Rahu & Ketu (the Nodes) in the Houses

Finally we’re getting to Rahu and Ketu in the houses when an astrologer looks at a chart and he looks at Rahu or Ketu, he’s usually going to start examining those in the light of the house they’re in so they’ll say: Rahu’s in this house and therefore da-da-da-da-da…. and it’ll usually be something sort of difficult or negative the reason that is that as astrologers we tend to start by looking at the house position when we talk to the person, is because the area of life, the things that they’re struggling with, are going to be indicated by that house position The reasons they’re struggling with it, all the things they have to learn and so on, have to do with the sign So I kind of started off the ground level where we started focusing on: Okay, what’s the sign indicating? What’s the imbalance, the deep imbalance within the person that needs to become balanced? because of that imbalance within the person, they’re gonna struggle and have certain difficulties in the areas of life where Rahu and Ketu are located – meaning in the houses that Rahu and Ketu are in so from our experiential point of view, the things that are causing us all the stresses, are going to be the things of the houses that Rahu and Ketu are in But they’re causing those stresses because of the imbalances that we talked about, the imbalances within the person that we talked about that are seen by the sign,
the rasi position of Rahu and Ketu So that’s why I started with the rasis before I got into the houses – normally, people will put more emphasis on houses But I think it’s very important to cover the rasis in depth whenever you talk about a person’s Rahu and Ketu, because just letting them know about the area of life they’re struggling with, doesn’t give them what they really need to know to bring that point bring those houses of Rahu and Ketu into working order. They have to know the things about the signs to do that, because that’s what’s wrong: is the signs are unbalanced and then that manifests in an area of life which is the houses that Rahu and Ketu are placed in. So we’re going to cover the houses very similarly as we did the rasis, for instance: We’re not just going to do first house all about first house, second house – all about second house We’re going to cover the types of houses: for instance, there’s artha, kama, moksha, and Dharma houses – we’ll cover the effects of Rahu and Ketu in those houses for instance So we’ll cover the different categories of houses and then we’ll sort of add anything we need to at the end on the specific houses But to start with, I wanted to sort of talk just on a very simple but effective level of Rahu and Ketu in the houses… So as I mentioned, we’re going to struggle with the areas of life, the houses that Rahu and Ketu are placed in Because of all of the things that a person has to bring into better balance within themselves And because of those imbalances,
the houses are going to be a certain way in that person’s life.
And the way those houses are going to be, is not good So right away when you see Rahu and Ketu in any houses, you know there’s something wrong with those houses There’s always set to be something wrong with those houses and so I thought about what would be the most definitive words for the problems you have with the houses that Rahu and Ketu are located in… Now, these problems are there because of the security paradigm of Ketu, and the problems are there because of the inability to really go for and commit to the Rahu placement to really go forward, experience it, work with it and be fully present with the Rahu experience The key words I came up with:
for Ketu is UPTIGHT and for Rahu is FALSE So real simple key words. So whatever house Ketu is in, the person’s going to be uptight about it, and the things that they have in their life that have to do with those houses will be uptight – why uptight? because: Ketu, because it has that security paradigm that he’s always trying to live for, He’s always trying to make decisions in respect to this sort of unconscious security paradigm It’s going to make Ketu uptight, It’s going to make Ketu have to have things a certain way, need things to be a certain way It doesn’t allow for the flexibility and grace and happenings of life Ketu, as I mentioned, is the major controller.
