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HEY! Woah, that was good! That was good! [LAUGHTER] What is up everybody, how are you doing? This is Thomas, and Leo The Giant! He’s back! Leo The Giant is back! Hey… This is going to be the picture for the… for the… …front of the… the video [PORKY PIG “THAT’S ALL FOLKS”] We’ve had a lot of people commenting that they wanted another Phone Prank Challenge! So we are going to try and go out on a limb Basically it’s the same… …same rules as last time. So explain the rules for the new viewers Yes! So, for anybody who didn’t see the last one… If you didn’t! Maybe I can put a link right here for the previous prank one, down here For anybody who doesn’t know the rules I have one hat here that has names of our friends and then, Leo has a hat that has prompts, that when we call them we have to call them with that prompt and see what’s… see what happens! See what happens! So… I don’t even know if everybody is at home! But, we’re going to just… [LEO] That’s the joys of a prank call challenge [THOMAS] Yes! You never know what’s gonna happen! So… what, what happened? Here I go! Alessia! Alessia! Alessia is a very recent friend that we have acquired from when we did Mary Poppins [LEO] Yeah, Mary Poppins [THOMAS] Mary Poppins! And the prompt will be… [LAUGHS] I am stuck in a dog cage and I have to ask for help! [LEO] I’m getting excited for this one! [THOMAS] Yeah, I’m getting excited too! [ALESSIA] Hey… Alessia? [ALESSIA] Yes? What’s… what’s going on right now? [ALESSIA] I’m sitting in my underwear… [ALESSIA] …watching Netflix Like you do Like you do… I completely… [ALESSIA] The usual Yeah, I completely get that Um.. hey… I… This is really embarrassing… But… I’m just going to come right out and say it… I’m kind of… I’m kind of right now at the moment, stuck And I need you… I need you to come help me Basically, I am umm… I’m stuck in a dog cage… …Alessia [ALESSIA] Um… [ALESSIA] Oka… how?! That is a really good question! I was trying to figure out if I would fit [ALESSIA] Yes Kevin locked me inside He closed the door on me and then like… [ALESSIA] Yeah I guess he had to quickly leave so I said that I got it I said I got it and I can open the cage up I cannot for the life of me, get this thing open [LAUGHTER] [ALESSIA] Um… okay, is your front door open? You know what, that’s a really good question but I think, I think it is! [ALESSIA] Thomas! How the h*** did you do this?! You know me girl! I… [ALESSIA] Booty too thick! Oh my god… [Laughing] [ALESSIA] Can you text me your address? You know what? I think now I’ve proved you’re… you’re a great friend, Alessia I was just… [Laughs] Yeah… no, this was totally a prank call [ALESSIA] It was? Yeah! [ALESSIA] Like, I heard you and I was like [ALESSIA] part of it was like… [ALESSIA] I feel like that’s something you would do [LAUGHS] [ALESSIA] That’s the worst part, like… [ALESSIA] I didn’t doubt that it was… [ALESSIA] …like you had done that Yeah, that sounds like something that would happen with me [LAUGHS] You’re the kind of person who I would call to let me out of the dog cage in case it ever were to happen [ALESSIA] I don’t know why I didn’t think… [ALESSIA] You don’t have a dog… I don’t know why… [LAUGHS] I was trying to help you out with the prompt by saying like you got stuck doing a vine like you were trying to do a vine and… Ohhh! Because I’ve got up to some pretty bad stuff doing a vine! That would have made much more sense! Yeah… But she still believed me! Yeah, she still bought it, so… She still got it Now it is Leo’s turn! Alright! Get that name out of there! Get that name out of that hat! Kenny! Kenny! Kenny is such a sweetheart So I have to tell Kenny that I want to buy his car [LAUGHS] Hey Kenny! [KENNY] Hey! I was on the phone with my Mom and [KENNY] I was like, “Hey, I need to go so I can call this person” Oh! Oh, I feel bad now that you got off the phone with your Mom [KENNY] Well, it was just finished like [KENNY] 30 seconds after, she was just telling [KENNY] me to move my car [KENNY] cos we were doing some painting Oh… It’s funny that you brought up your car actually I really like your car and I was wondering… could you… like would you be able to like… maybe… give me a price on it? Like, sell it to me? [KENNY] Like… [KENNY] Like you want me to sell you… Like… [KENNY] … my car Yeah, like your car? [KENNY] Umm… [KENNY] Well… [KENNY] I don’t know because there is… [KENNY] I’ll be honest with you… [KENNY] That car has been through a lot [KENNY] …and… [KENNY] I don’t know if it’s something… [KENNY] I’m surprised you actually like my car! [KENNY] I mean… [KENNY] the knob kinda sticks It’s a really nice car, I mean it’s like, sleek and suave [KENNY] Yeah, I guess, but I mean [KENNY] Umm… [KENNY] I don’t know, I mean what kind of price were [KENNY] you actually looking after? I mean… I have just 300 [KENNY] 300? [KENNY] Okay, oh… 300… [KENNY] That could be like half my rent right there So, can we… talk? [KENNY] 300 is actually a pretty good bargain [KENNY] I may have to uhh… Kenny, no! I don’t want your car It was a prank call, I’m sorry It was a prank call I’m here with Thomas We’re doing a prank call for our video. [KENNY] No… You’re so sweet though! [THOMAS] So sweet! Oh were you really going to like… [KENNY] I’m in a prank call, this is so cool! Wait, did you just say nobody calls you, this is so cool? [KENNY] I’ve actually never been in a prank call before! [LAUGHING] I would never come to you with that price Kenny [KENNY] Listen… rent’s expensive nowadays [KENNY] I’ll take what I can get! Ohh! [LAUGHING] We might need to look into that deal… [LEO] Advertisement! [Thomas] Yeah! [LEO] This is advertisement [THOMAS] There you go! Craigslist Kenny Say hi to YouTube, Kenny! [KENNY] Hi YouTube! How are you guys?! [KENNY] Please subscribe to Thomas Sanders [KENNY] and Leo The Giant if you haven’t already! Wow! Kenny’s just… Throwing out the promotion already for us! He’s so friggin’ sweet! He really is My turn again! [LEO] Okay! Sorry… I get really dramatic when I’m excited [LEO] Don’t worry [THOMAS] Claudia! [LEO] Claudia! [THOMAS] Claudia Garcia! We’ve known Claudia for a long time [LAUGHS] Okay, so the prompt is that I am now on Cash Cab [LEO] Oh yes! And the question is This is my favourite one, so… [LAUGHING] I’m phoning her as a friend I have the question here It’s completely subjective so… I’m excited to see what she would say for this Hello? [CLAUDIA] Yeah? Hey! Claudia Umm… so… This is so cool I have to, I have like… it’s a brief… I can only… … give you the brief explanation … but basically… [CLAUDIA] Uhuh… Um… I’m on Cash Cab right now [CLAUDIA] Oh cool! Yeah, there’s some sort of like Florida edition which is freaking awesome [CLAUDIA] No way! [CLAUDIA] Shut up! I know! This is freaking amazing, but There’s a phone a friend to the most recent person that I’ve called and that’s you Okay? [CLAUDIA] Okay [GIGGLES] [LAUGHING] So… [CLAUDIA] Oh no! [LAUGHING] You have to help me with this question, Claudia [CLAUDIA] Okay… [GIGGLES] Alright, so… the question is… Which breed of dog is the best dog? [CLAUDIA] What? Which breed of dog is the best dog? [CLAUDIA] Pomeranian Pomeranian? [CLAUDIA] Golden Retriever? Why do you think Golden Retrievers?

