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Capricorn and Scorpio — now, these two can
make a really great match. They might seem different on the outside — Scorpio
is a Water sign, very emotional, while Capricorn is an Earth sign, usually hardworking and
ambitious, and Capricorns can seem really unemotional because they’re just so driven
all the time — but there’s really a lot there between these two. When I think of a Capricorn–Scorpio pairing,
I think of Dirty Dancing. Remember that movie? Remember Baby — she was played by Jennifer
Grey — she was the good girl, a real daddy’s girl, she wants to impress her father, she’s
only 17 but she’s already got huge plans — she’s going to join the Peace Corps, she’s going
to Mount Holyoke, become a lawyer or an economist… Very Capricorn. And then there’s Johnny Castle, Patrick Swayze’s
character, the bad boy with the heart of gold. Very emotionally intense, and just had sex
oozing from ecery pour of his body. As soon as he showed up on screen, he had
every female in that movie theater catching her breath, you know what I mean? Very Scorpio — the intensity, the sexiness,
the raw, complicated emotions. And the way Johnny, who was pretty rough around
the edges, he’d had a pretty tough upbringing, but he was also smart and ambitious — that’s
how Scorpios are, they’re very shrewd, they know what’s what. The way he looked up to Baby, even though
she was younger than he was; he saw her as being so intelligent and having such a strong
core of principles and morals. And Baby looked at Johnny as everything she
wasn’t, and wanted to be — he was wild and sexy and free, he made his own rules. And she was very attracted to his emotional
vulnerability, his intensity. She wanted that for herself. That’s just how these two signs see each other. And they way Baby and Johnny worked together,
preparing Baby for their big dance — they both kept trying to be the one in control,
and that led to some clashing of wills between them, but they also had huge respect for each
other that just grew and deepened. They got really serious about each other. And Johnny brought out Baby’s wilder side
— he helped her push against the boundaries of her father’s expectations, and become closer
to her true self. Again, this is all very Scorpio-and-Capricorn. As long as they’re working together toward
a common goal, these two have so much to offer each other, and they can make a great long-term

7 thoughts on “Scorpio & Capricorn: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

  1. Capricorn is really unemotional ..we don't have the feeling what affects on our decisions AT ALL but when it comes to the love life i swear we become crazy emotional n romantic as hell 🙂
    -capricorn women

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