He doesn’t appear like such a controller, but he’s very much a controlling planet – he wants things a certain way and things have to be a certain way and as a result, he’s going to be uptight – if things aren’t the way he wants them to be or needs them to be, he’s not going to feel comfortable, he won’t be able to be relaxed. By uptight, I mean – he feels stressed, he feels worried, he’s not able to relax, he’s not able to loosen up, he’s not able to just go with the flow of what’s around them Because Ketu can’t do any of those things if its security paradigm is not met. If its security paradigm is met, well, then he’s uptight in maintaining the security paradigm and so he can’t enjoy those things anyway, because maintaining the security paradigm can take all day long So the house Ketu’s in, is going to be an uptight house for the person So, if you’ve got Ketu in the fourth house or Ketu conjunct the fourth cusp, that means: emotionally you’re uptight, that means you’re controlling emotionally, you try to behave a certain way emotionally, you’re telling yourself you feel a certain way emotionally and it also means you had an uptight mother, okay? So the both the things in your life and the way you are, will be uptight revolving around the fourth house See, there’s just really simple key words, you can use to just get some really pinpoint insights about a person Then for Rahu, the key word is: False Okay the house that Rahu is in, is a house where the person is false and things they have that represent that thing are false Okay The reason it’s false, it’s not because the person is trying to lie or trying to deceive other people or any of that… it’s just that the person is so unable in the area that Rahu’s in… They’re so out of balance, out of touch with the reality of that house, that there’s no way they can do it honestly… They’re just not capable of doing that house honestly – they just don’t have enough experience, enough understanding, enough clarity to even do that house in a real way. So anything they do revolving around that house, ends up they’re being false. It’s fake, it’s not real – so you’ll see it but it’s not real, okay? As an example Some incidences that made me come up with that keyword, were people that I noticed with Rahu in the tenth… and I noticed these people who were false leaders okay, and I found that few of the clients I had with this position, while they had a lot of esteem in their life, they had good reputation, they were considered leaders in their fields actually, and they were quite successful, they were both considered leaders in their field… But then I noticed this peculiarity about both of them and that was that they expected everybody to do things for them that they wouldn’t do themselves so for instance, one person owned a studio, had a lot of people working for them and they expected their employees to commit to hours and work a certain amount of hours, whereas the owner did not work half as many hours as any of the employees The employer would come in, tell everyone what to do and leave.. If there’d be problems, they’d say: Oh, handle this problem, I’m going to lunch.
Handle this problem, I’m going on vacation Literally, just like that:
handle this problem, I’m going on vacation Okay So they were leading in the sense of telling people what to do, they’ve got that part right, they were managing well, they were delegating and managing which is part of the tenth house, but they weren’t truly leading, because to truly lead, means to go first, right? To lead!! And a real leader, a true leader will never ask somebody to do something that they wouldn’t do themselves and I realized: wow, this person is not a leader,
they’re just bossy… but if they were asked to do the same things… even for themselves they won’t do the same things that they asked their employees, even for their own business they won’t do the same things that they ask of their employees So what happened with this person is, the employees eventually became very upset and this caused a huge problem with their business involving the labor board and eventually they lost their business as a result And if this person had just led from the front where they had taken care of business,
done the hard work, sacrifice their lunch hour when necessary… they would expect other people to sacrifice their lunch hour, but they would never sacrifice their lunch hour and that’s not true leadership. Leadership – a real leader always is followed because they lead, because they will never ask someone to do something they wouldn’t do themselves and people respect that, and when people see that in the leader, they want to follow them This person was a false leader, a false… basically a false leader! You also can look at the 10th house like being false royalty A person will act and even put on a royal air sometimes, but are they really royal? are they really solid in what they’re doing? are they really on top of it like they seem? No, whatever house Rahu is in, it’s false!! So this person appeared to be managing their business well but in the end, they mismanaged their business into bankruptcy basically, not even bankruptcy – into complete dissolution, it was over!! Then I also saw it in another person who has a bunch of employees working for them, they have a very successful business that requires technical employees and all kinds of employees and the person is, again, great at delegating but again, when there’s a problem, expects their employees to be there and help them and do it no matter what day of the week it is,
what time of the day, and gets very frustrated if the employee can’t just stop what they’re doing in the middle of their day off or something and help them Yet they themselves, if they were called upon in the middle of something they were doing, they’d just blow it off… They won’t return anyone’s phone call, they’ll just blow it off, but they’d expect that from their employees… So again, false leadership – expecting other people to do for them Things that they would not do,
that they just wouldn’t do… expect other people to suffer for their business in ways that they themselves wouldn’t suffer okay, and This person has managed to get a lot of employees that have to… not on tremendous amount but several employees that they have to pay monthly to manage everything, to get everything done Because they themselves don’t know how to do anything. That’s like a General – because the 10th house is the army commander, the General, That’s like the General who doesn’t know anything about fighting, Doesn’t know anything about fighting, yet he’s commanding the army. It’s like no one would follow a general like that Same thing – if you’re running a business and you don’t know anything about anything that anybody’s doing, Eventually, you’re going to run your business into the ground… and that’s what’s been happening with this person They go into these cyclic problems where, because they don’t know anything that’s happening, they have big crisis’s and they lose money And they’re just not on top of their business
because they’re not a real leader… A real leader knows what’s going on They know how things happen.
