100 thoughts on “OSHO: Oracles, Tarot and Other Divination Tools

  1. Truth is always very powerful. Living in future and past means death …many people from reaching to burial without living at all in their excellent OSHO…

  2. this man was it who gave me help in my darkest moment and i will never forget it. and it was only a book. namastee. I still miss him.

  3. Then He Talks on BOREDOM……Im Sure he has much wisdom in his videos……But I GET BORED trying to HEAR THE NEXT WRD!!!!

  4. Sitting here listening his word I become calmer and calmer and I don,t think anymore but look inside of my own

  5. Unmatch Wisdom which visited this earth !! Blessed are those who heard him closely. I regret that i missed him.

  6. No tengo palabras, ni son necesarias para expresar lo que siento cada vez que escucho sobre la vida desde distintas personas, cada uno con cualidades diferentes, pero puedo decir estoy vivo eso me gusta

  7. Idk but for some reason I came to listen OSho and in every video I was like 😮😮😮😮😮. Never had that in anything before. Where I have been this long? Finally its you 🙏🙏🙏

  8. How can one achieve and get awareness of life living the moment and capture this moment of stillness of reality. Is there any technic or a formula to this? How and what should one do or practice to taste and drink the juice of life.

  9. one of the best video, person, wisdom I have ever heard. Too many thanks. I was sad and tense, and suddenly in mid of video all vanished. Happiness, laugh, giggling thats what I am left with.

  10. I have listened to so many Masters, but none of them possessed such wisdom as Osho did… Can any other teaching be deeper than this or simpler than this?

  11. great stuff, but not even one comment mentioning that the title of the video has nothing to do with its content?

  12. I hope you take off the ads. It's very annoying when you're in a meditative state from Oshos voice and the loud Ads come up

  13. Powerful words ( just curious , in the back ground of OSHO speaking there is heavy vehicle movement noises , was this recording from the ranch in the USA ? ) …✨☮🙏🏽

  14. Osho makes what we were taught was great tangible I am so grateful this is love at its most highest level osho thank you for freeing me

  15. If just Osho was alive i would love to ask him why its so difficult to let got the past and the people you met there. Why is feeling disattached so complicated.
    Si Osho estuviese vivo me gustaría preguntarle porque cuesta tanto desapegarse del pasado. Soltarlo a él y a las personas que estuvieron allí.

  16. You see, the moment I watch this video, is now, on the present for me, although I know it was recorded some 30 years ago. There´s no past, there´s no future. There´s only the present. When you read this comment, it would be always in the present. Time is an illusion.

  17. I lived in Poona 1980-1981 and again in 1982. It was totally and intense for the mind & body andI would have liked to run away. But stayed out of love and trust towards

  18. I believe this was the most profound and intense speak i ever watched, both in the message given (amazingly wise) and his expressions/voice speed and tone. It is really penetrating in the soul.

  19. Oshoそのものが、瞑想であり、空間、間であることがよくわかります。。この動画を見ると、思考が止まり自分の周りに空間が広がります。でも、途中でいきなり広告動画が入ってくるのが気になります、素晴らしい動画なのに。

  20. He is right sometimes we have a moment to live in a situation but we lose that chance but life gives us that second chance for us to relive that moment.

  21. He did not say anything about tarots such a wise man. What he tried to say it is not necessary to know the future because if you are living in the present intensely with good intentions and manner you are actually creating better more golden future for yourself. So why you need to know the future and it is true even tarot tells you according your energy in the present times if it's bad energy you could expect a bad outcome in the future. So just live a positive life and you will be alright. Golden future awaits you.

  22. I use the Osho Zen Tarot deck for my own readings. It’s very accurate. I really like when the master card shows up. It has Oshos picture on it.

  23. "A man when he died sudden realized he was alive. But only in death did he realize he was alive for 70 years." That hit me hard.

  24. Ok, so he didn't answer the question about divination tools but boy, did he answer the question about being present in the moment! I especially like the way he clears up the great misunderstanding about time, which has so plagued the human race.

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