Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will divorce: The scandalous predictions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s incredible
love story has captivated millions around the world.
And as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex settle into their first year of married life, we
don’t think we’ve ever seen a more in-love, tactile couple.
But now Princess Diana’s former friend and personal psychic Simone Simmons has made a
shocking string of predictions, claiming Harry and Meghan will break up after just three
years of marriage. “I give their marriage two-and-a-half to three
years,” Simone, who claims she still communicates to Princess Diana from the grave, alleged
to UK publication The Daily Star. “I don’t want to see him badly hurt, and Harry
won’t know what’s hit him when it does happen,” the healer continued.
“He is head over heels in love. Harry is like the embodiment of Diana, he is so sensitive.”
Simone also believes the royal couple will have two children before they divorce.
As for the reason of their split, the psychic believes Meghan’s scandal-prone family will
be the couple’s ultimate undoing. “Even people with dysfunctional families are
not as dissociated as hers,” Simone said. “Look at her last two relationships. They
didn’t last much longer than two years. This will probably be no different.”
She also believes Prince Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew will re-marry ex-wife Sarah Ferguson
– but there’s a catch. “I think that Sarah and Andrew will remarry
but not until Prince Philip dies. Sarah and Andrew are still totally in love,” Simone
told the outlet. While we refuse to accept her hurtful theory
about Harry and Meghan, Simone does have one positive prediction worth listening to.
She believes Duchess Meghan is already pregnant with her first child.
“I think Meghan may be pregnant. It’s something about the look on her face,” she revealed.
So that’s how a psychic makes their conclusions? Not based on anything other than facial expressions?
We’re going to take Simone’s words with a grain of salt and refer any doubters back
to this one simple yet powerful photo and these five words: The look on Harry’s face.

43 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will divorce: The scandalous predictions

  1. These are demonic forces that are working in the atmosphere in this world they have absolutely no power whatsoever to talk to anyone that is dead this is the trickery of satanic demonic forces to involve your mind to capture your mind into a dark place beware these people work Under the Umbrella of darkness and Evil you have been warned

  2. Que ave agoirenta. Vira a boca para lá. Agora toda a gente fala com o espírito da princesa Ana. Coitada nem a deixam descansar em paz. AGOIRENTA .

  3. It has nothing to do with beautiful Meghan.. she needs to get a better job.. is she looking for customer.. let her get a life..

  4. You Satanic woman, what exactly do want from Meghan and Harry. Are you God to know the future of Harry. You are using Satanic predictions about Merghan and Harry marriage. You wicked woman stop your lies. Do not enslave Harry and Meghan marriage with Superstition which is Satanic. You are Satanic agent and have no power over your life and yet are good at predicting lies. STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP You Satanic and wicked woman.

  5. God forbid evil forces from the pit of hell. No weapon formed against them will ever prosper even jezebel Samantha shall no privail.

  6. crap trash respect dead people!! If I was Harry or Meghan I sue this witch what psyquics GOD IS THE ONLY ONE !! SHAME ON THIS HATERS

  7. Deuteronomy 18:10-13
    "There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, anyone practicing magic, anyone who looks for omens, a sorcerer, 11  anyone binding others with a spell, anyone who consults a spirit mediumn or a fortune-teller, or anyone who inquires of the dead. 12  For whoever does these things is detestable to God, and on account of these detestable practices your God is driving them away from before you. 13  You should prove yourself blameless before your God.

  8. Harry and Maghan never be divorce:in Jesus name!I prays and Faust for him. And God say:6yeas later ,they have 3 children.say Lord.Amém.

  9. Why waste time on a divorce man, if there was no proper hanky panky its knot a sexual union (marriage)…get a void (annulment)…easy, like having your cake & eating it 2…🙅

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  11. It was announced today that Meghan is expected to give birth in the spring of next year. That means she was pregnant when this video was posted.

  12. This ugly psychic is so hateful of Meghan for whatever reason. She has this inner animosity against her, it's sad.
    I hope God protects harry and Meghan's marriage and may they have an everlasting married life..

  13. i don't think it will last. I think harry has been thinking with his private parts. when the blood returns to his brain, that will be the end of it. in the meantime, MM will be grabbing as much as she can for herself and when they divorce, Harry will wish he got a pre nup

  14. The track record for Royal marriages is generally quite bad, Will and Kate being an exception because they were going out for almost 10 years and really did it on their terms. Markle I can’t imagine is finding this new life at all fulfilling at all and misses the independence she had before..less than 2 years after meeting Harry for the first time, shes married with a kid on the way. They both blindly jumped it into this, we’ve seen this pattern before with Diana and Fergie…both of them became miserable quite quickly

  15. the quicker they realise the better it is for for the Royale family>this Gingernut is draging the whole family through the Gutter>>dd

  16. What arsehole is responsible for this pile of rubbish that can only impact negatively on others? Especially two people who work hard with charities and helping others.

  17. How nasty. How typically British: petty gossipers tearing others apart, true racists many of them.

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