They know who to call for help, they know who’s the best at this,
they know who to call for an emergency… But they’re on top of it, they know how to do that – the General, if he has to, he can charge down the slope and go right into the battle He doesn’t because he needs to be at his vantage point, but if he has to, he can!! That’s a leader – that’s a real leader!! So I noticed these people and I was like:
wow, this is really shocking to me These people have very similar problems, they have Rahu in the tenth, they’re in their Rahu dasas… And they both are… you know… one person lost their business, the other one’s business is under crisis’s all the time and it’s because they’re false leaders. And so I thought: wow!! and when I thought about it, I was like: yeah, it’s very true – Rahu, whatever house it’s in,
makes you false… and again, it’s not because Rahu is trying to be evil or deceptive. It’s just because it doesn’t know how to do any better… It’s not skilled, it hasn’t learned… And of course, the challenge were Rahu’s in, is to be true – to be a true leader if it’s in the tenth house. and so these people’s businesses will never truly flourish until they themselves learn to be true leaders in their business and really be on top of things. Telling everyone what to do without knowing what’s going on, it’s not being on top of things, right? I also had the “pleasure” of having a boss who had in Rahu in the tenth for many, many years
and we made an agreement that I had Tuesdays and Thursdays off for an hour because I had to go do something and then I would stay working for him – that was the deal. I said: I’ll keep working here IF…!! So the first Tuesday comes along and I’m like walking out the door and he goes: where are you going? I’m like, oh, it’s Tuesday, I get off from 12:00 to 1:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays as we agreed and he goes: well, too bad… I’m going to go have some fun, basically… And he just walks out the door and I got stuck having to work the hour I wasn’t supposed to… so I just quit like the next day. I said: dude, I’m out of here!!! And I had worked for this person for years and years and I saw this happening over and over again and towards the end of that time I was getting into Western astrology and I always remembered this person had their Rahu in the 10th house.
So I just noticed the thing of a real leader is willing to… is capable and willing to do anything he asks of other people, but a false leader will ask other people to do things they would never do and so they’re leading from behind They’re leading from the safe place. They’re leading from the castle walls and no one ultimately respects a leader like that And so eventually people quit This one person I worked for, after I left, the person they got to fill my position ended up robbing them of thousands of dollars, basically taking things off the shelf and going on selling it on the streets, basically again, because they felt disgruntled and frustrated… another person used to come in and punch in or not punch in and pretend like they forgot to punch their card and then write a time that was two hours before they actually got to work So they would get extra money on their paycheck… and again, because they felt that they were constantly being frustrated by their boss and so when that’s happening… you can’t manage employees who are disgruntled – eventually it causes serious problems So I’ve just seen that over and over again with Rahu in the tenth house positions So the challenge is – the house Rahu’s in – is to be true relevant to the house To be true whatever that house is, and the challenge where Ketu is, is to loosen up – which is the opposite… The opposite of uptight is to loosen up, not take it so seriously…
The opposite of false, is to be true… So Rahu in the tenth needs to be a true leader.
Ketu in the fourth needs to loosen up emotionally… So you can take what you know about the houses and apply these key words like real simply so I’m gonna do it real quickly in a very limited fashion because everything you know about houses will apply in the situations that you’re dealing with. So the first house is self: Ketu in the first is uptight self Rahu in the first is a false self. So people with Ketu when the first will be overly controlled overly uptight, always having a hard time relaxing just being at ease, going with the flow of life around them and people around them But Rahu in the first will be confused about who they are and will pretend to be a certain something – pretend to be what somebody wants them to be, pretend what they think they need to be,
they’ll be more pretentious And it might be very subtly done, might be very skillfully done, but they’re not being their true self Why? because they don’t know that true self is – with Rahu, it’s always in that case… Why?? because they don’t know!! Why does Rahu in the tenth house lead from the back? because they don’t know that a leader is a leader because he leads from the front…
They just don’t know that Until they learn it, they’re gonna have problems managing their lives. Then the second house is resources Ketu in the second house is going to be uptight with their resources Rahu in the second house will be false with respect to their resources What does that mean – to be falsely resourceful? That means someone who pretends to know how to manage things and do things to be resourceful, but who’s really not very capable at all Okay Whereas Ketu in the second is someone who’s uptight with respect to being resourceful So they have to be resourceful, they have to do everything themselves, and even though they might not do the best job, is that really resourceful? if you have to be resourceful and second house is: I do it, I take care of it.. If you have to take care of it, if you have to do it but someone else could do it better, is that really being resourceful??