99 thoughts on “Phone Prank Challenge 2 with Leo the Giant | Thomas Sanders

  1. OH. MY. HECK. You like Once Upon A Time? That is my favorite show! I just saw the sign and freaked out a little

  2. hey Thomas, can i plz do this with my friends, and if we video it, i promise we'll hashtag #ThomasSandersPrankCall or something

  3. Thomas to Brittney: Hey Brittney, you haven't liked my selfie and its been on instergram WTF is going on with you?

  4. I honestly miss seeing Leo on his YouTube channel and in Thomas's videos. Ik he has his own things going on with boylesque as Leo Celeste, and he seems to visit home fairly often, but I look up to him, and wish I knew as much about him as the Fanders do about Thomas.

  5. Apple care person: Hi this is Apple, this is jamie
    Thomas: "To talk to a customer, please press 1"
    Apple care person: presses 1
    Thomas: laughs (kind of)
    Rip vine

  6. Did someone watch the first part?? Because it says 2 in the title…. I can't find it and I think Thomas deleted it xD

  7. Praise the Lord
    Buy my album

    Man you guys are just friend goals right there, you guys are so funny together. All of you 😂👏👏👏

  8. Aww I can't find the first vid I watched 3 and then this one and my phone doesn't let me click links in the video

  9. Ok but at 4:48 when Leo but his hand on Thomas’s chair I was like “*gasp* a new ship?! “ and then I thought about Thomas hugging him and now I ship them I think I ship to many people with Thomas 😅

  10. I live in Canada and I genuinely had no idea that Cash Cab existed outside of Toronto. Thanks for enlightening me I guess

  11. Thomas:Wanna be a featured Fander?Send me a pic on Twitter of you wearing some merch!
    Me:My parents don't let me buy any merch at all from ANY YOUTUBER so…
    Save me.

  12. Thomas's videos have helped tremendously on a day I was feeling depressed. Feeling a bit stronger from laughter. Thank you Thomas and Leo! 🙂

  13. Me and one of my friends had done prank calls once:

    Guy: uh hello?

    Friend: in a accent ello, Sally, I was wondering if you bought tha-

    Guy: Im not Sally.


    Friend: oh

    Hangs up and we start laughing
    Calls back about 10 minutes later

    Guy: hello?

    Friend: in reg voice sorry, my friend took my phone, telling me she had to call someone

    Guy: oh, no worries. It's cool.

    Overall, he was a really chill person and we laughed over it a bit 🙃 was fun at the time, especially since I'm really insecure and don't normally do 'fun' things

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