and I have been in several, worked, I mean the sexual tension, I’m just saying that for them to get people to come. Oh. I know, I’m just trying to get it Just as a ploy, got it. So it’s a sexy, funny, adult show Like X-rated? Not X-rated! Adult like, not like adult movies like adult like, don’t expect what you expect, I guess. I mean it’s different but we’re, it’s a real investigation, and we sing songs that people will like that we sing, we sing some songs that will be surprising. We’ve been friends since 1997. We met backstage at Rent, and we are still friends. And there have been times where we have been very close and times where we’ve been, you know, not so close, and when we kind of got together, talking about doing this, we sort of looked at our whole narrative of our friendship and thought, aw this is, look at us now we’ve changed as people. We’re parents now, we’ve been through huge life changes, like Sherie said, you know, wonderful things, and terrible things, and so we’re coming to this show kinda where we’re at now. I don’t have anybody, there is not other relationship like this in my life. I’ve worked with this woman as an actress more than I’ve worked with any other single actor, I’ve sung more with her than I have with anybody. and it, we’re astonished by it. It’s not, I wouldn’t say it’s been horrible… It’s been horribly wonderful. Entertaining. Here’s the thing. There’s, there’re lessons to be learned from long term relationships. And there’s lessons to be learned about working with somebody from the opposite gender in an intimate work environment. We thought that that was sort of something that the whole culture is kinda going through. We thought, oh my god, look at this. We’re a part of this culture. There’s a lot of intimacy issues in our world right now. In work environments sometimes you have the forced intimacy where, you are, you see these people more than you do your family and your loved ones, and also in a way you look at them in the eye, or your forced too open your mouth and sing into their face, you know, so it’s really like, we’re really trying to find, deeply personal for us, which Dick Scanlan, the director, says, the deeply personal is universal. And we really wanted this show to be something that people, the few people that don’t know who we are, know the, most of the people, if you were dragged along to this show and knew nothing about musical theatre, and didn’t care, you would actually be interested in these characters and feel that you could related to the trajectory of their relationship if you worked in an office, if you worked in, you know, in a restaurant, you know. It’s really all her fault. I’ve said this before. All I wanted to do was come and do like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rodger’s covers, I wanted to do like Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. Yes, which we are now, so. And then she was like, how bout we do something like way more interesting. And I was like, I don’t know… But then, she’s turned into this really great writer, and what she was writing was so good, that even though I knew I was nuts, but it just kept making me, So many more hours work than what I thought. Yeah, but you make me, it’s funny. She makes me laugh. And I felt a real responsibility to make it great for him because he believed in me and his belief in me as a writer, and he said, yeah, take our story and put it on stage and we can sing about it. He, then I did that, he said, what did I do? what have I done? And, but he didn’t bail on me. But it was very brave of him because his character goes through things and then, it would be like weeks and weeks, I would be like, you’re gonna come out good in the end. I know, I had no idea what I was gonna do, but I was like, it’s gonna, you’re gonna be, you’re gonna come out good. And, then, because he has come out good, as a good person, and a good guy. And we need to see, like, you know, we need to see some good guys on this planet right now, so this is, this is important to me also. I’m not that good of a guy. She just wrote a really funny play, and I’m getting old, and I need good parts. I need writers. This show is fun. This show is better than washing dishes at Chick-fil-A I wrote it, and we conceived of it, and we’re in it, so I haven’t seen it. So this is just, I’m just going other people say it’s fantastic, actually, so you should come. We hope that you come see us in Twohander, our new show at 54 Below. July 9th through the 28th, I think? Twohander, it’s really fun. Rock, paper, scissors, oh see rock, paper, scissors, shoot, Gosh dang it! I’m just gonna That, that, that’s not, that’s cheating, but okay. Come see us.

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