because then you get a second rate job, right? Okay, so whether we’re uptight or we’re false,
we’re going to have problems… Ketu in the third is uptight in their ideas Rahu and the third – that’s false ideas. They need to test their ideas and see what works Ketu in the fourth is uptight in their emotions,
Rahu’s false in their emotions when it’s in the fourth So Rahu in the fourth people are always pretending to feel a way they don’t feel… Real simple – their feelings are false because they’re not really in touch with their real feelings Ketu in the fourth is over-controlled in their feelings – only certain feelings are permissible, other ones, they’ll just pack away tightly and put away somewhere So when Ketu in the 4th starts loosening up with their feelings and let their feelings spontaneously erupt, they’re doing a lot better… And when Rahu in the 4th starts showing their real feelings instead of showing secondary and third feelings that’s a big step for them because Rahu in the fourth is rarely in touch with their first feeling which is the real feeling – every other feeling it is not true. What’s the first feeling? Well, the first feeling is, in a depressing or upsetting situation, the first feeling is always: feeling unloved, feeling neglected, something like that… but how Rahu in the fourth will react is it will act angry… So it’ll feel unloved but then it’ll act angry.
Well, angry and unloved are not the same feelings Feeling unloved is the real feeling – being angry as a result of being unloved is a secondary feeling If the person shows the first feeling of being unloved, someone might come along and love them… because we feel empathy for people who feel unloved and we want to love them but if they get angry as a result of feeling unloved and that’s the emotion they show, well, no one wants to deal with an angry person and angry people are left unloved So then the person continues to feel unloved, so it doesn’t work. That false emotion never serves them well… then The fifth house is the house of your natural self-expression and it’s also the house… I think a word that really helps to understand the fifth is the It’s the house of consistency, of continuity, of keeping on going because it’s what your natural expression is – as a result of that, it keeps going because what we naturally are and naturally wants to express itself throughout the lifetime With Ketu in the fifth, a person will be uptight with that. Meaning they’ll be too rigid, too controlled, not loose enough in that because the self-expression is meant to adapt to the world around us, meaning: if we want to express ourselves about astrology let’s say and we only can express ourselves about astrology in one rigid way, we can’t express ourselves astrologically to everyone we meet… where if we loosen up our expression about astrology, we can always find a way to talk to everybody about astrology as this just a simple example… so if we’re too uptight in the way we express ourselves, we only can reach a very narrow segment of people and we need to loosen up… Anytime Ketu’s in a dharma house – one, five or nine, there’s something uptight about the self of the person, because those are self houses…
Rahu in the fifth of course is going to have a false expression… It’ll express itself powerfully and significantly in ways that isn’t really them… and then they’ll find out: Oh, this isn’t really me!! and do something else. Fifth house is children… So Ketu in the fifth – the person can be uptight with their children and their children can be uptight Then Rahu and the fifth – a person can have false children… what is false children? Well, it actually can mean that… a guy’s wife has a child and it’s not really his but he thinks it is.. or the wife has a child and she thinks it’s her husband’s,
but it’s really somebody else’s, or she thinks it’s somebody else’s and it’s her husband’s or something like that where there’s some falsity around who the child even belongs to… also the person might just be false about children I’ve seen people with Rahu in the fifth pretend to want to have kids, but do everything in the book that they can possibly think of to make sure they never have kids for instance So there could be falsity around children… so they might be attracted to the idea, but they ultimately don’t really really feel ready So they might cry when they see children But they’re gonna do everything they can to make sure they don’t meet somebody they can actually have a child with… Then the sixth house – sixth house is the house of our material struggles, dealing with our material problems Ketu in the sixth of course would be uptight with dealing with his material problems, uptight with paying their debts, uptight with dealing with things So if those problems are present they always have to deal with those first, worry about those, stress about those and not enjoy the ease and luxury of life when it comes… Rahu in the sixth* of course will be false with respect to their problems Now sometimes that can not be a bad thing, because that could mean problems are oftentimes not as big as they appear… because the sixth house is the house of your material problems, right? And if your material problems are false, well, that could mean that they’re not looming as badly as they appear and they’re much more solvable than you might imagine For this reason, Rahu in the sixth is considered a good position that when the Rahu dasa runs, a person moves forward in life… And that’s generally true unless the sixth house is trashed otherwise or the sixth Lord is trashed… but in general, if the sixth house is in good shape,
the sixth Lord is strong, Rahu dasa, of Rahu in the sixth allows the person to have false problems, which means the problems, the obstacles aren’t as large as they may at first appear which can be a nice thing… On the other hand if they’re afflicted and I’ve seen that too, people will make false problems. If the sixth house is in bad shape, if the sixth Lord is in bad shape, then they’ll “make mountains over mole hills” there’s this expression… little problems to the material well-being, to their survival which is what the sixth house is, will be made to appear much much more significant than they really really are So the person will always be pretending to have bigger problems than they do have… Seventh house – that’s an easy one. That’s false relationships, false partnerships, false in relationships. Having a partner who is false or pretentious is also a possibility – it will always happen both ways: the person will be that way and we get what we are so the things they have relevant to that house will also be false when Rahu’s in it The person will behave falsely and get something false, something that’s not solid Eighth house eighth house… I think one of the deeper meanings of the eighth house has to do with trust Ultimately, the eighth house has to do with what we get from other people and it’s a security house… Two, five, eight and eleven are security houses.
We’ll talk about those later with respect to Rahu and Ketu… So they have to do with establishing security. Eighth house is security with other people’s resources. That means resources, other people’s stuff that we can trust in, The words of other people that we can count on, that we can be secure in… Security is trust So what is trust? It’s the security we can believe in,
that has to do with another person. It’s the eighth house – so Rahu in the eighth house is false trust meaning that the person will trust things that they expect to be trustworthy in their life will prove to be false The people in their life who they should be trusting, such as their spouse and so on end up being false and they can’t trust them.
They struggle with finding trustworthy people But they themselves are also false in respect to their ability to trust as well And we’ll talk about all these houses in more detail. So false trust is one of the main ways I usually see they deal with the eighth house Ketu there could be uptight in their trust… That means they want to be overly trustworthy,
more than they need to be sometimes They’ll expect other people to be extremely trustworthy, extremely dependable and the slightest little thing can be very upsetting to them… the slightest breach of trust can be very upsetting to them and they can force themselves to… I’ve also seen Ketu in the eighth try to hold on to trust so much, hold on to commitment and promises to such a degree that they go into places where they’re so miserable,
they don’t even realize it It’s like they don’t even realize it to the point where they can’t even begin to talk about it…
and then all of a sudden something will happen where they’ll just break the trust… and it’s like they don’t even realize they’re doing it until it all just happens all of the sudden.
They won’t even think about it… One time I saw a person who was in a relationship for years that was all wrong. They were engaged they looked for years about where they were gonna move and then they were going to get married and they really spent years trying to find a place to live,
where they were gonna move… The relationship was just not right and people looking from outside the relationships were like: oh my Gosh… These people are not really right for each other, but there was this idea of trust: he had asked her to marry him, she had said yes, he was committed, he was trusty, and he never talked about other girls, he never looked at other women, he wouldn’t engage in jokes about women or sex jokes… You couldn’t be sitting with him and say:
oh, wow, look at her!! none of that was part of his reality at all Just really a trustworthy guy… and he was in a really miserable situation that really wasn’t working for him I mean the two people are just so different, there’s no way they were gonna live together And then he was working with a co-worker one day and just all of a sudden kissed her. It just happened… He didn’t think about it… He didn’t think:
oh, I really like my coworker, she’s really cute, I’m falling in love with her – nothing like that. Just all of the sudden he found himself kissing her. Boom!! And then of course his engagement went down the tubes and da-da-da-da-da… but that’s being uptight in trust… okay, and he didn’t even consider breaking it, didn’t consider: maybe I shouldn’t marry this girl… it was like that wasn’t even part of his reality It was just totally tightened and controlled
and Ketu can do that. It can be so tight, so controlled it won’t even consider something and then it happens – all of a sudden, boom!! Something can happen that was never even considered on a conscious level at all Because when something’s uptight, eventually it breaks, right? So Ketu always breaks eventually because if something’s too tight, it always breaks, right? Life requires flexibility and the uptightness of Ketu always will break – so you can say uptight till it breaks and Rahu is false until it tumbles down false until a person just sees: wow, this isn’t working… and they see it’s not working because their life falls apart but they don’t usually see why it’s not working when Rahu is causing them to behave falsely They don’t realize that: wow, it’s because I’m being false in this area of my life that it’s all not working. They don’t realize that all right, so that is the eighth house… Rahu in the ninth house or Ketu in the ninth house So that could be uptight in teachings, uptight in beliefs, uptight in ideals… uptight in religion, uptight in culture… so thinking that things have to be a certain way with respect to a person’s belief system and culture and religion and being uptight and controlled in that:
it has to be this way. Well, that’s not healthy – all cultures evolve, all religious expressions evolve The religion we need today, the culture we need today is not what we needed a thousand years ago Not what we even need tomorrow cultures change Religious ideals change – not the basic ideals: don’t kill someone, don’t steal… yes, those things don’t change But then there’s all these other things that constantly change and we can’t be uptight about them… For instance, some people don’t believe we should meditate in America because we don’t have durva grass In India it’s a good practice to lay the durva grass out and meditate on it because it gives an insulating platform Durva grass doesn’t grow in America So an uptight person might say: oh you shouldn’t meditate in America because there’s no durva grass… it’s like, okay… Well, what can we use instead? That’s how it changes – maybe in India the best thing was the durva grass to lay out… But failing that, what can we use? That’s an evolving religion, that allows truth to continue… So being uptight with one’s ideas and beliefs is not going to be a healthy thing It’ll break, it always does…
If it’s too tight, it breaks and if it’s false, the illusion, the pretense falls apart. So the person pretends – Rahu in the seventh: they’re in a false relationship – they pretend to be in the relationship – the relationship will fall apart as a result Rahu in the tenth – the person will pretend to be a leader and then they’ll find out nobody will follow them anymore So are they really a leader if no one’s following them?
No, they’re not Rahu in the fourth will pretend to feel a certain way, yet, it doesn’t take much for them to realize that’s not how they feel about something at all and everyone’s like: why you’re acting so weird? You say this and you really feel like this… what’s going on with you? You’re like a psychopath – that’s Rahu in the fourth. Very confusing like… Rahu in the fourth people, if you’ve ever dated a Rahu in the fourth house person, you’ll be very surprised at what they say and how they’re really feeling and you’ll be confused about them because you’ll be trying to do what they say and then you’ll hurt their feelings and when you try to take care of their feelings they get mad at you even say something else and you’re like: oh what’s going on here? There’s no alignment between what they’re saying and what they’re really really feeling. Why? Because they don’t really know… so they’re saying how they feel in a false way Rahu in the first of course will be a false expression of self and then something will happen that will make them realize that there is no self So I just covered the angles 1 4 7 10 Those are all serious places for Rahu and Ketu Ketu in the tenth is going to be uptight in their management, uptight in their leadership So things have to be a certain way uptight in commanding, so things have to be done
and they have to be done this way and other ways aren’t really acceptable So again, no fluidity, no relaxation taking too much control… When you tell your employees to do something, you tell them to do something, then you relax and let them do it… You don’t tell them what to do and then follow them around and grip them, look over their shoulder that’s being an uptight leader So an uptight leader doesn’t just lead and then manage and let everyone do their thing, they’re overly concerned about what everyone’s doing. They have to have their fingers into everything, they have to be looking over everyone’s shoulder, they have to be constantly checking up on everybody And I’ve even seen it where people who have that position do it to their partners, where they’re constantly wanting to check in on their partner constantly make sure their partner’s doing what they want them to do and things like that So uptight in their leadership, uptight in their control of what’s in their lives All right. Rahu and Ketu in the 11th 11th of course has to do with groups You can say Ketu in the 11th is going to be uptight with respect to their group So they’re gonna try to follow their group in an uptight way rather than be part of the group, but be who they are on the side as well And of course Rahu in the 11th will be false with the group They could put on a pretence to be part of the group, but it’s really not who they are Or they can have false groups – meaning they’ll be attracted to groups that aren’t really representing who they are. Not really… and they’ll be false to them, they’re not really who they are or what they really need on a social level That’s one part. The other thing for 11th house is its our long-term goals. That’s a really big part of the 11th house Rahu in the 11th of course can have false long-term goals, have long term goals that aren’t really based on the person knowing what they really need in life, not really knowing what their abilities are, how far they might go in life…
and Ketu in the 11th can be uptight in respect to their long-term goals, which means overly focused on them and again the goals of the 11th house are generally goals that give some affluence They’re goals that give affluence… what’s affluence?
well, wealth is the ability to buy things affluence is the ability to make things happen because of who you are Okay That’s why 11th house has to do with honors and titles and things like that If you won an award, or you became a famous personality, you have this social affluence that you can get things done without money That’s what the 11th house has to do so Rahu in the 11th can be false in their affluence.
They can pretend to have a lot of affluence they can pretend they know everybody,
they can pretend they can get this done But can they really?? they can pretend to be able to realize things in the future But can they really?? because affluence is the ability to get something done in the future basically That’s the 11th house, the long-term goals of the 11th house. But can they really?? not always… Ketu in the 11th is uptight in their affluence So they can have a certain amount of affluence, but they can be rigid in that affluence So, let’s say, you know a guy who works for the city, and say he works for the Police Department and you need a favor and you go to him and you say: yeah, I have this problem. Can you help me? he goes: Yeah. Sure I’ll talk to my lieutenant in the Police Department I’ll talk to the lieutenant who’s a friend of mine and the Police Department will get this sorted out for you and he sees himself as having affluence in the Police Department But then you have a problem that has to do with the Fire Department and you call your friend, you’re like: dude, can you put a word in for me at the Fire Department? And he could do it, because everyone knows him enough, but he’ll say: no, no, I’m not part of the Fire Department I can’t ask them for anything, I can’t talk to them,
it wouldn’t do any good It’s like, wait a minute, you can easily do it… so they’ll have this limitation of where their affluence ends… They’ll have this idea: this is where I’m affluent and it’s rigid and they won’t try to have affluence outside that realm but affluence is not meant to be such a rigid thing affluence is about the person being the type of person that has affluence So another thing the 11th house has to do with is degrees. Degrees give affluence. So if you have a degree in physics, say you have a PhD in physics, you’re gonna have affluence in the world of physics so Ketu in the 11th*, if they needed (let’s use “them”) – if they needed to get something in the world of physics, they would use that affluence of having a PhD and they would get done in the world of physics But they would feel unable to go into another world and use their affluence They still have a PhD, they’ve still learned a tremendous amount, they’re still super intelligent, but they wouldn’t feel that any of that would help them get what they need outside of the world of physics It’s too uptight… Ketu is always too uptight, too narrow, but the truth is someone who’s got affluence in one world can easily carry that affluence with them to another world…
they could just say: oh, yeah, this is what I’ve done and then people will go: Oh, wow, I can see you’re really accomplished, you’re someone we can listen to… but Ketu in the 11th won’t really understand that, they’ll just be uptight with the range of their affluence in some way. Now generally speaking, Rahu in the 11th is considered a pretty good placement kinda like Rahu in the 6th and Rahu in the 3rd too…
in those three places more often than not, Rahu dasa will allow the person to move forward with those houses uless they’re badly trashed That’s the good news. So we like to see Rahu in three, six and eleven ideally Then we got Ketu in the twelfth / Rahu in the twelfth. The twelfth of course is surrender So Rahu in the twelfth is gonna have a false sense of surrender, false ability to surrender So they’ll act like they’re surrendering, they’ll pretend like they’re surrendering, letting go… but are they really|?? they’ll pretend to be charitable but are they really?? with Rahu, never at first in their life – eventually, hopefully maybe… Ketu in the 12th is gonna be uptight in their surrender. Well, that’s like an oxymoron. How can you be uptight in your need to surrender? Right? How can you be uptight in your need to let things go? It doesn’t work, right? because surrender is surrendering Surrendering is not surrendering in a certain way.
That’s what Ketu in the 12th can do, it can say: oh, I’m gonna surrender and this is how I’m gonna surrender. It’s like wait a minute, No! When it comes to surrender, there’s no definition of how you’re going to surrender You just ride the wave of surrendering wherever it’ll take you, but Ketu in the 12th* won’t want to do that It’ll have its ideas of what surrender is
and only those ideas will it consider as surrendering and really letting go, and it’ll try to stick to those ideas and get smashed by life because it defies the very explanation of surrender, okay? Of course 12th house is vacations Rahu in the 12th will have false vacations Well, what does that mean? False vacations? On one hand, a person might pretend to be a lot more busy than they are,
but actually spending a lot more time not doing things… or on the other hand, they may try to take time off but actually but never be able to let go of their stress, of their responsibilities, their worries, the things that have to deal with… so they’re unable to really experience a vacation…
so you can take them on vacation, but they’re still anchored in the sixth house, they’re still anchored in all their worldly problems but the 12th house is – getting away from those worldly problems, right? so they can have false vacations where they go on vacation,
but they don’t find it any less work, it doesn’t reduce their stress, it doesn’t rejuvenate them because they’re carrying their problems with them or when they go on vacation, they see more problems that need to get taken care of… So wherever they go, there may perhaps see problems. So it’s hard for them to just really have a vacation, to let go and have a vacation and Ketu in the 12th can be uptight in their vacationing.
Okay, what does that mean? Well, that can simply mean they have a vacation planned, and when those plans don’t quite work out, they get upset and they’re not able to enjoy their vacation.
“This is what I’m gonna do on my vacation” Well, what if you can’t do what you want to do on “your vacation”… What if the plane’s late, what if Walley world is closed, you know? Then you have to adapt to it… You can’t be uptight with respect to your ideas of getting away just as you can’t be uptight with respect to your ideas of surrender So it’s a big loosening up that has to happen when Ketu’s in the 12th. That’s like a huge loosening up that has to take place. You can kind of look at that as the last loosening up, of really truly learning to let go in a huge way Ok, it’s generally a good position, because then Rahu’s in the sixth. Ketu in the 9th is generally a good position because then Rahu’s in the third and Ketu in the fifth is a better position because Rahu’s in the 11th. What that means is, in those positions it’s usually easier for a person to figure out the ropes of Rahu and Ketu than other houses Rahu and Ketu on angles 1 4 7 and 10 are always tough In fact, they say: if Rahu and Ketu are on angles, you cannot have happiness in your married life That’s a yoga for unhappiness in married life the reason being because your happiness in relationships is depending on you, your ability to relate (one and seven houses) and it’s based on your relationship to your parents which is fourth and tenth houses so when you get Rahu and Ketu in angles either you’re off kilter or your relationship with your parents is off kilter and really actually both are always off kilter and you will not be able…
you’re going to struggle in your relationships So those are always… you’re always going to find people come in with those positions are going to have more struggles with their relationships. Of all those, the easiest one, which I talked about the most, is actually Rahu in 10th. Rahu in the tenth can uplift a person in the beginning of Rahu dasa, but then the rest of the dasa tends to not really go anywhere and possibly have some problems But if Rahu’s in the 10th, Rahu/Rahu is usually the best part of that Rahu dasa and takes them as high as they’re going to go Then they struggle to remain there and figure out how to get higher and try to understand why they can’t get higher and it’s because they haven’t learned to truly be a leader yet But Rahu/Rahu can put them into a leadership position that gives them the opportunity to learn to be a leader.
If they can learn to be a leader, they can continue to accelerate through Rahu dasa, but they rarely do They rarely do to a sufficient level because honestly,
in one lifetime, we rarely learn Rahu to a sufficient level to really rock with that house And so the old books say: Rahu/Rahu will give success in its dasa, but the rest of the dasa will be mediocre That’s generally that way… But if the Lord of Rahu is really great and you go to the antardasha of that Lord, if you’ve got a really powerful yoga in the tenth, or a really dignified planet in the tenth with Rahu, then in the anterdasha of that,
it’s possible to go up a bit more. But that general thumb Rahu/Rahu raises the person up, but the rest of the Dasha is mediocre I’ve found to be quite reliable… so Of all the positions of Rahu in angles though certainly, Rahu is going to be best in 10th Then I think one of the most stressful, difficult placements for Rahu and Ketu is in the second / eighth house axis That can create a lot of roadblocks for the person where they just feel stuck a lot in their lives We’ll probably talk about that more as we advance with the course These are just some quick thumb rules so that when you glance at a chart next time with Rahu and Ketu, already you can just snap out some accurate useful things. Okay? Alright, so I think that’s enough for like a really quick intro to Rahu and Ketu in the houses now we’re going to start talking about Rahu and Ketu very specifically through the rest of this course as we cover the houses. Thank you

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